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  1. How to better edit PDF files?

    Both of our new Windows version PDFelement 5.11.0 and Mac version PDFelement for Mac 5.6.0 provide better editing experience. When you edit the PDF, you can change to use either the "Paragraph Mode" or the "Line Mode" for difference experience. And Line Mode allows you to edit each line individually. Here are more details: Windows version: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#edit_text Mac version: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#edit_text
  2. Just loaded the trial version of PDF Elements on a Windows 7 PC On selecting [Create PDF] and browsing for my file.docx [Open] starts my old (Office 10) version of MS Word. The file was created on Word 2016 and does not load into the old version. In PDF Element a box headed 'Progress' opens with the only option being 'Interupt'. However other than stating 'Creating filename.docx' it doesn't do anything at all. Task Manager shows no processor activty. After 10 fruitless minutes I close the program. I can load and convert basic .txt files using the same process, but I'll need this to work on .docx files if I m to buy this. Can anyone help or am I asking too much of this trial version?
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering whether there is a page limit - or recommended page limit - when using the PDF Converter Pro to convert PDFs to Excel.
  4. The font-size and the tab-order of form fields changes randomly when I'm saving my PDF document with Form fields. How can I solve this problem?
  5. Adding Interactive fields

    Trying to add Interactive fields to an existing PDF file
  6. Could someone please tell me how long it takes for a scanned page to be OCR'd. The sizes I need are for A4 and A3. Thank you.
  7. What about adding the File Name to the Headers & Footers section ?
  8. Move Text and Images

    There are many times I will use OCR with PDFelement and need to move the text or images in a straight vertical or horizontal movement. Currently, there is no way to maintain the exact alignment of the text or image being edited by using the up/down or left/right arrow keys. I would like to see the use of the arrow keys for moving selected text or images whether in the line mode or paragraph mode to maintain alignment with other written text on page.
  9. Character Map

    Can you implement the Windows Character Map with shortcut keys? For instance, I do not see a way to create a bullet list in the PDFelement. but if I could use the shortcut key, "alt + 7" I could get a bullet.
  10. Just bought PDFelement app for iPhone. It scans, but will not crop or save.
  11. I have just signed up for this program and am finding that when I want to annotate the PDF I have to select the Text box every time even though I am continuously adding text. Other programs allow you to stay on that function until you select another - why is this happening?
  12. delete highlights

    How do I remove the highlight from highlighted text?
  13. Printing and Saving problem

    Hello 1) Printing the pdf file on paper, the quality is reduced a lot, even the text is a bit blurry. When printing with free readers quality remains excellent. Other thing is, when printing with Print Mode "Fit" it prints a black frame around the text. Please let me know, how to print without the reduced quality and boarder. 2) Inserted or replaced pages in pdf are missing after the file is saved and reopened. Waiting for response. Eero
  14. Ok my wonderful Wondershare Genius! I LOVE your products and use them daily. However, I've come up against a conundrum that I was wondering if you all had a suggestion on how to resolve it. I'll attach the PDF file and associated screenshots so you can see what I am dealing with. ACAFCP.pdf Screen Capture in PDFelement Screen Capture in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Basically, I tried to open the above-referenced file in PDFelement and received the above-referenced PDFelement screen capture telling me to "Please wait..." and that my "PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document." Of course, when I opened the same file up in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, I didn't have any problems at all. So, where is the issue or point that essentially keeps PDFelement from being able to open up a simple PDF Form? Thanks, Thomas ACAFCP.pdf
  15. Thumbnail Scrolling

    How do you stop the thumbnail from scrolling
  16. I am operating on windows, I have populated a pdf fillable form (that I created with wondershare), but the data doesn't print in the populated fields. Help! I am up against a deadline!
  17. How do I print only what is showing on my screen (current view), not the entire page? For example, printing only an area of a page on which I have zoomed in.
  18. In my form there are fields which must accept only alphabets, but I don't know to do that. Is there any javascript available?
  19. Add new font

    Hi, During text edition I can not chose font that I added previously to Windows/font folder. I can use that new font in Word office but not in PDF element 5.7.0. How to add new font to PDF element ?
  20. Hi, I am very well aware of how to print to a pdf file from Excel, Word, etc. but I cannot name the file or find where the document path is when I make the pdf. Is there a way to set the path ie: C:\pdf\files? (I know how to make the folder, just not how to set pdf element to point there). Thanks, Randy
  21. Folder Location

    How can I change where the software creates folders for converted files, combined files etc?
  22. This is a chronic problem for me, that is, creating PDF's with a custom paper size from MS Word. Whenever I have a uniquely-sized document (in MS Word) I cannot get a PDF in any size but 8½ by 11 inches -- or -- one of the other "set" sizes of paper if I select that size in Word's File, Page Setup setting. For example, standard paper sizes in Word are: 8x10; ledger 11x17; legal 8½x14; #10 envelope 4.125x9.5; and so forth. The size of 8½ by 11 inches is always the default when I try to create a PDF with anything other than a standard size paper in Word. I hope I'm making sense. Please let me explain. Say I want to create a PDF from an MS Word document set to a custom paper size of 8 by 11 inches. In MS Word I go into File, Page Setup and Paper, and I select that size of 8 by 11. Word will indicate that it's a Custom Size. When I create a PDF using Wondershare PDF Pro, I get a PDF with a page size of 8½ by 11 every time. So, the PDF I get has white bars at the top and bottom to take up that extra half of an inch. I even tried Postscript Custom Size (in Word), and I still always get 8½ by 11 inch PDF documents. So, why can't I get a PDF with a custom size (e.g., 8 by 11 inches)? Thank you in advance for any help provided. BTW, I have an older HP desktop PC running MS Windows 10 (free upgrade). My Word in an older Word 2002, which I prefer to the newer versions. I asked a friend to try this (he has a much-newer Word) and he gets the same thing (he's the one who talked me into using Wondershare instead of CutePDF). /Bri in Elma, NY USA Microsoft Word - !1891 Buffalo Spring & Gear in Buffalo NY.doc.pdf
  23. Can i permanently delete sensitive texts or images from my PDF files by using PDFelement? And how to do that?
  24. Hi, I'm quite frustrated. I try to organise a collection of 40 PDF documents into 1 long PDF document. I insert the various document at the correct place in the sequence, but each time I try to save what I've done, many documents that I have inserted cannot be found in the collection. They have disappeared. And I'm sure I've saved each time I have inserted i new document. Is there a limitatation of the number of documents that can be organised into 1 PDF file ? I cannot get more that 31 of the 40 documents into the one PDF file !!
  25. When making check boxes is there a way to set the default size when multiple ones are required. Also when i copy and pasta a group of check boxes they retain there default name properties so when one is checked all the copied ones with the same name also get checked. Is there a way to change this?