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  1. PDFelement 6 Pro fails to update

    After I try to install the announced update for PDFelement 6 Pro, I always get Update Error! An error occurred while installing the update. Please try again later. What's going on? Can anyone please help? I am running macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.3 on an iMac
  2. Greetings! Wondershare has worked pretty much flawlessly since I have had it with the exception of two instances. A few months back it was crashing like this, but a restart of the computer cleared it up. All was fine until tonight. After a restart PDFelement started crashing upon launch. I tried several more restarts, but it is still not working. I get the PDFelement splash screen, followed by a dialog that states 'Wondershare PDFelement has stopped working' and it has a green progress bar in it. Then the green bar goes away and the dialog just sits there, and the program attempts to start, but it is just a blank white screen with a spinning cursor, and the title of the window reads: PDFelement 6 Professional (Not Responding). None of the dialogs are giving me a reason as to why it is crashing. I have attached captures of all of the dialogs that I described. Any help to get this resolved is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chuck CAD Group
  3. When inserting shapes on my computer with 3 monitors and the software is open on a non primary monitor and you click the the fill color or color drop down, the color picker shows up on the left side of the primary monitor, my center screen. With the software open on the right monitor the color picker shows up on the left side of my center monitor instead of the left side of my right monitor. It doesn't matter if the software is full screen or in a window. With the software open on the center monitor, primary desktop, it works as it should. On my left monitor if it's full screen the color picker will open where it should but it overlaps onto the left side of the center monitor. Also when trying to resize the software window when you mouse over the bottom right corner of the window you do not get the angular double arrow mouse cursor, meaning you can only resize the window vertically or horizontally but not both at the same time. It's annoying! Thanks, John Long
  4. I want to use pre-filled default values in the form. I need several lines. If I use "multiple lines" or "scrolling with long text" I see nothing in the form. I then have to click in each box after the automatic pre-fills to see the text, the multiple lines I can only use if I write at least 1 letter in addition. But I do not want to click through the form, it should be filled immediately with the record. Is this problem known? Single line boxes work. If I use an other product (not Adobe) it works. But as I paid for this program I want to make it work either. Can you help? In this sheet there are 4 forms, in the beginning you only see one. But if I tab all forms and add 1 letter or number, the other 2 (multiple line forms) appear. See the screen shots please. I tried different documents.
  5. Some PDFs print poorly, even though they appear correctly when viewed in PDFelement. All files print correctly when opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is happening on both Windows 8.1 (x64) Enterprise and Windows 10 (x64) Enterprise, both with all Windows updates applied. The printer in question is a Xerox C-70 with the Global Print Driver PS (5469.900.0.0). When printed to a Xerox 3655 with the Global Print Driver PCL6 (5273.2100.0.0), the files print correctly. The Xerox C-70 cannot be switched to a PS driver, as it is not compatible.
  6. When i drawing cloud its just making strait lines?
  7. I am running the latest version of PDF elements pro and the latest version of high sierra and i now cannot set or change the tab sequence order on my PDF form What is happening with this paid for software... I urgently need an effective response please?