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  1. i am converting 100-150 pages at a time. i have formulas in the pdf that are using greek letters, but the result in Word is changing the characters to blank rectangles. how do i get it to preserve the font of the original document?
  2. I downloaded PDFelement Pro Tria version and decided to buy the standard version. I uninstalled the PRO ver. and downloaded the Standard and installed it. I attempted to open a document I edited in PRO and it would not open in Standard. No matter what I tried the window in the bottom right of the screen would say "opening file" get to 100% and freeze. About every other time I tried the program would crash. I submitted a Crash Report. I have spent over 3 hours trying to get this solved and am no further ahead. I am running Win 10, ver 1709 OS build 16299.309 12gb ram. I need this to work or I need a refund. Thx ccw-renewal-may-2016 (2).pdf
  3. Raghvendra Singh

    Raghvendra Singh
  4. I have paid for Standard Service and have cropped a photo and they want to charge me again. I have wasted an unbelievable amount of time please help me resolve the problem soon .
  5. unire file

    buongiorno, ho installato l'elemento pdf, inizio tutto bene, ma poi dopo qualche giorno ho problemi con un file, non mi carica i file da unire. vedi allegato attendo vs urgente riscontro acquisto pdf element.pdf
  6. Impresión de folletos

    No consigo que la impresión de los folletos imprima ordenadas las paginas para poder encuadernar correctamente
  7. - Hi, Heidi Chan. - Copy tetext from the web directly and I wanted conwerted to PDFelements format. - Assume that you take a page from a Web resoursce. - To copy a portion or fragment of text/ Then,paste in the working area' .
  8. PDF element 6 pro windows 64 bits

    Hi, I can't find the 64 bits Windows version of PDF element 6 pro. Where is it ? Thank you Graz
  9. Attempted to update PDF Element 6.0 pro and the update process wiped out the "PDFelement 6 Professional\unins000.dat" file. Uninstall will not work, no matter how one tries. Can anyone tell me how to uninstall the whole program to make a clean re-install?
  10. Time Stamp

    We are needing to put a time stamp on documents that we use in criminal trials. I see the standard stamps but the font it too large and the date and time run in to the border. How do you create a custom time stamp using Create Stamp. All that lets you do is add a photo.
  11. Hello, One of our employees noticed an inability to scroll using the two finger gesture on their touch pad. This scrolling gesture works in every other program, but does nothing within PDFelement. Here is their configuration: Asus ZenBook UX303UB Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB PDFelement Thank you you for your assistance.
  12. OCR

    Привет всем! Я установил на свой компьютер пробную версию (trial vtrsion 6.4.2), - не для бизнеса. /автор художественных текстов: Кондрашов Евгений Ремович. Теперь ...,time to get to work. - Меня интересует компонент распознавания текста {OCRComponent Download}. I would like to save the changes made before running OCR.
  13. PDFelement allows you to save the header/footer type for future use. So after clicking the Page>Header&Footer button to create the header or footer as you want, please click the button of "Save Settings", then the settings you created this time will be saved. Next time, you can go to the "Saved Settings" to select it to use directly, without typing again. If you do not want this saved setting, you can click the Delete button next to it to remove directly.
  14. I frequently use pdfelement to insert pages from another single page pdf file into the pdf I am editing; I might do this as many as 40 times in an hour. The default "Open" file location is my Windows Desktop but I would like to reset the default so that I can select the single page pdf from another preferred folder. Is this possible or do I have to select the alternative folder every time? I have added other "Previous Locations" to the dropdown list in the "Open" window - Is there any way to clear this list to remove the Desktop default or other saved locations? Thank you
  15. Add letter to the print

    Hi I have some problem with the modification in text. I write some new words in a page, when I print the page. On my screen before print, it have nothing wrong, and after on my print, it have a add letter (here a "h") in place of the space between words... I don't understand why, have you some tips to resolve that? (I put 2 images to explain, one on my screen when I write and the other on the paper after print) Thanks a lot, Natacha.
  16. Hi, It is really important to have a previewer for MS Outlook. Any add-on complement? When this feature can be released?
  17. When I make checkboxes in pdfelements 6, I go into edit mode to double check using tabs and then selecting varied checkboxes. With your program I can merely single click with my mouse or hit the enter key after I have tab to a particular checkbox , which makes the checkbox selection for me. Now I send copies of the pdf to my clients to fill out the form. When they use adobe reader dc, they have to double click with the mouse to make a checkbox selection, and if they use the enter key, they have to hit it twice? Can you enlighten me? I have attached a sample file. tmj_questionnaire rev f.pdf
  18. I can convert to ocr OK. I can add text to the file. When I try to save the file it cannot because the file is open somewhere else I have tried saving to different folders than where the original held. Still no joy Software update this week. I do not know how long this has been present
  19. I am having a problem with PDFelement Pro. I am using the latest version and I just checked for an upgrade. When I user the Wondershare PDFelement printer to convert files to PDF, PDFelement does not automatically load. In fact if PDFelement is not loaded nothing happens when I select the Wondershare PDFelement printer in the print selection. It will work if I have PDFelement open when I try to print and it will work correctly then. I recently moved PDFelement to a new computer (surfacebook running windows 10) from my old computer (Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10). On my old computer when I printed to Wondershare, PDFelement would automatically open and the file would appear. How do I fix this. Thanks. Michael
  20. Subtracting Fields

    I know how to edit fields to perform the addition and multiplication function, but is there a way to perform subtraction?
  21. copy/paste pages

    I have lessons in a pdf and each unit has quizzes at the end of each unit. I want to cut or extract these quiz pages and paste into a new pdf. Is there a simple quick way?
  22. ePub to PDF

    Hi, I am having difficulty converting ePub files to PDF with PDFelement Pro on Windows 10. I have both Calibre as well as Adobe Digital Editions installed (as is recommended here) but it does not seem to solve the problem. The program simply does nothing when dragging / dropping, choosing the Convert option or when trying to open the ePub file (no error either) Any ideas? Thanks
  23. Hello, Having just the previous PDF software discontinued for use that I had, I've been moved to this software. There are a few huge, time saving features that would be nice, plus a couple other misc things as well: Shortcut combinations, much like there is CTRL+Shift+D for delete, others for extraction, rotation, inserting would be helpful. Pressing Alt, then 'G', then 'T' and 'L' doesn't constitute as a shortcut When extracting, an option to delete the extracted pages from the original file would be helpful Putting the 'Yes', 'No', and 'Cancel' choices in the proper order would be good as well. The current order is opposite of what I mentioned. As mentioned in multiple other topics, separate windows for the PDFs is very important. Workarounds aren't really acceptable with this. Setting my view to 'fit page' is disregarded entirely for every PDF I open That is all I have for now. I will add more as I continue down this frustrating path with this new software. Thank you
  24. PDFelement 5

    Hi, I had purchase PDFelement-5 in August 2016, recently, I, in-advertently clicked upgrade version of PDFelement-6 and landed up problem. Now, it is asking for payment. How to go about, kindly resolve the issue. Invoice copy of PDFelement-5 is enclosed for your reference. Ravindra Venkat B9LW30404XC806482P.pdf
  25. Hungarian language

    I'd like to convert a Hungarian written pdf file. There are some special letters like űŰ, őŐ, íÍ, öÖ, éÉ, áÁ, üÜ, Can pdfelement learn these letters? Can you supply Hungarian language? I attached a sample pdf file. Yours sincerely Laszlo pdf-sample.pdf