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  1. Background color

    The only reason I bought PDFElement was the background color feature. Now when I try to change the background color of my PDF file, some parts in the whole document remain white. What am I supposed to do with this?
  2. Outlook Add-ins?

    Is there an Outlook add-in available or in the works? We are currently testing PDFelement and love many of the features. We would love nothing more than to ditch Adobe Acrobat for good. However, my users leverage the Acrobat add-ins in Office, particularly the ability to preview pdf's in email and the one click Save as PDF link in the File tab navigation pane. We've worked around the preview issue by installing Adobe Reader, but that is only stop gap.
  3. Text edit acting weird

    Hi! I just tried to edit an pdf, and the text edit part started actig really weird, like it's memory leaking, or having seriouse character encoding errors. For example I typed/copy pasted some text , like "133268,01" into the pdf, and it showed up like "1uu268,01", but when I copy-pasted it out it's still the original character. Another times when I tried to change its style to Italic, the number incremented. Also typing in Fontstyle, and pressing enter didn't worked for me, had to scoll down. While typing it also changed its style, font style and size too. I used the Trial version,, on Hun WIN10, with Hun Charactermap. It would be a pleasure if you can fix it, or mention some way, to bypass the problem, as soon as possile, even if I'm not a paying customer (yet). Also hungarian alpabet has a test query: árvíztűrőtükörfúrógép, if you wonder. Best wishes: Csilling Tamás
  4. please see my previous complaints below in support community and request for full refund if you cant fix problem -susan sierrasue10@ gamil.com Rental Agreement 7.10.17.pdf
  5. Calculations not correct

    I have a form that I would like to have take the subtotal and multiply by the discount percent. I have done this many times before however this time it is not working. I have all the data in and when I put in my first quantity it multiplies the quantity X unit price and I get a item total and that creates the subtotal however, it does not then multiply by the 2% discount after the subtotal to get the discounted total. The strange thing is it does work on the next input however, it is one behind. Due to the nature of the document I have changed some of the content and removed the business names however, it should function correctly. I am thinking it might have to do with the order of the form tabs however, if that is the case the other documents should not work. Thank you for any help you can send my way Order - Copy.pdf
  6. I have version 6.2.2 which installed with no problem. My Sophos Home Antivirus says version 6.3.2 contains malware. I know how to stop Sophos from blocking this, but why do I need to do it? Thanks
  7. Double clicking checkboxes

    When I make checkboxes in pdfelements 6, I go into edit mode to double check using tabs and then selecting varied checkboxes. With your program I can merely single click with my mouse or hit the enter key after I have tab to a particular checkbox , which makes the checkbox selection for me. Now I send copies of the pdf to my clients to fill out the form. When they use adobe reader dc, they have to double click with the mouse to make a checkbox selection, and if they use the enter key, they have to hit it twice? Can you enlighten me? I have attached a sample file. tmj_questionnaire rev f.pdf
  8. PDF Elements does not Open PDF File

    Greetings, The latest version of PDF Elements does not open PDF files (not all). The files in question are opened almost instantly by Acrobat. The program PDF Elements starts opening a file then it stops with no results. The progress bar has been terminated by appearing a red close button. This is very annoying - PDF Element are supposed to be a reliable pdf program manipulation. Please advice - my question is directed specially to the Technical Support. Thank you in advance
  9. support needed

    I used Esign for a few months and have had minor problems opening up entire pdf prepared for recipient signature. Suddenly, using the same document as always, Esign won't open the last page of my pdf--the icon just swirls around and around. I've rebooted PC twice, open/closed program and started Esign process over several times and still can't get program open the last page with signature fields. i had some help from support staff and I figured it out, I have the same problem now and can't fix it--cleared browser too. Help
  10. upgrade to 6.3

    I just upgraded to 6.3 and am not having trouble printing 'actual size'. When printing a one page, letter sized document, using 'actual size' results in a blank page, where 'fit' or 'scale to 100%' prints as desired. Anyone else have this trouble?
  11. pdf to ppt problem

    Hi Wondershare - I purchased PDFelement6 to convert some pdf files to ppt format. I have a large pdf that contains video elements and is about 576 MB. PDFelement won't convert it or even open it. Any suggestions. If it can't do this then I have no need for the program.
  12. Hi, Could you please help find out how I can change the orientation of a text field? I am creating a PDF Form and one of my fields is vertical... Thanks, K.
  13. Images shift when converting to PowerPoint

    I have been using various versions of this software to convert Pdfs to Powerpoint for our church slideshow. I just updated to PDFelement 6 and when I convert it shifts the images up so there is now white at the bottom of the page. If I manually try to move the images the bottom is gone so then the white shows up at the top. The pdf looks fine when I open it but the images are shifted when converted to both pptx as well as ppt. I have attached a screenshot of the slide from PDFelement 6 and then a proper one converted using Version 5.1. If this can't be fixed then I may as well get a refund on the upgrade and keep using the old version.
  14. Hidden Windows Taskbar

    I have a Win7 Pro desktop and a Win10 Pro laptop and PDF Element installed on both. I have my task bar hidden on both systems. All the applications seem to work as they are supposed to. When I move my cursor to the lower or bottom of the screen the task bar is displayed. This works on every application I use except PDF Element. Being in the IT Department I have many applications and have tried many different settings/options. Is there a way to get PDF Element to work with hidden windows task bars? I am sure there is a registry hack that would do it but I would prefer it to just work as every other application does. Let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere or if there is something else I can do. Otherwise is this functionality going to be included at some point? Thanks - Mike
  15. WondarShare PDF converter crashed while converting OCR enabled PDF, OS : windows Server 2008 S/w : wondershare PDF converter V 4.1.0 Please help me to resolve this issue Attached is log file for your reference Log.txt
  16. Will not upgrade to 6.3

    Current Version: Notified of available upgrade. Something interrupted the download process. Attempted to upgrade again and download appeared to resume from where it was interrupted. Download progress bar shows 100% and after several seconds message appears stating that the download failed. Closed PDFelement and attempted upgrade again. Same results every time. Bottom line - Will not upgrade to 6.3.0 Any suggestions appreciated.
  17. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Will PDFelement support high-resolution screen in near future? If I disable display scaling in compatibility setting, some icons and text will not be displayed. And if I enable it, everything becomes blurred. Any solution now? Window 10, 14 inch WQHD screen
  18. Does this application has any dll that could be used in a C# application, for example ? Or it could be called from command line as a process and specify what action to take, like combining multiple documents or convert any files to PDF ? Thank you in advance!
  19. how to open new window of same file

    Dear Sir, Hello, find the attached screenshot in that I marked new window option in Adobe reader.So tell me how can I do it in PDFelement reader. thank you
  20. Rulers, page size etc.

    Hi, I have some questions. A) Will you have an option to show Rulers and Grid soon? B) In the crop function, will it be possible soon to add choices like crop to formats such as letter, A4, etc etc.? C) Can you add a function where you can see the size of your page as soon as you point the mouse to the bottom left corner of the page??? Thank you.
  21. Hello. I wonder if PDF Element for 1 Windows PC can automate the OCR and export of PDF invoices into an Excel spreadsheet. Basically the automation would do what is described in this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLVaWEzMJ0M . I have few suppliers in order to streamline the purchasing tasks. Can PDF Element be taught to recognise the necessary fields in each invoice so I would just do a quick visual revision if they are ok? At the end of the visual revision I would export them all in one batch into Excel. Any advice is welcome.
  22. could pdfelement be used to edit/generate formulas? i mean to edit mathematically professional formulas
  23. Can you "flatten" annotations on a pdf so that they become one file? As I understand it, and new comments and annotations on a .pdf are separate files. In Adobe and Nitro, there is the option to save as a "flattened" file and combine all of the comments into one document. It complicates ongoing edits but it is necessary if you want to do some thing with the file.
  24. I need to open separate instances of the application so there will be two windows with different documents side by side. That will allow me to copy from one and past into a fill in form. Is there a way to do that?
  25. The form feature in program PDFelement 6 Pro can help you set the calculation, so you just need to enter the data/number as you need, it will help you to calculate automatically to save your time. 1) Add the text fields for all the places that you need to enter the numbers by clicking the Form>Text Fields button. 2) Right-click the field that you want to set calculation to choose Properties. 3) In the Calculate tab, please choose the option of "Value is the ... of the following fields", and choose the correct arithmetic that you want. 4) Click the Pick button to choose the fields that you need to calculate, like this. 5) So the text field 3= text field1 x text feild2. When you enter 2 in field1, enter 3 in field2, you will get 6 in field3 automatically.