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  1. Submit a Form

    If you have a form that want others to send it back to you after filling out the form, then you can use our program PDFelement 6 Professional to create a "submit" button. Others can click this button to submit the form to you directly. 1. After opening your PDF form in the program, please click the Form>Button button to add a button in the file. 2. Double-click this added button to open its properties window. In the Actions tab, please choose "Submit a form" in the box of Select Action. 3. Click the above Add button, select the file format that you want to receive. And choose the submit method as: HTTP address or Email address. Then enter the URL in the following box to submit to.
  2. hi: I add a comment to my pdf, it looks like image b, however, when I save my file, the comment turns to look like image a. the saved version looks uncomfortable, it doesn't empty some space for human readability. the fact is that I want get a c.image version rather than a.image. and I havn't found the setting that I can make it look better. sry for my poor English and I think you can figure it with this: the present situation of saved version is image.a the present situation of editing version is image.b the purpose is image.c image.a image.b image.c
  3. I've loaded the C++ Standard document in PDFelement. This a very long document with more than 1300 pages. So, the "back" feature is a requirement in my case. When I say "back" feature, I mean a keyboard shortcut (normally Alt + Left Key) that would allow me to quickly return to point (1) where I was in the document, when I clicked in a link that took me to another point (2) where I am now. That is, I want to return to my original position (point 1) with a shortcut key. How do I do that?
  4. Duplicate PDF Pages

    Our Windows version program PDFelement 6 Professional allows you to duplicate PDF pages by the simple method of copy and paste. You can copy and paste the pages in the Thumbnail panel or in the Page menu. Here are more instructions for your reference: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#duplicate_pages
  5. Maybe some of you here already knows this little trick, but it comes really handy for those who doesn’t know about it yet. When you are at the Editing mode and targeting a certain objects, you can stretch the objects by dragging its endpoint, vertex, or control point. If you drag those points while holding Shift key on your keyboard. You can resize the whole block proportionally to its original scale. However, if you drag those points while holding Alt key on your keyboard. You can pretty much resize the object to whatever aspect ratio you preferred (freestyle). What’s nice about this trick is that it works on the text appears as well! Sometimes you can create some really impressive font looks by doing this. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello, I'm using PDFelement6Pro in windows 7, I haven't found a interface to configure proxy server,as I must connect the internet through a proxy server. When I download a "Try free"version and want to try OCR components, I direcly click the download button in application, and seems I cannot reach the server without proxy.When I bought this product, and download "pdfelement6-pro_setup_full2990.exe"which is 961KB, Afetr I double-click that file, I found the bar block in process window keep running for a long period without any progress, seems it still needs the proxy to download the full files form the internet... If someone have good ideas,please give me some advise. Thanks! Regards.
  7. Issue in creating PDF from HTML file

    Hello All, There is an issue creating PDF file form HTML file. it gives me error "failed to create PDF because of some unexpected error". The screenshot is attached. I hope there will be someone out there to help. Thanks.
  8. Scrolling issues

    Hello, I really like the new interface! However, I am still struggling with scrolling open documents (W10) using the touchpad of my Surface Book. Whereas in other apps scrolling with the two-figure gesture is really smooth, PDFelement 6 Professional sometimes seems to work, but most of the time I'd rather call it unstable (no or veeerrry slow response). Anyone else who suffers from this behavior? Or can I adjust how scrolling works? Thanks Markus
  9. Lille, France peggy.clerbout@sfr.fr 03 August 2017, Hello, I'm working at home and i would appreciate to have WONDERSHARE with a subscription to Month, not you ? Thank you to say the same thing to Wondershare ! See you soon ?
  10. Professional Templates

    For your convenience, our designers have made many professional resume and business templates. You can easily edit them using PDFelement 6. Go to our template center and select your favorite resume right now! https://goo.gl/65kfnm Business Set Basic Business Set Lite Exclusive Resume Set
  11. 32-bit or 64-bit?

    For your information that our program PDFelement 6 Professional is a 32-bit program, however it is also compatible with 64-bit system. It supports both of 32-bit and 64-bit systems, no worries to use: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/
  12. Optimize PDF

    When your PDF file size is too large to be sent or uploaded, you can use the Optimize function in PDFelement 6 Professional to get a smaller PDF file. 1. Windows version After opening your PDF document in the program, please click the File>Optimize button to select the DPI as you want to optimize directly. If you click the Custom option, you can customize the DPI as you want directly. 2. Mac version After opening your PDF file in the program, please click the File>Save As Other>Optimize PDF button on the top menu, in the pop up window, select the DPI as you want to optimize.
  13. Our latest version 6.2.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional supports to change properties for multiple form fields or boxes at the same time. Some times, you may need to have the same form fields or boxes, then you can create one field and double-click it to change its properties as you want, then copy and paste the fields to duplicate more. However, if you want to have many Combo Box or List Box with the same item list, the copy and paste method may not help. But you can copy and paste the combo box or list box to duplicate more first, then hold the Ctrl key to select all the boxes as you want. Double-click the selected box to open the Properties window, then in the Options list, you can set the item list as you want. In this way, the item list will be applied to all the selected boxes, so you do not need to set one by one.
  14. Hi guys! I'm brand new here, but have had a bit of a look around. I'm creating a new Personal Details Form for the company I work for and have come across PDFelements. We have a form that we send out to new customers to collect the information we need to on board them. My question has two parts: Can I create a form with conditional formatting? For example, if a customer is coming to work on a specific company and they indicate as such on my form it will trigger the form to show or hide certain other sections lower down on the form. Are the people filling out the form able to embed documents into the form to send back to me? If the form was online they'd upload the file, but perhaps here they might just be able to attach the documents required to the form? Thank you in advance for all of your help. Chloe :-)
  15. If you have a PDF that has the same text on every single page and need to remove it, then you can use the "Find and Replace" function to meet your needs instead of removing each text page by page manually. After opening your PDF file in the program, click the Ctrl+F keys to open the find box, then enter the keyword that you want to remove, click the Replace With button, and do not need to enter any new word to replace. You just need to click the Replace button, it will find out the key word, and replace it with a blank space. In this way, it will help you remove the keyword as you want. 1. Windows version: 2. Mac version: In the Mac version program, please click the Comment+F keys to open the Find and Replace window. And do the same above steps to find the keyword and replace with a blank space.
  16. File Name When Saving

    I find the default file naming convention when saving files with PDFelement very frustrating. For example. If I create a file called Customer Contract.docx in Microsoft Word and then print it to PDFelement and then try to save it, the default file name will be Microsoft Word - Customer Contract.docx.pdf. This is ridiculous and a pain in the butt. Is there anyway to set up PDFelement so that in the scenario outlined above, the default file name would be Customer Contract.pdf? Please let me know. Bob
  17. newx

    Hi, does your software has a dedicated tool for accessibility checking (PDF Accessibility Checker tool like in adobe acrobat dc )? because I mainly need to buy a PDF software that have these features for my job, to check my clients PDF's, I am an accessibility consultant(.just to emphasize - I dont need to create new pdf, but to check pdf's
  18. Combining PDFs

    Can PDFElement combine previously created PDFs without having to cut and paste?
  19. Need to Batch process Tiff to OCR

    I have hundres of documents in PDF which need to be converted into TIFF with OCR. I know how to batch process PDF to Tiff I know how to OCR one TIFF Dont know how to batch process TIFF OCR
  20. Payment Related

    Dear team, Dear Team, Last One Month i was followup with You according to wonder share 30 days money back guarantee and same day raised the issue. this software not useful form me. but still I have not received any confirmation from paypal and wodershare. and without any confirmation case closed buy paypal. Transaction details Date of Purchase 16-june-2017 Date of cancelation 16 June-2017 Case number: PP-005-905-375-742 Seller's name: Wondershare Technology Co.,Ltd Transaction amount: $ 99.95 USD Transaction date: 16 June 2017 Your transaction ID: 5J37780555700350U Sincerely,
  21. When you create a text field for others to fill with some special format of numbers, you can use our program PDFelement 6 Professional to set the special format as you want. 1. After clicking the Form>Text Field button to add the text field, please double click it to open the Properties window. 2. In the Format tab, you can chooses a number category as you want. 3. If you choose Special, then you will get more types: Zip Code For a five-digit U.S. postal code. Zip Code + 4 For a nine-digit U.S. postal code. Phone Number For a ten-digit telephone number. Social Security Number For a nine-digit U.S. Social Security Number. Hyphens are inserted automatically after the third and fifth digits. Arbitrary Mask Changes the format category to Custom and makes another text field available, in which you can type a custom format. Use this option to specify which types of characters the user can enter in any given position, and how the data displays in the field. A Accepts only letters (A–Z, a-z). X Accepts spaces and most printable characters, including all characters available on a standard keyboard and ANSI characters in the ranges of 32–126 and 128–255. O The letter “O” accepts alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a-z, and 0–9). 9 Accepts only numeric characters (0–9). For example, a mask setting of AAA--p#999 accepts the input BOE--p#767. A mask setting of OOOOO@XXX accepts the input vad12@3Up.
  22. Hello I am using PDFelement 6 Pro, version It converts one pdf file to any format successfully. But "batch process" goes to back after reading one PDF file even. "Start" is not activated. How can I fix the problem? Thanks in advance Jaechul Yoo
  23. If you have a PDF file with multiple pages, PDFelement 6 not only supports to help you convert PDF files to Excel files, but also allows you to decide to convert all pages into a single excel sheet or convert each page into a single excel sheet as you want to manipulate the data. There are two methods to set the choice when you convert by the Windows version program. Method 1. After opening your PDF file in the program, click the Home>To Others>Convert to Excel button to convert. Then in the pop up window, click the Setting button to choose the option as you want. Method 2. After opening the PDF file in the program, click the File>Preferences button, in the Convert>Excel tab, choose the option as you want to convert.
  24. Same Bug - back again

    Hi Is it not yet possible to solve this problem already? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2Rvg3RG_Us
  25. Playing badly with Windows 10 Snap Assist

    Hi, as the title says, PDFElement takes up more than its half of screen real estate when "snapped" to one side of the screen, rendering the snap assist feature of windows difficult to use. Any plans to help the program work with this useful windows feature? Also, while I know document compare is in the works, how about simple side-by-side viewing of two pdfs? Sometimes I need to go back and forth between a couple of documents by eye. This, along with snap assist, would be a useful feature for me. Thanks!