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  1. Hi, how can I add a book cover when I convert PDF to epub?
  2. Good day. I am trying this product, It does not work with Arabic language, Is there setting adjustment ?. Thanks.
  3. Deleting white space

    I'd like to clean up some docs and consolidate text to the fewest number of pages. Simple to do In M/S Word, Could use some help is best methods for this process in Element 6 Pro -
  4. Link function is a useful tool that helps you to lead the readers to related articles, pages, or the intended web. However, the rectangles around the text to indicate the links may affect your viewing and reading, so you can set an invisible rectangles for the links. PDFelement can meet all your needs. 1. Windows version After opening the PDF file in the program, click the Edit>Link button, then the cursor will change to a cross, draw the area that you want to set the link for, a window will pop up. Choose Invisible rectangle in the box of Link Type. Set the link action as you want. Here are more details: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#link 2. Mac version Click the Edit>Link button, the cursor will change to a cross too, draw the area where you want to set the link for. Then on the right-side panel, you can choose the link actions in the Actions tab. Click the Appearance tab to choose Invisible Rectangle for the Link Type. Here are more details: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#link Have Fun!
  5. There are several ways to combine multiple documents to one PDF file using PDFelement of Windows or Mac version. 1. To get started, please open the program first, click the Combine PDF box to load multiple documents in to combine. 2. After opening the program, click the Home>Combine Files button to load multiple documents to combine. 3. If you have already opened one of the PDF file in the program, then you can click the Page>Insert>From PDF button to choose another PDF file to insert, and you can choose to insert all the pages or only a range of pages.
  6. If you have already opened two PDF files in our program PDFelement, there is an easier way to combine them directly without using the "Combine" or "Insert Pages" buttons. 1) Click the Thumbnail button on the very left side to display the thumbnail panel for both PDF files. 2) Select the page in one opened PDF file in the thumbnail panel, you can keep pressing Ctrl key and click multiple pages to select them all at the same time. 3) Hold the mouse click to drag the selected pages to the tab of another opened PDF file, then it will jump to another opened PDF file directly. Release the mouse click and drop the selected pages in the thumbnail panel of this second opened PDF file. You can also choose the position where to insert the pages, just put your mouse click on the correct page position in the thumbnail, then release your mouse click. After inserting the pages, you can still move the page to the correct place to change the order as you want. Here is the video for reference: Video_2017-07-10_151403.wmv
  7. Windows 7 Pro, Wondershare PDF Editor.. I have a large PDF file (15.1 MB) with a mixture of landscape and portrait pages. Converting to PPT truncates all the landscape pages! This is incredibly frustrating. What can be done? The PDF file displays beautifully, and with the editor I can delete and insert pages wherever I want. But I need to get the file over to Power Point.
  8. can I autofill text fields from another pdf? For instance, can I link documents so that when I fill in "text field one" in document a it also fills in "text field one" in document b?
  9. Increase efficiency

    how can i increase the efficiency of filling different life insurance forms? i get different types of forms and fill in the forms according to a working instruction pdf( a pdf for every variant of form)
  10. The newly added feature "Scanner to PDF" from PDFelement 6.1 allows you to hook up your scanners with PDFelement, so you can import the scanned documents directly from scanners to PDFelement, you can also OCR the scanned image into editable text. This feature is quite straight-forward. But do you know that you can also apply this same technique practically on any devices with image-capture capability, including... Yes, your smart PHONE! First, you took a photo of a hard-copy document with your phone. Then you connect the phone to your computer. (Make sure the computer has the driver of your phone properly installed.) 1. Launch PDFelement and go to Home > From Scanner 2. Click on the scanner drop down menu, you will find a list connected devices in the selections, including your phone, Go ahead and select your phone as the data source, and click Scan to proceed. 3. The "scanning" process will take awhile, if you have tons of photos stored in your phone. My iPhone storage has about 3000 photos, it took PDFelement less than 30 seconds to complete the scanning process, so I think it's pretty darn fast! 4. Now select the photo that you want to converted to PDF from your phone, and proceed with Get Photo. 5. After that, it will ask you if you have done all the selections or you want to continue with selecting more photos. After you finished with all the photo selections, click Yes. 6. PDFelement will convert the photos into PDF, with the option to OCR the scanned content into digital searchable and editable text. (Tips: Make sure your document is not upside-down or on its side before performing OCR. You might wanna rotate its layout to the upright direction first with the Rotate options from the PAGE tab.) 7. Now you know, you have a super convenient "Scanner" with OCR capability right in your pocket, no matter where you go. If all these are too complicated for you, there is always a short-cut. PDFelement is available on iOS too. (The Android version is also coming in a few months) PDFelement for iOS: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-ios/ or get it directly from Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1150215996?mt=8 You can create PDF directly from your phone camera with this app (with so much more neat functions to discover). However, if you need to OCR the content, you still have to transfer the PDFs to the desktop version to get it done. Hope all these hope.
  11. Hello. I am currently on the free trial & comparing the site to my current provider DocuSign. I noticed your Main Page states we can create reusable templates, which is a big requirement for the work that I do. Unfortunately I can;t seem to figure out how to create the templates on your website. Do you happen to have a video or some other document which explains the process? Thanks!
  12. Resizing Thumbnails

    I like to use the thumbnail view while reading PDFs because it gives me quick access to the Edit and Comments toolbars if I need to make some immediate changes. If you’re like me, you skim through the thumbnails looking for recognizable colours, shapes and blocks of text in order to jump to a specific page of the document. This can be really challenging if the thumbnails are too small. Did you know that you can make those thumbnails much bigger? First, ensure that the thumbnail window is visible on the side of your screen (step 1). Step 1 Then, right-click on any thumbnail and select Enlarge Page Thumbnails (step 2). Step 2 Finally, drag out the edge of the window so that your extra-large thumbnails sit comfortably (step 3). Step 3 Happy PDFing!
  13. Is wondershare PDFelement 6 licence a free upgrade?
  14. Sizing of watermark

    Hi, I would like to add the same watermark (.png or .bmp file) on numerous documents of varying formats using the batch function. The watermark should always be of the same size when printing the document later on. When configuring the watermark there are only 2 options given: - the watermark will cover the whole width of the document - the watermark will be scaled to a certain percentage of the document. non of which leads to the desired result. Does anyone have a solution to this issue? Regards Torsten .
  15. Spell-check PDFs?

    Does PDFelement have a spell-checker? If so, where can I find it?

    I converted a PDF to text. But the Greek characters alpha, beta, gamma, ... converted to a, b, g Is there a setting I haven't been able to find yet to deal with this? Dave
  17. Hi, I'm trying pdfelement 6 pro ( (trial) I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) with 8 GB of RAM and AMD A10-5800K APU (my PC is quite fast) a) After booting the system / restarting the system, If I open a pdf file in pdfelement it takes 50 seconds to 1 minute to open / load any pdf file. I tried with multiple pdf file and many times but same result. b) In general it takes around 10 to 15 seconds to open any pdf file in pdfelement. Sometimes I use pdfelement just to read a pdf document. Please increase the speed of opening the pdf file in pdfelement. (Foxit Reader / Adobe Reader is quite fast in opening a pdf or loading a pdf file. It is almost instant) Thanks Aren
  18. Hi there, I'm having trouble with calculating fields. I have a handful of numerical fields that need to be added together. I created a "total" field, set it to calculate a sum, and included all of my numerical fields. However, when I try changing the numbers in the fields that are added together, the total doesn't update/calculate properly. Sometimes when I enter a value, the calculated field doesn't add it to the total. Sometimes when I update a second field, the total will reflect the first change I made but not the change to the second field. If I then remove all values, meaning the total should be zero, the total stays at whatever the last calculated value was. I just can't figure out how a simple sum could go so awry. The values I'm adding together are themselves the product of a calculation. Could that be causing the problem? I don't see why it should, but I can't figure out what else could be causing the glitch.
  19. PDFelement 6 Professional enables you to customize bates numbering to add prefix or suffix instead of numbers only as you need. 1. Windows version After opening your PDF file in the program, click the Edit>Bates Numbering>New Bates Numbering button. In the pop up window, set the Prefix or Suffix as you need. Here are the instructions in the manual: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#pdf_bates_numbering 2. Mac version After opening your PDF file in the program, please click the Edit>Bates Numbering>Add button. Click the Next button to go to the setting interface. Click the + button to choose to Insert Bates Number as Header or Footer. Then in the pop up window, you can add the Prefix and Suffix as you want. Then click the blue Add button to add. Here are the instructions in the manual: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#pdf_bates_numbering
  20. Hi, The PDF Element Pro 6 Form creation has a bug in it, that the forms only work on a computer and cannot be 'displayed' correctly when using an IOS device and software like PDF Element IOS, or even Adobe Reader. If I create a form vi PDF Element, I can view and modify the form easily using my computer + Adobe etc, If I were send this form to the IOS Device and try to use a PDF editing software to fill in the form, yes the form is fillable - however you cannot see the text as the blue fillable box sits over the text, so it is a bit pointless - as you cannot see what you have written, checked for spelling mistakes etc etc. I have attached a video of the issue, please fix it as this is a critical reason why I purchased the PRO version. If I use software like Adobe Form Creator, it works on all devices fine and has not immediate issues for me to see. Can you please issue a fix for this as soon as possible, I created a large amount of fillable forms - it now looks like they are not going to work on most devices except computers now. So I will have to recreate them all.
  21. One of PDFelement's most practical features is its ability to convert a PDF document (or several) into an Excel file. This saves countless hours of having to retype and recreate spreadsheets. But you may need to adjust a setting or two to get the most out of this feature and reduce the amount of spreadsheet formatting required after conversion. Start by loading up a PDF and click To Others on the Home Tab, then Convert to Excel. Choose your file output destination, then click Settings. Here’s where the magic happens! Try adjusting the different options of the top four settings. Enabling or disabling the “Retain Values without formatting” option can make a big difference in the appearance of your converted file. Also, enabling the “Combine all pages into a single Excel sheet” option can reduce the amount of time you spend copying and pasting data from one part of your spread sheet to another. The same settings apply if you are batch converting PDF files into Excel. Just click on the wheel and adjust your settings. Happy converting!
  22. I bought your very expensive product only to use your ocr, but either i'm not using it correctly or it just doesnt work. Here are the pictures showing what the original pdf is and what i get when i try to use ocr: what i get : http://imgur.com/a/yT8rc what the original text says : http://imgur.com/a/adMmf So i either want my money back or some support to help me make it work, since your website support won't even let me pick PDFelement 6 Pro which i payed U$ 100,00 Thanks.
  23. License re-entering

    It seems every few times I open pdfelement 6 pro I have to re-register my I purchased 06/31/17. Is this normal?
  24. To provide you with better editing experience, currently we are searching for designers to make professional templates for you. The first batch of well-designed templates will come in the next week! Don’t forget to visit our campaign site to download our free template. https://pdf.wondershare.com/campaign/template/ Right now, you can also tell us what kind of templates you want on this site. We’ll try our best to make these templates come true! Please don’t hesitate to click the link above! We are looking forward to your participation!
  25. If you have multiple PDF files saved in various folders, and want to have the converted files save in the same folder with their original PDF file automatically, our Batch Convert feature in the program PDFelement 6 Professional can meet your needs. 1. After opening the program PDFelement 6 Professional, please click the Batch Process box. 2. In the Convert tab, please load your multiple PDF files. Choose the output format as you want, and select the option of "Same folder as the original file" to convert. 3. The converted word files will be saved in the same folder with its original PDF files.