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  1. OCR 32 bit or 64

    I have PDFelement Pro I cannot edit or get an OCR to download In fact there seems no way to do anything much how do I get money back?
  2. Inger Visser

    I want to extract and add certain parts of a pdf document. When I extract will the original get blank parts or will the file adapt to the changes I made? The same in the case I added some parts.
  3. Copy/past implementation

    Hello, When copying / pasting is it possible that the paste action is done where the mouse cursor is pointing ? Second, when i move a group of elements with my mouse, is not possible to move from this group from one page to another. Thank you
  4. My environment : Win 10 PRO 64 bits - Intel I5-2400 CPU 3.10 Ghz. When I type from the AZERTY keyboard the characters in my text are replaced by others randomly. Some times the text changes to italic when typing. The size of the text don't respected the original size. If the text is ARIAL sz 8 the software display the the good size but the new text is more large. Crazy. Try to change the text in the line SOLDE with an Azerty keyboard. Thank you wondershare.pdf
  5. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Will PDFelement support high-resolution screen in near future? If I disable display scaling in compatibility setting, some icons and text will not be displayed. And if I enable it, everything becomes blurred. Any solution now? Window 10, 14 inch WQHD screen
  6. Hello, I just installed and reinstall your latest version of PDF Element. I have long sought on your forum the answer to the problem I encounter when I want to use "Perform OCR". But nothing works. I used in English, French, in both languages, nothing. The screenshot is attached to this mail. Can you tell me how to deal with this problem? It is important to know that I have a paid version. Good day to you, Etienne SCHAPPLER Pdf Element 6 OCR problem.docx
  7. hello, i just installed the pdfelement6 professional to edit my scanned data, i started with the trial version. i was satisfied to see that the results are according to my needs. now i wanted to confirm that after purchasing the software will the watermark and the background pdfelement font would be removed when the document is finally saved????? kindly configure me out with this so that i could proceed further.. thanks...
  8. The file combined pdf could not be opened because it is not a supported file type of is damaged. Great message since the software is trying to open what it created. I get this message during the combine files at the end. Really cool.
  9. Extracting Data in File Scanning

    Extracting Data in File Scanning, not activated Start, tested with different PDF, s, I followed the indications of the help and video on YouTube. I installed the application again and dropped the OCR. The program buys it exclusively to be able to do data extraction. Attached image of the fault. Waiting for your news, greetings Paco Gomis
  10. Version 6.1.2: Fixed the issue where the annotation objects are unable to perform with Fill Color setting. Fixed the issue where it might cause the OCR component unable to be properly downloaded. Fixed the issue where it might cause the program to crash when renaming the Radio Button from the same control group. Fixed the issue where it might cause the program to halt during the startup process after the installation.
  11. Repeating Documents

    I own a small home business. I have a Tax Exempt Certification. Which meand I don't have to pay the tax on supplies or materials I order online or anywhere wlse as long as it is things for my Business. The Form is the same for each Company I do business with. But, I have to have a form for each Company. there are about 25 of them all together. And I need to be able to just change the name of the Company and the Date I send the form to them. Whit out Builds up after a while and my PC doesn't have a Editor onm it. All I have is word pad and when I open a Document in that program. It is unreadable. Is this software the best choice? All-in-One PDF Editor Plus create, convert, merge & fill PDF Or is there a better choice? I saved this form as a RTF so I could edit it but, when I open it, it is just jibber. Tax Exempt Form.rtf
  12. Email as PDF

    Every time I create an email button to send it changes what the attachment is set to be (PDF) and send the FDF. How do I get it to send the entire pdf as it looks as an attachment.
  13. Word to Wondershare PDFelemet

    I have PDFelements 6 Pro and when I opened the software yesterday it asked me to update. I installed the update and now when I am in word creating a document and what to make it a form with fields to fill-in. I go to file - print in word and it opens the PDFelements software however, the document never transfers over to the program to continue with the editing process. In addition it does not even state where the file went, if it was saved or is in a temporary location. This worked until the update. I found a work around by downloading a pdf printer and then bringing it into PDFelements however, now I have a watermark and I have your PDF editor I paid for. The other way opening the Word Doc directly in your program seems to still work. Can you please assist with how I can get this option to work again.
  14. PDF Element 6 Pro

    This version does not come directly with OCR. When prompted to download the module, I get a quick blip on my screen but nothing happens. Cannot perform OCR at all. Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. I have a downloaded PDF with many fields and text objects. Most of the form fields appear to be underlined, with all "underline" lines perfectly aligned to the bottom of the corresponding field. This would indicate an underline border, however each of these fields has a transparent border, set to thick, with the line style set to solid. When I select one or many of these fields and move them, the text box moves, but the line remains. I would assume then that the lines are a graphic object of some kind, however they can't be selected. I suspect the root of the problem lies in the following: On Properties > Description page: Corel PDF Engine Version PDF Version 1.6 Thank you for your time.
  16. Disabling clear all signatures

    Hi, Firstly does one have to purchase esign+ in order to sign and lock a pdf document or can one use the standard PDFelement pro system to sign and lock a pdf? What I am having issues with is that I need multiple users to digitally sign a pdf where I have placed boxes for them to sign and have locked the rest of the pdf so that the only alteration they can make is adding their digital signature. However a function that is still open for them is the ''clear all signatures'' which I don't want them to be able to do. Is there any way to turn this function off or lock it for other users? Or is the best alternative to send them the pdf that needs signing and then they each send it back to me with only each their signature, and then I merge the documents into one? If I do the latter will it work and will the PDF then still be locked and will the signatures all be validated (and how would I validate them?) ? Because currently when someone sends me a PDF they have signed the digital signature is noted as not valid. All help is appreciated
  17. Properties

    Whats going on with this last version. The box to fill the color of some square, circle,... disappeared !
  18. I upgraded to PDF ELement 6 and hate it!! I keep trying to work with it, but find myself going back to the old version. The editing options have all changed (where's Edit Text/Edit Object? Harder to figure out how to combine PDFs or convert. I'd ask for my money back, but it was my choice. But this version is not at all user friendly like the last version. I'll just continue to use the old version and ignore the new one. Anyone else having issues with PDF Element 6? thanks,
  19. I have PDFElement 6.1 Pro and when I try to use the OCR function is says I need to download but the screen just flashes showing a download but nothing else happens. I have seen a topic for a Mac but not for Windows 10 version. Please advise what I can do to correct this. I understand that the Pro version should have OCR built-in. Alex
  20. OCR plugin

    Just downloaded PDFelement 6.01 update but OCR plugin won't download. Is there a workaround?
  21. I wish to simply save the thumbnail size image for use elsewhere - not crop the page and cut out some elements.. How can I do this? Many thanks Jenny W
  22. We are gonna release a new version 6.1.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional with many exciting features, which has multi-languages versions as well. In this new version 6.1.0, we will support to create PDF/A files, support to connect with scanners to create PDF files directly, support new version of OCR engine, support the feature of "find and replace" and improve the conversion quality and many other features. You have a unique chance to be part of our next PDF innovation with your feedback and suggestions. What you’re expected to do: You’ll examine the beta program (we provide German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch versions) from top to bottom and report any bugs you find. Your bug reports should contain info on how to recreate the error and where you first encountered it. What we’re really eager to hear is your feedback. So on top of bug reporting, we’ll welcome any suggestions on how we can further enhance our design to make PDFelement 6 truly seamless and easy to learn. And we’ll reward you for your participation. What you’ll get: All select beta testers who send us helpful feedback will be awarded 1. Early access to our new version on Windows or Mac. 2. A FREE licensed copy of PDFelement 6 Pro version 6.1.0 after its official release. 3. Recognition on our website, with your name included in our developers’ page in the ‘Special Thanks’ section. Requirements: For you to qualify for the test, however, you first have to clear a few requirements. 1. You must use PDFs on a daily basis. 2. Be available to engage in active testing during this month. 3. Be willing to closely collaborate with our product team -- that includes providing detailed feedback and completing surveys. Recruitment ends on: 14th May. If you’d like to become a Beta Tester, please send the following information to pdfelement@wondershare.com. (If you have already joined our Beta Tester Group, you don't have to apply again, our product team will contact you directly regarding your availability. ) -Name: -Email: -Country: -Industry: -Operating System (Windows/Mac): -A little explanation that will help us understand your experience with PDFs:
  23. Using OCR with specific area

    I am newly downloaded the software, my PDF docs i would like to edit, it has 2 languages Arabic & English , the OCR can read the English only , can i select area of the doc to modify with OCR not to change the whole page using OCR as it changes the Arabic to unknown language and corrupt the doc
  24. Change the size of a PDF

    How can I change a size of a PDF document. I'd like to make a doc 24" x 36". TIA.