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In Short:

This is your community, a safe and respectful place to explore PDFelement and connect with like-minded professionals. Understanding and following these guidelines is the best way to help keep this space safe for everyone!


In Detail:


Respect other members in the PE community

There will be ZERO tolerance for hateful, violent or discriminatory comments, threats, harassment or cyberbullying. Any content that falls along these lines will be removed. If you are uncomfortable with a comment that someone has made, you may file a report by clicking on the “report post” button on every comment. Make sure you provide as much information as possible, such as links, usernames, and what was inappropriate about the comment. This will help us review and deal with the situation quickly.


Formatting Posts

When posting your question or comment, please include details such as the version of PDFelement you are using and whether you are a Windows/Mac/ios user. Utilize our tags if you are reporting a bug or making a feature suggestion. With hundreds of posts created each month, these tags help our dedicated development team identify which areas should be prioritized! This will help moderators and other community members provide the support you need. Providing screenshots and drawings is also highly recommended.



When you receive a response, please indicate whether a comment has helped you (or not!). This can be done through likes, upvotes, and comments. Feel free to respond to questions if you have an answer! Lastly, please respect the existing thread topics and stay on topic. You are always welcome to start a new thread.



This community is a place that is meant for the learning and sharing of PDF knowledge, not to advertise a service or business for personal gain. Posts that are made for commercial purposes, (eg. links to irrelevant campaigns) will be removed. However, feel free to connect with other like-minded professionals through the messaging app.



When uploading screenshots or other files, please be mindful of what you are sending. We respect your privacy; therefore, any comments that show sensitive personal information (eg. credit card numbers) will be removed.


Profile Change

If you require assistance in changing your username, email, or any other aspect of your profile on this forum, please forward all requests and questions to



The moderators can be easily identified through their profile labels. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message them directly by clicking on their profile. We are here to make sure that every inquiry is responded to and that the community remains a safe space. Welcome to your Community!

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