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  1. I have a picture I want to center at the top of the document how do I do that? Thx
  2. I am wanting to create a background rectangle, so that I can put multiple items on top, however, when I create the rectangle under "Comment > Rectangle", it appears on top of my text, how do I layer it, so that it goes into the background and the text, fields, or whatever specified will be on top? I have also tried the approach of what I'm wanting to achieve in my comment above by using the feature in "Comment > Area Highlight" which seems to put the highlight in the background, but there is no option once it was initially drawn to amend the size of the position of it. Does anybody have a suggestion of what the best way of doing this is? Thank you.
  3. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Will PDFelement support high-resolution screen in near future? If I disable display scaling in compatibility setting, some icons and text will not be displayed. And if I enable it, everything becomes blurred. Any solution now? Window 10, 14 inch WQHD screen
  4. I am unable to scan multiple pages from the sheet feeder on any of our multifunction printers. For example our Samsung CLX-3300 series scans a page stops and then ask if you want to scan another or quit. Our Brother MFC-L2740DW scans a page and then aborts the scan pulling the rest of the pages thru without scanning. These printers both work fine with Adobe Acrobat X and DC. Any ideas how to fix this issue? It also appears that the setting for the scanner being used are not being saved or used properly as it seems the scanner is also scanning in a slower color mode.
  5. I am in the process of evaluating a number of tools that perform OCR and allow extraction of data to Excel. PDFElement 6 Pro is one of the tools I am evaluating. I have installed the trial version of PDFElement 6.3 Pro on Windows Server 2012R2. I opened a sample PDF document and PDFElement detected it was an image-based PDF and suggested to use OCR. This then caused the automatic download and install of the OCR plugin which all seemed to go well. Once the OCR plugin was installed and I again chose to run the OCR process, the dialog popped up asking me to choose between Searchable Text Image and Editable Text. I have tried both options (although Searchable Text Image is preferred for my case) and the OCR process starts, showing the progress bar. However after a few seconds the process fails and displays the following error dialog; The OCR process has to be cancelled because of unexpected error How can I tell what the error is? Please note I do have several trial software packages installed that I have been evaluating for OCR and data extraction, but none of them are running besides PDFElement 6. Thanks, Kevin.
  6. Remove Bates saved settings

    I use Bates numbering on a regular basis and save the settings by assigning a file name. How do I remove the saved settings once the office file has been closed and the pre-loaded settings are no longer required. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi there, I am probably doing something wrong, but I added a button (with action to reset form on mouse down) to a form with personal detail fields. When I open the form in preview or Adobe Reader the button is not working. I also can't find a guide on how to do this. In need of some guidance... Chantale
  8. Jerry Yandell

    Just converted PDF to Word 2016 Document and it is compatibility mode and i cannot type on it.
  9. Printing issues

    I am having trouble printing larger documents. I am running windows 10,. What happens is that when I press print only a small number of pages print - it varies, but something between 5 and 20. When I watch the dialog box as it "send" the print job to the printer, it simply quits doing that after 5-20 pages, making it impossible to print larger documents. I have: - tried different printers (including printing to pdf) - restarted my computer - uninstalled and reinstalled the program - used different PDFs and different size PDFs - tried printing multiple copies (i just get 5 copies of the first 5-20 pages) Can someone please assist? it is making this program unusable for me Thanks
  10. Hi there, Please note the progress bar for the OCR plugin DL don't move no more :-) FYI. Regards
  11. image text

    I have a PDF with both text and image boxes. The image boxes also contain text. Am I able to edit text within an image? Installatiehandleiding_v1.pdf
  12. PDF Element Combine Files

    HI on attempting to combine files in Ver 5.12.1 I keep getting the following error message: " File(s) Fails to be loaded" when either Drag and Drop OR "Add" on browse. It used to work before but now it does not. Any ideas?
  13. I would like to create an pdf Employment Application and link it to my website. When an applicant is applying for an open position, they will fill out the form and click "submit" at the end of the form and the completed form will be emailed to the head of our Human Resources department. Can I do this with PDF Element? If so, could you please direct me to the documentation for the process? Thank you, mtnerd
  14. Is wondershare PDFelement 6 licence a free upgrade?
  15. 2 page pdf in excess of 9 meg

    I created a pdf and when I save it the size is in excess of 9m, seems way to large for a 2 page document. There are no pictures, it is only checkboxes and text fields. Looking through other topics that address the same problem I have tried the optimize feature, which actually made it grow a bit and also I have done the SaveAs that is mentioned in other posts. I cannot upload the file it is too large Can anyone direct me to a fix for this?
  16. Unable to upload docs for signing

    Hi, I tried uploading a document. But all i received was a small text box with preview written on it (See Attached Image). Any idea what could have gone wrong? Regards, Aditya
  17. I'm having a few issues with PDFelement, and a few are concerning the watermark feature. I created a watermark and saved it, yet when I load it the parameters are different than the ones I saved. The saved name doesn't come up, only "[Custom - Not Saved]." When using the feature, the program is often "not responding." Also, when I do add a watermark, the opacity I set is consistent for the first 30 or so pages, then it has the least amount of opacity, i.e. the darkest it can be. If I go to that page and update the watermark, it works...for about 30 pages. I wish it would work properly and have consistency for all of the pages when "all" is selected. Is there an update that could fix this? Thank you.
  18. Hello, I have open a pdf form that I created in Excel and save as a pdf. I tried to use "Form Field Recognition" feature but it is not working. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. The form is 13 pages long so this feature is quite important to me. Thanks I have attached the pdf to this thread. Test Form - Recognition.pdf

    When doing a COMBINE function, dragging the files to the combine box one by one is fine if you have a few files. But when there are many files, and you do a SELECT/ALL of the files in a given folder and you do a DRAG of the files to the COMBINE box,all the files are moved, BUT the order of the files is ignored and the files wind up in the COMBINE box all helter skelter. Is there a workaround? When someone sends me a 100 page book with each page being a separate file and each file name represents the page number in the book, the COMBINE feature ignores the order of the file name making this function useless. I don't want to DRAG 100 files into the COMBINE box. I want the COMBINE function to load the files from my local folder in the order the files are in are in, into the COMBINE folder.
  20. How do we add a field which populates today's date every time you open the pdf? Thanks
  21. I just paid for an upgrade and received the registration code. When I enter my email address and they registration code it tells me I don't exist.
  22. This message appeared when I tried to uninstall the program. I`ve installed the prog for all user. now things I`ve done to uninstall/resolve the problem (which didn`t work) : Restarting computer to see if it resolved - FAIL Uninstalling via win registry - can't find the registry in uninstall directory - FAIL trying to remove the access violation error so I can uninstall (via changing DEP(Data Execution Prevention)) - Error still pop-up - FAIL Using Windows FixIt - Can't find the program in uninstall list, BUT haven't tried to uninstall using PRODUCT CODE which I can't find the product code whereabout, if you can mail or reply me the product I'll try to uninstall using Win FixIt again - WAITING FOR REPLY Using uninstaller which come from the program itself - FAIL Using sfc /scannow to see any corrupt files - No corrup files found - FAIL Using CCleaner to uninstall - FAIL That's all, If the admin know other way to uninstall please let me know or help me with no.4 (product key) Regards
  23. Ocr multiple files

    Good morning, Can the full versions of Pdf element scan in OCR multiple files in one step? Is there a maximum quantity of files that can be processed in one step? Thank you in advance. Lorenzo Marchesi Marchesi srl
  24. Hi, Win 10, Word 2010, PDF elements 6 pro I have an eight pages dokument (docx), each page contains a single JPEG. I converted this document via OCR to a PDF-file. It works very fine and looks good. After converting this PDF-File to Word there are very strange section breaks. (Abschnittswechsel) Removing manually the section breaks brings a chaotic formatting to the Word-document. What can I do to have vo section breaks in the Word-document? Thanks for helping me, Ho Converting docx to pdf.pdf Converting PDF to docx.docx
  25. Hello, the Software try to download the plugin, but a message is comming up, that the Internet connection should be checked (Geram Language). Other software has no problem . What could be the reason (F-Secure Save is installed) ? Best regards