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  1. What is a PDF?

    PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDF is a file format created by Adobe Systems. PDF uses the PostScript printer description language and is highly portable across computer platforms. PDF documents have a .pdf file extension. it is used to... -Share files with others who don't have the same software -Share files with others who use a different platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) -Share files that will look the same (layout, fonts) on multiple computer systems -Share files that can be protected from unauthorized viewing, printing, copying, or editing -Publish electronic documents, ebooks, etc. -Print files to many different types of printers, and all look essentially the same -Create files with annotations, hyperlinks, and bookmarks that can be shared via email and on the Web -Create interactive forms that can be shared via email and the Web -Create files that are more efficient than PostScript or native file formats typically used in commercial printing
  2. I cannot figure out how to add a password to a batch. Can you please help.
  3. ask to purchase again

    I just purchased this product and after I edit a document and try to save it, it asks me to watermark it or purchase the program. I already have purchased the program.
  4. How can i Change the User Interface Language?
  5. I created a form. When the form is filled, I try to print it but there are 2 text field that print empty even though there is information written in them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I would like to know how I can change the TAB order for my fields. Thanks!
  6. I have installed the software but still I cannot convert word to pdf files
  7. OCR output quality

    some output quality is good, some is bad. please fix it.
  8. Word to PDF

    I'm sorry, how can I convert Word to PDF? I couldn't find this button...
  9. Merge PDF Files

    How can I merge two pdf files into one?
  10. program was delete, what to do?

    Went to install updates and the entire program was deleted from my computer!!! Now what do I do?
  11. how can I uninstall?

    how can I uninstall wondershare from explorer?
  12. I have just purchased PDF Element. How do I now get rid of the watermark in a previously saved pdf file?
  13. update error

    every time i try to install the update from v4 it tells me that an error has occurred please try later.
  14. Want to convert form word to pdf

    Can not open word. Want to convert form word to pdf!!
  15. I added a text form to a pdf, copied it multiple times below each other. Now, as a test I opened the pdf in Adobe and filled in a text, the text is autofilling all other text boxes. Next I changed the numbers from text form 1 to text form 2 and 3 for the following, but this did not lead to a different solution when filling in the pdf. What are the correct settings? Is copy paste not working properly? Do I have to make each field with a new drawing? Thanks for your support.
  16. How to Link book index page to respective pages in the book
  17. font issue

    I'm a registered user of PDFElement. I have a couple of issues to report: 1) When editing text, I cannot figure out where the underline option is (it should be where bold, italic, subscript, superscript, etc are). 2) How to remove highlight, underline and squiggly from selected parts of text ? Thanks.
  18. I wanted to move objects and text from one page of a .pdf to another and it appears that there are layers and the objects and text are no longer visible on the other page. Is this a defect or did I do something wrong?
  19. Bookmark

    How do I bookmark a certain text on a page
  20. Trying to align cells within a PDF edit, can't seem to get it
  21. Edit image

    How can i edit an image in the pdf file?
  22. customize the pages before OCR

    How can I customize the page before using the OCR feature?
  23. trial version

    I am using the trial version and can\'t save my PDF file so that I can open it up in another program like Preview or Acrobat and see the colored mark ups. I don\'t want to buy this program if the only program you can view the edits in is itself.
  24. trial version

    Hi i am using trail version of the software when select the file and start it is showing " you are unregistered only 5 pages of each file can be extracted " can i find the solution ?