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  1. Fill in form

    I have created a progress note form. however, when I access the form through adobe pdf on my Ipad I cannot fill in the form. Do I have to save it in a particular format. Please find form attached . I would also like to save form with data in a different name as a flat PDF Thank you Need help ASAP Progress Note SCC.pdf
  2. I want to make my work paperless. How can I sign PDF with my own handwitten signature?
  3. Dear, each time i want to crop, i have to change settings from imperial to metric! How can I set program to use only metrical measurements??
  4. After I save a PDF that i have add form fillable fields to the next time i view that PDF either on Google Chrome or in PDF elements, some of the fields are changed or missing. I have checked and made sure that i have placed in the spots it would like them to be. and after the save it shows them in the appropriate spots, however if i close it and open it again the forms move or disappear entirely. so as a side note i just bought the professional as of Feb 10th, so please keep that in mind when responding to this. Please help. Thank you and have a great day or evening
  5. Hello, I'm looking to make a set of custom stamps. Is it possible to create a custom stamp library and share that easily with another user? Is it possible to save a document template with these custom stamps or does it only happen with an instance of the stamp object placed in the document, then copy and paste any additional instances from the original (if someone wished to replicate multiples of that stamp instance) Thanks PDF_Coaches_Lounge_Lvl3_140218-Copy.pdf
  6. I'm testing the trial version of PDF Elements Standard version (I don't think we need all the bells & whistles in the Pro version). Your web materials say that the system should allow me to create a button that will email a completed form in the pdf format to an email address. I'm testing this before I purchase the software and invest a lot of time setting of the rest of the form fields. (It's a 4 page employment application.) I've tried the method shown on this page - And it's not working. I've also tried using the http://mailto:<email address> and that's not working either. What do I need to do to make this work? I would love to proceed with purchasing your software and getting this form on-line. Thank you for your help, Debra
  7. how I can restrict to user from printing of my pdf document?
  8. Frustrated! New computer, want to download the pdf 5 pro that I purchased on 2/15/17. When I search, I am given a link to download the software and my security code but the download is for 6 Pro and I cannot activate it without paying an upgrade fee since I bought the product 2/15 and free upgrades are effective for purchases made after 3/1/17. I bought the entire suite, the pdf 5 pro, the OCR and the 24 month insurance. Is it not possible to download the program I bought or are all users supposed to pay for an upgrade to 6 PRO even only owning the product for one year?
  9. Using trial windows version... I have read every thread about the submit button not working. I have tried everything and it will not send an email... I am kind of at my whits end... if so many people are having the same problem it is quite alarming... Can someone please help me... I like the program but cannot buy the program if this feature does not work.
  10. Hello When printing my PDF files from PDFElement (Version my file is a smaller and the margins have been brought in. I have double checked all paper size and printing size is at 100% but to no avail. Does anyone else have this issue? I am printing directly from my mac onto an OKI printer. If I try to print the same file from 'preview' I have no issue and it prints to the required size. I have just added 2 screen shots to see if anyone can pin point something. Many thanks!!
  11. Multiple signatures and problem with edit

    Hi. One of the things that I do very frequently with PDF files is complete them and sign them. PDFelement is having trouble doing this. I have two problems which I will mention in this post. 1) Most of the items that I have to sign have a date field and then I need to sign them. When I fill in the date field using edit->text I can put the date in. But when I sign the form the date in the date field disappears. This is very annoying. I know the signature contains the date signed but medical forms particularly ones that I use to order things are very particular and I need to fill in all the fields. It seems to work okay if before I sign the document, I save it first and then sign it and save it again. Usually, I get these forms as email attachments which I open from outlook. I usually edit them in the application and then sign them. I really don't want to double save these files. After signing them I usually email them back to whomever sent them to me. 2) Many of the forms that I have are multiple pages and I must sign each page of the document. In addition, I have to put in a date on each page. It seems that PDF element once I sign the document will not let me edit it and then sign it in a second place. (Adobe let me do this but I am trying not to buy Adobe). I need to be able to sign the document in multiple places and edit it in multiple places. I usually date the document on page 1 and sign page 1, then date the document on page 2 and sign page 2, then date the document on page 3 and sign page 3. I would like to do this easily without having to create fields. Hopefully you understand my problem. I have the most recent version of PDFelement Pro. Thanks. Michael
  12. Cc email

    I have created a form and set up the submit button to allow it to send to an email but i would also like the form to cc in the email that is written on the form any ideas
  13. Hello, I would like to know if the wondershare pdf viewer can enable thumbnail previews in Windows explorer on Windows 10. If so, please let me know the steps to accomplish this. Wondershare is currently my default pdf viewer however all the pdf thumbnails are just the logo for wondershare. Thank you Sorin
  14. Sorting elements

    Hello, I would like to suggest to have the feature that would allows to change the order of the elements while editing the PDF. Things like bring to front, move to back send to back, etc. would be greatly helful. Best.
  15. I want to insert a specific page from a multi-page file "A" into file "B," not insert the whole file "A." I have read that I can drag a page from the thumbnail view of one document into a location in the thumbnail view of a different document, but I can't display multiple thumbnail views. Any help to learn how to insert specific pages will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  16. At Wondershare, our best indication of success is the happiness of our customers. Today, we are excited to announce that we have been recognized by G2 Crowd as no. 91 on their Best Software Companies 2018 list. The list recognizes the top 100 software companies based on real customer reviews in 2017, and we are so excited to be featured! G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business software and services review platform, leveraging it’s 300,000+ user reviews to help its more than one million buyers each month make smarter purchasing decisions. To qualify for inclusion on the list, a company must receive 100 or more reviews in 2017. This is a significant recognition because this rating came entirely from our customers. This recognition by our customers is incredible, and something we’re extremely proud of and thankful for. To the customers that have reviewed us on G2 Crowd, thank you! We appreciate your feedback and will continue striving to exceed your expectations.
  17. DUPLA

    When converting a scanned Excel doc (then converted back from PDF to Excel with PDF 6 Professionl) it does not recongnize the number as original whole number (thousand) but it converts as decimal
  18. Color of e-signature

    When I have a client sign a document on screen (vs going through an e-signature software program), the color of the signature is always red. How can that be changed? Financial institutions require black or blue, so red is not going to do it for me.
  19. Hi, I'm using PDFelement Pro 6 Version (latest Version) on a MS Windows 7 Pro SP1 PC with MS Office2016 Pro locally installed (latest version). Everything runs smoothly so far. The PDFelement Pro printer driver works fine. I can create (print) PDFs directly from within winword or use the PDFelement Pro application to do this. What I am missing though is an option or feature, which I thought PDFelement Pro 6 provides. PDFelement Pro does not transfer embedded files from winword to the PDF output file. I went through the documentation, through the options of the application, through the configuration of the printer driver and through the community FAQs but couldn't find what I was looking for! Here my questions: Q: Does PDFelement Pro 6 provides an option or feature which lets the user have his embedded files (embedded objects like zip-files) being transfered from the winword document into the PDF output file? Q: Does PDFelement Pro 6 provides an option or feature which lets the user have his active content table (main index) being transfered from the word document into the PDF output file? This question also applies to the 'image index' and 'table index'. In general this applies to all existing indexes of the winword file into the PDF output file! Q: Does PDFelement Pro 6 provides an option or feature which lets the user have his active links being transfered into the PDF output file? So far, the PDFelement Pro 6 PDF output file lacks all of this! The PDF-file is rather "flat". Btw on my old and retired MS Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 Pro PCs, both equipped with Adobe Acrobat Pro 3.x and 4.x, could do this. I am convinced that PDFelement Pro 6 can do this too. I still haven't found it yet! I hope you can help me. With kind regards Dr. Nikolay TODOROW Germany
  20. I would like to create an pdf Employment Application and link it to my website. When an applicant is applying for an open position, they will fill out the form and click "submit" at the end of the form and the completed form will be emailed to the head of our Human Resources department. Can I do this with PDF Element? If so, could you please direct me to the documentation for the process? Thank you, mtnerd
  21. W-2s do not print correctly

    When printing W-2s the preprintied information scrambles sometimes, Incomplete date 2_17 not 2017 adds characters etc. We have 6 days left to prepare and mail. thanks! 2017 W2s-print problems.pdf
  22. Email option

    We moved to G-Suite and it seems that users are trying to emails files from directly within PDFelement. Since we would prefer to not have MS Office installed, this seems to be causing some issues. If we set Chrome as our default email client, your software will not auto-open Gmail from within your application and attach the PDF. It means our folks have to work around things by manually performing some steps. Obviously, with Outlook this works fine. Am I missing something to help this work? It is almost like this application cannot use Chrome (as Gmail) for this task
  23. Switch language

    Is the Russian language supported in the interface? How can I do that?
  24. Greetings: Just got rid of Acrobat in favor of PDFelement. The one thing I've found so far is that when I browse PDF's in Word, (Open, Highlight & Preview Pane), the PDF does not show. This is a problem because I deal with many, many documents that frequently have similar titles. I need to be able to see the document in preview. Anyone know how to get word and PDFElement to communicate for this function? I did change my default app for PDFs to PDFElement. Thanks for any suggestions.