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Bought Ligthning PDF Pro why do I get PDFelement

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Hi, I bought Avanquest Lightning PDF Pro 9 but everything is PDFelement, when I save documents, convert videos with Wondershare, etc. Instructions and guides are for PDFelements or other programs when I hit "Help" button and I find nothing for the program I bought. Confusing site. Where can I go to get refund? How long do I have to have to get my money back for Lightning, but keeping Wondershare Video Converter?

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Hi Lina,


We are just the OEM partner with Avanquest to create this Lightning PDF program, however this Lighning PDF program belongs to Avanquest. And all the sales or order information are in Avanquest system. So for the help support and refund request, please contact Avanquest directly:


Have you purchased Wondershare Video Converter from us directly? I cannot find your order record in our system using your email address. If you purchased Wondershare Video Converter from us instead from Avanquest, then they will not have the order record of the program Wondershare Video Converter, so they wont be able to refund this program, you can keep it.



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