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      Check out our new feature post on what Adobe XI's end-of-support situation will look like. What will you do to maintain your access to a comprehensive PDF editor? Follow the link at the end of our blog post to enter for a chance to win a FREE Microsoft Surface Pro or iPad Mini. 

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      Beta Testers Wanted!   08/20/2017


      Wanna access our next new version 6.3.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional in advance? It will support XFA files, PDF attachments, searchable OCR mode and open multiple windows for different PDF files and many other improvements. Join our beta testers group, you will have this opportunity!


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  1. AFBear

    Running Win 10 Creator and PDFelement 6 Pro. All of a sudden the pdf wont open when I right click on a file to save as a pdf - I have to have PDFelements open first. Any ideas other than a reinstall??
  2. Beta Testers Wanted!

    We are gonna release a new version 6.3.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional with many exciting features, which has multi-languages versions as well. In this new version 6.3.0, we will support to open multiple windows for multiple PDF files (Windows only), support XFA files (Windows only), support to add attachments in PDF file (Windows only), support editable and searchable OCR modes and improve many other features. You have a unique chance to be part of our next PDF innovation with your feedback and suggestions. What you’re expected to do: You’ll examine the beta program (we provide German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch versions) from top to bottom and report any bugs you find. Your bug reports should contain info on how to recreate the error and where you first encountered it. What we’re really eager to hear is your feedback. So on top of bug reporting, we’ll welcome any suggestions on how we can further enhance our design to make PDFelement 6 truly seamless and easy to learn. And we’ll reward you for your participation. What you’ll get: All selected beta testers who send us helpful feedback will be awarded 1. Early access to our new version on Windows or Mac. 2. A FREE licensed copy of PDFelement 6 Pro version 6.3.0 after its official release. 3. Recognition on our website, with your name included in our developers’ page in the ‘Special Thanks’ section. Requirements: For you to qualify for the test, however, you first have to clear a few requirements. 1. You must use PDFs on a daily basis. 2. Be available to engage in active testing during next month. 3. Be willing to closely collaborate with our product team -- that includes providing detailed feedback and completing surveys. Recruitment ends on: 31st Aug. If you’d like to become a Beta Tester, please send the following information to pdfelement@wondershare.com. (If you have already joined our Beta Tester Group, you don't have to apply again, our product team will contact you directly regarding your availability. ) -Name: -Email: -Country: -Industry: -Operating System (Windows/Mac): -A little explanation that will help us understand your experience with PDFs:
  3. Form Fill Error

    I am having trouble filling out this form which we use every week. I never had this problem with Adobe Acrobat. You should be able to put a value in the boxes and they should sum up at the end. I checked the calculate tab and it seems to be okay. What am I doing wrong. CERTIFIED PAYROLL FORM-Blank.pdf
  4. OCR模块下载安装失败

    OCR插件下载失败,总计不到400MB的文件,在国内下载半个小时,还反复失败。 有无离线版的安装文件?
  5. I need to open separate instances of the application so there will be two windows with different documents side by side. That will allow me to copy from one and past into a fill in form. Is there a way to do that?
  6. Integration of esign

    Hi, Could you please help me to tell that is there any way to integrate this tool(esign) in a dot net application? Thanks Ravi
  7. Can yo use the product to convert a PDF to Doc or Docx using the product from the command lnie. I have a custom program that needs to convert PDFs this way. Is it possible?
  8. B-SV4 Printer connection problem.

    When I print to my label printer, a Toshiba TEC B-SV4, I get the error 'Printer Connection Error, Printing Failed!'. The printer works with other applications and a test print from Windows Device Manager is perfect. I have changed permissions in Windows so that all applications and all users can have access to the printer but it still does not print. PDFElement will print to my other printer but not the one I need. Is there something I can do to fix it?
  9. Uninstalling free PDF Element pro 6

    I purchased PDF Element 5 but lost my harddisk. I have made numerous attempts to uninstall V6 pro and re-enstall version 5. I have even gone through the registry and deleted every mention of Wondershare before re-installing version 5 (Downloaded from your website. I get confirmation that Version 5 is installed. I restart my computer but when I fire up Wondershare I get version 6. What is going on
  10. Changing page orientation

    Hi Just taking a first look at PDFelement - seems good so far, One query - I know it's possible to rotate a page, but is it possible to just change from landscape to portrait without rotating all the text and graphics on the page as well? As per: .page orientation.bmp Thanks!
  11. Hebrew Language

    I have version 6.2 of PDF Pro. It seems to be able to read Hebrew characters but it reverses the order. Is there a way to fix that?
  12. Import and rearrange PDF-pages

    Hello, I wonder if I can decide where to put a page in a pdf-file. Like I have a pdf-fil with 8 pages and want to combine this file with a pdf-file consisting of 2 pages and these 2 pages have to be placed beween pages 6 and 7 in the first pdf-file - Can I do that? Now lets say I found out that I made a misstake when combining the files and one of the 2 inserted pages should have been between pages 7 and 8 - Can I rearrange the pages? Best regards Jan
  13. Page sizes

    What pagesizes can I choose for the pdf-file. I noticed that there is fixed sizes but not what sizes. Can I choose f.ex. A4 as size? Letter size is no good for me as I live in Europe. I assume I can choose millimeter or centimeter instead of inch OR? Best regards Jan
  14. Is there a way to do what title states or do I have to crop it outside PDFelement? I'm trying to convert a novel with a few pictures into an EPUB file so if there is no feature for this, it really should be made. I'd like to select what image content I preserve from the scanned document within the app and remove everything else like the page's background and possible shadows from scanning.
  15. PDFelement 6 Professional supports to customize your own images to be stamps. 1. Windows version After opening your PDF file in the program, please click the Comment>Create Stamp>Create Custom Stamp button, click the Select Picture button to load your image as the stamp. Then click the Stamp button to apply this custom stamp on the page. 2. Mac version After opening your PDF file in the program, click the Comment>Signature button, then click the + symbol to choose Create from Image option, browse an image to open as a signature. Next time, you can select this signature image on the right-side panel directly. Here are more instructions for your reference: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#stamps
  16. Submit a Form

    If you have a form that want others to send it back to you after filling out the form, then you can use our program PDFelement 6 Professional to create a "submit" button. Others can click this button to submit the form to you directly. 1. After opening your PDF form in the program, please click the Form>Button button to add a button in the file. 2. Double-click this added button to open its properties window. In the Actions tab, please choose "Submit a form" in the box of Select Action. 3. Click the above Add button, select the file format that you want to receive. And choose the submit method as: HTTP address or Email address. Then enter the URL in the following box to submit to.
  17. hi: I add a comment to my pdf, it looks like image b, however, when I save my file, the comment turns to look like image a. the saved version looks uncomfortable, it doesn't empty some space for human readability. the fact is that I want get a c.image version rather than a.image. and I havn't found the setting that I can make it look better. sry for my poor English and I think you can figure it with this: the present situation of saved version is image.a the present situation of editing version is image.b the purpose is image.c image.a image.b image.c
  18. I've loaded the C++ Standard document in PDFelement. This a very long document with more than 1300 pages. So, the "back" feature is a requirement in my case. When I say "back" feature, I mean a keyboard shortcut (normally Alt + Left Key) that would allow me to quickly return to point (1) where I was in the document, when I clicked in a link that took me to another point (2) where I am now. That is, I want to return to my original position (point 1) with a shortcut key. How do I do that?
  19. Duplicate PDF Pages

    Our Windows version program PDFelement 6 Professional allows you to duplicate PDF pages by the simple method of copy and paste. You can copy and paste the pages in the Thumbnail panel or in the Page menu. Here are more instructions for your reference: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#duplicate_pages
  20. Maybe some of you here already knows this little trick, but it comes really handy for those who doesn’t know about it yet. When you are at the Editing mode and targeting a certain objects, you can stretch the objects by dragging its endpoint, vertex, or control point. If you drag those points while holding Shift key on your keyboard. You can resize the whole block proportionally to its original scale. However, if you drag those points while holding Alt key on your keyboard. You can pretty much resize the object to whatever aspect ratio you preferred (freestyle). What’s nice about this trick is that it works on the text appears as well! Sometimes you can create some really impressive font looks by doing this. Hope this helps.
  21. support needed

    I used Esign for a few months and have had minor problems opening up entire pdf prepared for recipient signature. Suddenly, using the same document as always, Esign won't open the last page of my pdf--the icon just swirls around and around. I've rebooted PC twice, open/closed program and started Esign process over several times and still can't get program open the last page with signature fields. i had some help from support staff and I figured it out, I have the same problem now and can't fix it--cleared browser too. Help
  22. Hello, I'm using PDFelement6Pro in windows 7, I haven't found a interface to configure proxy server,as I must connect the internet through a proxy server. When I download a "Try free"version and want to try OCR components, I direcly click the download button in application, and seems I cannot reach the server without proxy.When I bought this product, and download "pdfelement6-pro_setup_full2990.exe"which is 961KB, Afetr I double-click that file, I found the bar block in process window keep running for a long period without any progress, seems it still needs the proxy to download the full files form the internet... If someone have good ideas,please give me some advise. Thanks! Regards.
  23. Issue in creating PDF from HTML file

    Hello All, There is an issue creating PDF file form HTML file. it gives me error "failed to create PDF because of some unexpected error". The screenshot is attached. I hope there will be someone out there to help. Thanks.
  24. Scrolling issues

    Hello, I really like the new interface! However, I am still struggling with scrolling open documents (W10) using the touchpad of my Surface Book. Whereas in other apps scrolling with the two-figure gesture is really smooth, PDFelement 6 Professional sometimes seems to work, but most of the time I'd rather call it unstable (no or veeerrry slow response). Anyone else who suffers from this behavior? Or can I adjust how scrolling works? Thanks Markus
  25. Lille, France peggy.clerbout@sfr.fr 03 August 2017, Hello, I'm working at home and i would appreciate to have WONDERSHARE with a subscription to Month, not you ? Thank you to say the same thing to Wondershare ! See you soon ?