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  1. Deleting white space

    I'd like to clean up some docs and consolidate text to the fewest number of pages. Simple to do In M/S Word, Could use some help is best methods for this process in Element 6 Pro -
  2. When I try to combine 2 PDF files that were saved as PDF files from within Windows I get an error message saying "2 file(s) fails to be loaded:".
  3. OCR does not work

    Hi, I just bought PDF Element Pro. When I try to OCR scanned PDF documents it does not work (no protection, I checked). I get a red exclamation mark. However, I can convert the document to Work. Any clue ? Thanks Pichurri
  4. I bought your very expensive product only to use your ocr, but either i'm not using it correctly or it just doesnt work. Here are the pictures showing what the original pdf is and what i get when i try to use ocr: what i get : http://imgur.com/a/yT8rc what the original text says : http://imgur.com/a/adMmf So i either want my money back or some support to help me make it work, since your website support won't even let me pick PDFelement 6 Pro which i payed U$ 100,00 Thanks.
  5. When I've finished making my simple text changes to this document, it looks right in PDFElement 6 and also prints correctly there but when the file is saved to My Documents and printed from there, there is some text missing. Please tell me what I need to do to get this thing printing correctly from Windows. Attached is a copy of the document. Thanks! Roger BriteNEasy_brochure_2015 final-Copy.pdf