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  1. Program on disc ?

    I would like to buy this program on a CD ROM for future computers with or without internet access. Can we do this ? I love the way it operates and ease of the learning curve. Jolly good show !
  2. Batch printing

    Hello guys, Printing a batch of documents is causing some pages to display funny characters - both on a physical and virtual printer. When the document is printed with Acrobat reader all is fine. Note that the pages are all similar (content is obviously different) and the messy ones are chosen randomly by the software. Please see attached screenshot for more details. Any help would be very welcome
  3. Comparar dos PDF

    Hola. PDF element 6 pro es capaz de Comparar dos versiones de un archivo PDF para revisar todas las diferencias???
  4. Hello, I just bought PDF Element 6 (single user) and would like to know if this purchase is a subscription (if so, for how long is the license activated) or if it is a simple and permanent purchase for a permanent license. Because I read on your site that there were options of purchases (subscription of one year with automatic renewal) whereas I did not have the choice during the payment. Thank you in advance for your answer.
  5. How do you permanently delete cropped data? Within Adobe Acrobat you can delete hidden data, but I am not seeing a way to do this in PDFElement. If I crop the document and then safe, if the document is opened again and crop is chosen, that data is still there. I have sensitive information that I need to crop out and need it to be permanently removed from the document.
  6. I used PDFelement 6 Pro to edit a PDF file, but after that the file was damaged,can not be opened. The file is about 2G, I tried the PDF repair/recovery tools, still not working.Any ways that I can repair the file?
  7. I have combined multiple pdf files into one pdf file. After I get the pages in the desired order...and after I save the file and close it...when I re-open the file the pages are no longer in the desired order the way they were saved. Is there something I'm missing?
  8. Hi Wondershare team, if I made changes in an existing document and want to save the made things in the existing file with "save" (like at micosoft office!), I always must search the file, klick on it and confirm "override existing file". This is really anoying and not the function as it should be. This is the way if I use "save as" or "save under". Then I need to search a new name or folder to save as/at. Can you please check and fix it. Best regards Masi
  9. When I type in a number it put in a letter or different numbers and when I change a number in a column it does not line back up.
  10. Hello, We write from right to left When I convert a file in Hebrew from PDF to Power Point (text from right to left) After the conversion I get a file from Moore in the Power pane and all the words from left to right. Is it possible to set write direction so that the result of the conversion is correct in terms of text?
  11. Hi Wondershare team, new pdf files are always opened as new tab, and I found now option to select that new files can be opened as new window. Can this be added as an option? Regards Masi
  12. Hi Wondershare team, I often need to edit stamps in documents. At my former program adobe I had a shortcut to edit selected stamps. This was very good and easy for editing. At pdfelements 6 pro, I found no shortcuts for stamps. I always must klick in the menue to comments --> stamps --> select my stamp. This is very annoying and time wasting. Can you edit the possibility to use shortcuts for some important functions? Regards Masi
  13. Scrolling issues

    Hello, I really like the new interface! However, I am still struggling with scrolling open documents (W10) using the touchpad of my Surface Book. Whereas in other apps scrolling with the two-figure gesture is really smooth, PDFelement 6 Professional sometimes seems to work, but most of the time I'd rather call it unstable (no or veeerrry slow response). Anyone else who suffers from this behavior? Or can I adjust how scrolling works? Thanks Markus
  14. Outlook Add-ins?

    Is there an Outlook add-in available or in the works? We are currently testing PDFelement and love many of the features. We would love nothing more than to ditch Adobe Acrobat for good. However, my users leverage the Acrobat add-ins in Office, particularly the ability to preview pdf's in email and the one click Save as PDF link in the File tab navigation pane. We've worked around the preview issue by installing Adobe Reader, but that is only stop gap.
  15. Default App

    Hi Why do I have to switch the default app for PDF back to PDFelement after each update? It's frustrating. Bye Mansaylon
  16. after running OCR on my computer the pages are changed. Fonts, spacing and characters are added to OCR'd documents which does not allow me to use them and can not change back to original page. Can this be fixed or did I waste money on the upgrade?
  17. I was using the trial version of pdf element, I then selected the "Buy Now" option, and paid $59.95, plus $4.95 Insurance service. When I try to register the account, so I can save files, it tells me that I purchased an old version of the application. If I go to buy/upgrade, it's wanting to charge me MORE than $50.
  18. PDF Standard Chrismas Giveaway

    Hello,Wondershare Team. I got a license key from you, from your Christmas Giveaway ( Now,I want to install this PDF Element standard,but it does not work. There are always error codes. I think,that this installer is corrupt.This installer.exe has only 960 kbytes. Is it not possible,that you send me a full installer package. Maybe it works fine with that. I will send you an snapshot from this error code,but it is in portuguese. I hope,you could it understand. I think,that is similar in english. Thanks for your answer. Sincerly. Martin
  19. I am unable to scan multiple pages from the sheet feeder on any of our multifunction printers. For example our Samsung CLX-3300 series scans a page stops and then ask if you want to scan another or quit. Our Brother MFC-L2740DW scans a page and then aborts the scan pulling the rest of the pages thru without scanning. These printers both work fine with Adobe Acrobat X and DC. Any ideas how to fix this issue? It also appears that the setting for the scanner being used are not being saved or used properly as it seems the scanner is also scanning in a slower color mode.
  20. advanced search function

    i need to know if advanced search function similar to Adobe Acrobat Pro is available somewhere in PDF element 6 Pro ?
  21. I am wanting to create a background rectangle, so that I can put multiple items on top, however, when I create the rectangle under "Comment > Rectangle", it appears on top of my text, how do I layer it, so that it goes into the background and the text, fields, or whatever specified will be on top? I have also tried the approach of what I'm wanting to achieve in my comment above by using the feature in "Comment > Area Highlight" which seems to put the highlight in the background, but there is no option once it was initially drawn to amend the size of the position of it. Does anybody have a suggestion of what the best way of doing this is? Thank you.
  22. I used the PDF form recognition tool and this created a bunch of textboxes and checkboxes and I also created some manually after. After all this I manually named and set the export values for each. It was all working fine until I saved and closed PDFElement. When I reopen the PDF with PDFElement the textbox fields are fine, but the checkboxes show up for a few seconds (meaning they do exist) but they disappear right after. I also noticed the when opened with Adobe PDF it does show the checkboxes do exist so this may be a bug with PDFElement. Does anyone know why this is occurring? I want to edit the fillable pdf checkboxes but they keep disappearing.
  23. Erase Page

    Hallo, when I ersae a page the file will be not less. When I optimise the file the same effect. What is happened? Mfg
  24. Is it possible to define a default pencil colour (black in particular)?
  25. This is the pic of a PDF file occupying 70MB space. But it took me nearly half an hour to perform OCR. I know it's difficult to recognize the characters, but I think the way you use OCR should be improved. I have ever tried ABBYY FineReader 14, which is similar to your product. But their product allows you choose to perform OCR in a whole file or in a separated page, thus saving quite a lot of time. I hope you could take this function into consideraton. THX.