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  1. Window size

    Is there a way to resize the window view on a mac? I have tried dragging the edge and the corners but it doesn't work and the window takes up too much of my screen.
  2. I've just bought the version for MAC and I'm unable to perform OCR. During the download of OCR plugin, it appears the message "insufficient storage space. Impossible to continue". I need help
  3. Create bookmarks in iOS App

    Can you create bookmarks in the iOS app? I've not been able to figure out how to do that? Thanks, Janet
  4. new computer

    What are the steps to install the program to my new computer?
  5. Hi, I just bought pdfelement 6 Pro (I had the trial version installed for a while on my pc). I have registered the software, but everytime I try to download the latest update, it is impossible to access to the download site (as you can see below). Can you help me ?
  6. I am using PDFelement 6 Pro (version with Windows 10 and Firefox version 56.0.2 I always use the print command from the top "file" menu in Firefox, choosing Wondershare PDFelement as the printer. This converts the web page to pdf and opens it in PDFelement, However I just had to refresh Firefox (like a complete reset) due to a fault. Firefox is working ok again. I keep trying to print a webpage (not pdf, just text) to PDFelement as usual (ie before Firefox reset) and it is not working. Nothing appears in PDFelement. The document is spooled and the printer document box for wondershare says it is printing and then the document gets deleted as expected but nothing appears in PDFelement. Port is Wondershare PDFelement port. ie. it is sent to Wondershare as the printer but never actually gets to PDFelement. I have tried re-installing PDFelement. I have set PDF file type to PDFelement in Windows. Nothing seems to make any difference. Help! I just want it to work as it was before.
  7. For the life of me, I am not able to delete pages in a pdf. Is there an organize or sort view just like in adobe and then page can be selected and delete?
  8. Forms on Android

    Hi all - I am VERY new to this and am already pretty impressed by this software. I created a form and it works perfectly - with cell additions etc . I see it does not work when opening on an Android device - the PDF opens but not the forms fields. Is there a way to get this to work perhaps? Thank you very much!
  9. No color print

    Hello, i use PDFelement 6 Pro ( and i can not print PDF in Color. The program shows the document in Color but i get only b&w prints. Using Edge or Acrobat, Color print is no Problem. I read here by another user, that he must deinstall PDF 6 pro and use a given link to install instead Version 6.2. I use this solution (link) also, but it will install the Version 6.3.2. System: Windows 10 64bit Printer: Canon Inkjet ip4500 Software: PDFelement 6 Pro ( Best regards Volkmar
  10. Highlight Text

    Hi, I am using PDFelement Pro for Mac and have multiple non scanned pdf files. I am unable to highlight, underscore, or strikethrough on these files. I select "comment" then "highlight" but am unable to select anything. Thanks, Keving
  11. Combo Box export Values

    What is the export value of combo box and list boxes used for. How can I set a value in a text box to be used as a calculation. If I have a Combo Box with the wording "Ten" and and export value set as 10 and a second choice in the combo box as "Twenty" and an export value of 20 if the user selected "Ten or Twenty" the numeric value of the Text box would reflect the numbers "10 or 20" so that value could be used in other text boxes on the form. I hope this enquiry is in the right forum section. Thank you Steven
  12. Updating Licensing Information

    I've contacted the support area and they updated my license to reflect my email but it it still showing the older email after I re-downloaded the program. What can I do for it to reflect the new email that they put in the database for the Wondershare PDFelement that I bought?
  13. Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Ok. So I always like my pdfs to be "fit page". For initial view I always make sure to select "single page" and "fit page". The problem is that when you create bookmarks, clicking on the bookmark causes the page to zoom in and I have to readjust the zoom to "fit page". Is there any way to make the bookmarks such that the "fit page" zoom is preserved? This is literally the one thing stopping me from buying the full version. Let me add that I need this feature to work when being opened up in Adobe.
  14. It doesn't look like the program will allow me to create a pdf from a word document -- is that right? The instructions say it only converts from .html, .htm, .webarchive, .gif, .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .txt, .rtf, .rtfd. I have a word document that I need to be a pdf but I need the table of contents links and hyperlinks to websites to remain active. Ideally without me manually creating individual links for them all since they are already in the word document. Is this possible? If so, how? Thanks, Jean
  15. Converting PDF to Word

    Just trialing the product before purchasing. When Converting a PDF to a Word doc (which was originally a word doc), it seems to just make the PDF a "Picture" in a word doc. You can't edit any of the text?? Seems very limited... I do like the form function of turning a PDF into an interactive form - but if I want to edit the original content, I can't once I've converted the Word Doc to PDF - if there is a way, please shed some light. Thanks
  16. Unable to read this PDF file

    Hi, I was using PDFElement 6.2 version. When I opened the (attached) pdf file, its blank (all pdf pages are "white"). But I can read the same pdf file in FoxitReader without any issues I've enclosed the pdf file "WP-Definitive-Guide-to-AWS-eBook.pdf" (size: 5.5 MB) Please fix this issue. Thanks WP-Definitive-Guide-to-AWS-eBook.pdf
  17. Save print options?

    Where can I save the print settings/options? Everytime I want to print a file with more than one page the print options are set to "print actual page". So I have to change it to "print all pages". Everytime. Is it possible to save the settings of the print options? Thank in advance for any advice. Thomas
  18. Set as default

    Can someone tell me how to set PDF element 6 Pro for Mac as the default when opening PDF's? Thx
  19. i want to read original books, but these are too dear for me. so i want pdfelement could let me read ebooks on linux.
  20. Hi, A form seems often to have predefined text fields where the user of the form is supposed to enter text. Is it possible to change for example font size in such field and perhaps add more text lines if one needs to write more text than the form creator anticipated ? Christer W
  21. Import and rearrange PDF-pages

    Hello, I wonder if I can decide where to put a page in a pdf-file. Like I have a pdf-fil with 8 pages and want to combine this file with a pdf-file consisting of 2 pages and these 2 pages have to be placed beween pages 6 and 7 in the first pdf-file - Can I do that? Now lets say I found out that I made a misstake when combining the files and one of the 2 inserted pages should have been between pages 7 and 8 - Can I rearrange the pages? Best regards Jan
  22. I want to create an table where people can fill in an catagory an article and a price. At the end of the table i will count the total price of 1 category. Is that possible with PDF Elements ? so i want to count with conditions. In Excel i use SUMIF, but is that possible with PE? Hope to hear Yes :-) But how do i do that? thanks for your help