windows os The written characters change randomly. Nothing to have with typed text.

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My environment : Win 10 PRO 64 bits - Intel I5-2400 CPU 3.10 Ghz.

When I type from the AZERTY keyboard the characters in my text are replaced by others randomly.

Some times the text changes to italic when typing.

The size of the text don't respected the original size. If the text is ARIAL sz 8 the software display the the good size but the new text is more large. Crazy.

Try to change the text in the line SOLDE with an Azerty keyboard.

Thank you


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Which version of PDFelement do you use? I have tested your PDF in the latest 6.1.2 version. It's no problem for text editing.


Attention: In this line, the 'RE' characters are italic and others are normal.


Thanks for your feedback.

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