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  1. Send/Submit Button

    How do I input multiple emails for the submit button? Is there a tutorial addressing howto implement the button and limitations and options available besides the pop-up menu screen?
  2. The font-size and the tab-order of form fields changes randomly when I'm saving my PDF document with Form fields. How can I solve this problem?
  3. When you create a text field for others to fill with some special format of numbers, you can use our program PDFelement 6 Professional to set the special format as you want. 1. After clicking the Form>Text Field button to add the text field, please double click it to open the Properties window. 2. In the Format tab, you can chooses a number category as you want. 3. If you choose Special, then you will get more types: Zip Code For a five-digit U.S. postal code. Zip Code + 4 For a nine-digit U.S. postal code. Phone Number For a ten-digit telephone number. Social Security Number For a nine-digit U.S. Social Security Number. Hyphens are inserted automatically after the third and fifth digits. Arbitrary Mask Changes the format category to Custom and makes another text field available, in which you can type a custom format. Use this option to specify which types of characters the user can enter in any given position, and how the data displays in the field. A Accepts only letters (A–Z, a-z). X Accepts spaces and most printable characters, including all characters available on a standard keyboard and ANSI characters in the ranges of 32–126 and 128–255. O The letter “O” accepts alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a-z, and 0–9). 9 Accepts only numeric characters (0–9). For example, a mask setting of AAA--p#999 accepts the input BOE--p#767. A mask setting of OOOOO@XXX accepts the input vad12@3Up.
  4. Good afternoon I bought a professional installation for my computer but I believe I bought it wrong. I need a software that reads PDF files through an integration with my software. This software can understand different layouts to read certain fields of the PDF and convert to txt. But this should happen in the background, without user intervention. Does your software allow that? If so, how to do? Can I use the license I bought by PayPal?
  5. Tester license key lost

    Hello, Last year I was a tester of PDF Element 6 Pro and I got a license key. I've lost my key due to a hard disk failure. I have contacted support to recover it but unfortunately, they said: " If there is no purchase record, we are not able to retrieve the registration code because there is no order record for it. " Can I get my license key, please? I really miss the PDF element Pro features. Thanks, Adrian
  6. Page View Doubled

    When I opened my 280 page book in PDF, the display had two pages, side by side for all. Why does Element have this crazy display and then error when saved. I did my edits and then saved to Word. The side by side layout carried over to word.
  7. Dictionary

    Hi, Does anyone know how to add a UK English dictionary, rather than the standard US English Dictionary?
  8. Problem inserting pdf

    I keep getting "Please enter a valid page range" when I try to insert another pdf into my pdf document. The pdf is only 1 page and I am trying to add another pdf that is only 1 page. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Greetings! Wondershare has worked pretty much flawlessly since I have had it with the exception of two instances. A few months back it was crashing like this, but a restart of the computer cleared it up. All was fine until tonight. After a restart PDFelement started crashing upon launch. I tried several more restarts, but it is still not working. I get the PDFelement splash screen, followed by a dialog that states 'Wondershare PDFelement has stopped working' and it has a green progress bar in it. Then the green bar goes away and the dialog just sits there, and the program attempts to start, but it is just a blank white screen with a spinning cursor, and the title of the window reads: PDFelement 6 Professional (Not Responding). None of the dialogs are giving me a reason as to why it is crashing. I have attached captures of all of the dialogs that I described. Any help to get this resolved is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chuck CAD Group
  10. When inserting shapes on my computer with 3 monitors and the software is open on a non primary monitor and you click the the fill color or color drop down, the color picker shows up on the left side of the primary monitor, my center screen. With the software open on the right monitor the color picker shows up on the left side of my center monitor instead of the left side of my right monitor. It doesn't matter if the software is full screen or in a window. With the software open on the center monitor, primary desktop, it works as it should. On my left monitor if it's full screen the color picker will open where it should but it overlaps onto the left side of the center monitor. Also when trying to resize the software window when you mouse over the bottom right corner of the window you do not get the angular double arrow mouse cursor, meaning you can only resize the window vertically or horizontally but not both at the same time. It's annoying! Thanks, John Long
  11. Using Javascript with Forms

    Hi, I'm currently evaluation PDFelement over Nitro PDF, but ran into some problems with using forms. It looks like PDFelement does not support using Javascript. Is this correct? Is there any plans of implementing this? I am using Javascript to add images to a PDF via forms. Regards, Tore Simonsen
  12. Text Box Editing

    How do I get text to run horizontally instead of vertically in a text box?
  13. Convert JPEG to PDF

    I am trying to create a PDF from s JPEG. The JPEG is from a program that will capture screen content and is able to scroll through an entire screen. The content I am grabbing is 2 columns wide by about 7000 rows long. When I open the JPEG it successfully creates the PDF but only brings in half of the lines. In this case about the first 3000 or so. Is there a limit on how much data PDF element can convert in one operation?
  14. ارجو المساعدة التطبيق لا يعمل معي
  15. MAC & Windows licensing

    Hi, i have some doubts about pdfelement's licensing. If I will buy one professional license, that license will work on only one device, or in two devices, MAC & Windows? Best regards.
  16. Update for mor license PC

    I have 3 PC two desktop PC and on Notebook. Can i buy more license on user for installing of 2 or 3 Pc's. Thanks for your'e help. Best regards Ali Izgi
  17. I have a pdf book cover, and I need to insert the pdf of the ISBN and EXT block so it blocks out the part of the cover image that is under it. I cannot do this by converting the ISBN + EXT block to an image file and inserting that, because the ISBN must show as the EAN font. Is this possible?
  18. I'm having a few issues with PDFelement, and a few are concerning the watermark feature. I created a watermark and saved it, yet when I load it the parameters are different than the ones I saved. The saved name doesn't come up, only "[Custom - Not Saved]." When using the feature, the program is often "not responding." Also, when I do add a watermark, the opacity I set is consistent for the first 30 or so pages, then it has the least amount of opacity, i.e. the darkest it can be. If I go to that page and update the watermark, it works...for about 30 pages. I wish it would work properly and have consistency for all of the pages when "all" is selected. Is there an update that could fix this? Thank you.
  19. PDFelement 6.0 Pro

    I'm getting frustrated. Every time I'm making a fillable form, I am selecting a different font (the preset is Calibri, I'm trying to make it Courier New), PDF 6.0 will randomly "reset" my entire form back to the preset Calibri font. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to make Calibri not the standard preset font for fillable PDF's? Just bought the program and am starting to regret it.
  20. Some PDFs print poorly, even though they appear correctly when viewed in PDFelement. All files print correctly when opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is happening on both Windows 8.1 (x64) Enterprise and Windows 10 (x64) Enterprise, both with all Windows updates applied. The printer in question is a Xerox C-70 with the Global Print Driver PS (5469.900.0.0). When printed to a Xerox 3655 with the Global Print Driver PCL6 (5273.2100.0.0), the files print correctly. The Xerox C-70 cannot be switched to a PS driver, as it is not compatible.
  21. I just purchased PDF Element and have a question. I am finding that converting pdfs to a Word format will render text boxes instead of of regular Word, free-flowing paragraphs. Is there a way around this? It's very annoying to have to cut and paste from a converted file into a new Word document.
  22. Pre fill PDF Documents

    I have several PDF documents that require the same information to be completed on each document, i.e. Name, Address.... I would like to create a Master document (that has each field on it) and then only type the information in once and it will pull the information from my master sheet and fill it in on each form. So for example, when I type the clients name (once) it will automatically pull the name into each Field that I have named ‘Name’. Is this possible? I would think you could link each field with the same name, on multiple PDF documents but have not been able to get it to work. Thanks, Trina Sample Doc.pdf
  23. Will PDFelement support high-resolution screen in near future? If I disable display scaling in compatibility setting, some icons and text will not be displayed. And if I enable it, everything becomes blurred. Any solution now? Window 10, 14 inch WQHD screen
  24. Password Remover

    Hello, Whenever I open your PDF Password Remover I keep getting the following error message: "failed to set data for data" What does it mean? What can I do about it? TIA, kk
  25. I am brand new to the product, so forgive my ignorance. With scanned documents, I click to use the OCR function, but the resulting PDF is not editable nor can I search for words. It also does not straighten the scanned page. It is still just treating the body of the text as an image after running OCR. I can't select text either. Any ideas? Thank you, David