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  1. Purchaser

    Wondershare PDFelement 6 License: Single-User License License Number: 1 Licensed Email: kpapps1945@gmail.com Windows 10 Home v. 10.0.15063 Build 15063 Registration Code: C7ED270363D676018CADBE0EA2E0EC05 (V 6.0.3) I am not happy with this product. I discussed this with a friend who suggested I could do what I needed with Adobe Reader. I tried and had absolutely no problems. So, I would like a refund. In addition, links provided on your site (ex: •What is your policy on refund? ) don't work and the inability to directly contact customer support does not make sense to me. This is not a subject to chat about in community.
  2. The "SAVE" Icon

    The \"Save\" icon does not appear after using the CombinePDF feature. Currently, in order to save your initial combined PDF, you have to select , File/Save/Browse. WHY? If I use version 5 I have the "SAVE" icon right after I completed the combined files action. The "SAVE" option is checked in the drop down menu. The only way to have the "SAVE" Icon appear is to edit something and then the "SAVE" icon shows up to allow you to save the new combined PDF file. Is there a reason that the "SAVE" Icon does not appear after completing the combined PDF operation. Thanks PDFPanel-01 shows me creating the Combined PDF files. PDFPanel-02 shows No Save Icon. PDFPanel-04 shows the "SAVE" Icon appears only after editing the combined files. Note: that this combined PDF Files was never initially saved at any point or asked to save prior to editing. The combined PDF files selected does not exist (Saved) yet on my computer.
  3. Combine already opened pdf

    Hello, I would like to ask if you can help me to find an easier way to combine 2 already opened pdf documents. I opened one pdf with a form and filled out the form. Then I opened a second pdf where I did a ocr to be able to edit. Then I want to combine both documents. I had saved both. I know 2 solution I know that I can close the second and insert it via the function "insert page" into the first one. I know that I can close both and use the "combine" function for this. For this I have to reopen at lease one document via fileselector. But this is circumstantial in this case, because I have already opened the 2 documents and think that there must be a a function "merge selected documents into one" Or simlpy drag the "tab" with the second document into the page preview window of the first document. Sorry I have not found a function to do this. Best greetings Ralf
  4. Hi, How can I put a document into Combine PDF document list more than once (with different page ranges)? I have a long word document that I have pdf-ed and would like to interleave pictures every 4 pages. Thanks. Yours, Graham
  5. Element Deleting TextBox

    Hi I'm currently using PDFElement5 on a windows 10. My Issue is that when inserting a pdf with text boxes, PDF element deletes the text boxes leaving us unable to fill in the info.
  6. hi made the purchase for scan and edit purpose but wont let me register or login say that its for a standard pdfelement???
  7. Currency

    I have my pdf almost ready to send out however, when I view the pdf in another reader as I know my targets do not have PDFelements why are the Currency symbols on the right side of the number and some of the numbers did not take the formatting. It looks great in PDFelements but seems to fall apart in other readers. For example some of the entrires before anything is added look like 0.00 and other look like 0 but they are copies of the same form field
  8. Hi I am creating a PDF for my customers so I don't need to fill out everything myself. In case they choose a certain product on the first page with the check box, then I want the page about this product to appear (to fill out measurements and other details). I can only select show fields, but still I have all the pages left in my document. How can I show/hide pages? I added correct bookmarks but I cannot choose show/hide bookmarks... Kind regards Arne
  9. Sign and Email

    I am unable to get the email button to work. I create the button and enter all required information. When I am done creating I save the pdf and it opens into a viewer just like someone that would be getting the file would do. It opens in Adobe and when I click on the button to email the completed form it gives me an error. I have attached a screen shot of the error. I went to the email set-up in windows and it wants me to set up my email in outlook. I attempted to create an outlook user for my email accounts. I tried POP3 and the IMAP and both will not complete the set-up, I fill in all required information I located the settings in yahoo and checked with them to see if they were correct. When the setup attempts to send a trial email it fails. I went on to try other email accounts on Comcast and Google and they also failed. Please help me! I can not believe having a email sent to me from a pdf should be this difficult. There must be a better way to set up this feature. This is well beyond the knowledge of a normal user. When I send this file I expected the user to open it, fill it in, and send it back. This opens up many questions that I am at a dead end answering please assist. 1. Am I setting up the button wrong? 2. How does one know if it will work with the user? 3. How can I set-up the account on the users end to help them get it to work? 4. Can I set it up on my machine so it will work on my examples as well as if others send a pdf to me? 5. Does PDFelements have a viewer only that will make sure everything we create will work? Please assist! I need this to work and I must be missing something.
  10. Multiple Signatures

    I have PDFelement that I believe runs esign. I created a documents that needs to be signed by two people and saved in a file. Once person one puts their digital signature on the document it forces a save. Then when person 2 puts their digital signature on the file it forces a signature and the file states that is has issues and can not be verified. The first signature becomes unusable. I can 2 people sign 1 document and they both stay active. 2nd issue. 4 places a person might sign as more things happen. How can additional signatures be entered withour voiding the old ones. For example on day one you get a raise of .50 hour and you sign. 5 months down the line you get another .25 hour raise you need to sign to accept however, the line above that had the first sign in invalid. PF-9 MedCenter Pay Rate Change.pdf PF-8 MedCenter Handbook Signature.pdf
  11. OCR Ausführung

    Habe die Testversion von Pdf 6 Element Pro heruntergeladen und den OCR ausgeführt .AltDeutsch ist die Sprache. Bei der Konversion gibt es Probleme. Siehe Anhang. Gibt es eine Lösung damit das Programm den Text erkennt und richtig umwandelt ? Es handelt sich um alte Zeitungsauschnitte die ich bearbeiten möchte und eine Textesuche im Dokument machen möchte. Könnt Ihr mir helfen ? Pdf_OCR_Problem.docx
  12. OCR Conversion of Images

    I have pdfelements ver with latest OCR download. for it. I converted a PDF page with an Anatomy chart on it. It did a reasonable to good job on the text. However it also converted some of the image into text. I can delete these text boxes, but it has destroyed the image under these text boxes. Is there any way of stopping the OCR from looking at the image and only covert the areas with text. E.g. put a circle around image prior to conversion. Also there are 'dots, hand-written ticks and marks' etc on the background image of the converted OCR pdf. I could not get any of the erasers in the program to remove these additions to the original image. Is there any way to work on the image under the OCR text box's, to delete unwanted parts of the image. On a straight text page, all the background can be removed to create a new clean text page. This does not work so well when there are images that need to be kept. I could not find a help function for answers to these 2 problems.
  13. cannot use after upgrade

    i purchased the 5.11 version, but after upgraded it shows that i cannot use it and must purchase again for upgrade. do i have to pay? this is not what u say on the homepage. u said only pay for once.
  14. OCR edit Text and copy text to Word, etc.

    Hello, I am interested in buying a license to use your product. I have a question. Can an individual text when you use the OCR later copy to other text editors (Word, Excel ...). Another question: Scanned PDF File - or when you add the language "Slovenian" (slovenščina) Thanks for the information. With kind regards
  15. Problems

    I am afraid I go on having problems to finish editing my pdf documents with PDF Element Pro. I need to build links between a summary and the rest of the pages in the document and it ALWAYS finishes working. Please, solve this problem.
  16. Hello, i'm having a problem with the PDF Converter Pro, i can't convert any file with the OCR option checked. When i try, the program close with no error, but if i uncheck the OCR option, then the file is converted. I already try in another PC but the problem remains. What can i do to solve this?
  17. OCR Cant install...

    I am having issues installing the OCR version... it is not recognizing the installed wondershare pdfelelment when installing offline... and online its not connecting to the server... Please check the screenshot below... thanks
  18. I try to change the default font in the general settings or the font for a selected part in a PDF file. Every time I click the drop-down menu for font list, the program will stop running and exit shortly. P.S. Another question, could I check PDF file information in PDFelement 6 Pro? I've heard about Adobe Acrobat can check what fonts are used in a PDF file. I think this function is very useful for me.
  19. NEW Client and still in FREE MODE

    Hy. Y have the soft purchase version and still sees me like a FREE TRIAL Any help is apreciated Thanks and have a nice week end Javier
  20. I bought the product for $100 I tried it once to convert 4 separate PDF files to excel. Seemed it should be simple as the fields are spaced evenly It doesn't work Can I upload the PDFs and see if you can do it please? The 4 files exceed 500MB so I cannot upload it here. Can I drop-box them to you? How do I do this. This is urgent so please help ASAP. Time is of the essence as I am soon due on this project. Thank you
  21. No internet

    Hello, I tried to convert a document and use OCR, but the system said it must be downloaded from the website. I saw that the system tried to download it, but then i got a message 'No internet connection'. I did not know why, because i was also searching on the internet something else. What can i do to solve this problem? Greetings Lars Nillson (The Netherlands) A Internetconnection1.pdf Internetconnection2.pdf
  22. You can create a new PDF file in an easy and quick way with the use of PDFelement 6 There are many ways to do this, you don't need to have skills or to be professional. The program will make this very simple for you First: when you launch the program, select create PDF, a pop up window will appear and lets you browse your computer for any supported file. For example, word, Powerpoint, image and so on. Select the file you need to convert and the program will do everything for you. Just save the output file in any location you need Second: open the program, go to home menu, select from file then browse for the file you need Third: drag and drop of any file on to the program area Fourth: This is a very good built-in printing feature which lets you select Wondershare PDFelement Virtual printer. You can use this useful feature to convert any file to PDF in a simple mouse click. Even you can print a web page Fifth: Using PDFelement you can create Bank document. From the main interface, you select file then new. You can specify the file name, size, pages
  23. First you need to know the importance of adding your digital signature to your PDF file. If you have a PDF file and you want to share it with your colleagues, but you have some concern regarding authorization of the file. You need to add security using your digital signature. Now, with the use of PDFelement 6, you will be able to do this in an easy and professional way. The program doesn't need any skills or experience, all you have to do is to do three simple steps: Step 1: Open the PDF document with PDFelement. Step 2: Select sign document option under protect menu. A pop up dialogue will appear and lets you create your signature and password to sign in an easy step- wizard way Step 3: Apply your digital signature on the PDF file. You will need to use the password created in the previous step Now you can apply your signature to all your PDF files and keep your security and privacy Create your digital signature with PDFelement 6:
  24. Hi; just downloaded your program. How can I ensure that the converted document (from PDF to ppt) uses the same fonts like in the original PDF document? I did not succeed so far; I could convert the PDF into ppt but got a crazy font which killed all the formating I did in the original ppt (before I changed it to a PDF). And all the necessary fonts are on my computer. Thanks for explaing how to do it!
  25. PDF 6 Unable to Update

    I am prompted to update but then it fails every time. Is there a link that I can get to manually update PDF Element 6?