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I am currently using a trial version of PDF Element Professional 6 with the intention of purchasing. One issue I am having is that when I add a stamp (standard or custom)  it automatically rotates it and I do not understand why it does this. Also, I have not been able to figure out how to re-orient it. The stamp in the lower right corner was actually added as an image and this is what the "stamp" should look like. Any help would be appreciated.

40-2010-01 Issues.pdf

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Hi Fil,


We have checked your PDF file, and notice it is the rotated page, however our program does not support well of the rotated page, so when you add the stamps in it, it is automatically rotated. 


We have an alternative method for you to work currently, after opening the program, please click the Thumbnail button on the left side to display the thumbnail first. Then right-click the page in the Thumbnail panel to choose Rotate Page. You can choose any direction to rotate the page, and rotate it back to the normal orientation. Then add the stamp again, it will work normally now.

rotate in thumbnail.png



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