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  1. Launch Javascript

    When the user of my pdf form will hit the Send button / icon, I want a pre-written mail to appear, by way of a javascript. I have not found any cue about how to manage to do this on pdfelement yet. Can I program a pre-written sending mail by javascript (using Form editing / Properties / Launch Javascript or else) ?
  2. I know how to attach documents to a pdf form as a conceptor, thanks to the Pdfelement how-to. But what I want is to create a pdf form where (1) users are required to attach their files to it and (2) where user's attached files are send together with the form. Is it possible to do it with pdfelement pro ?
  3. Every time I install an update the .pdf default program changes back to M$'s Edge. I have to manually go into control panel to reset the default to PDFElement. My guess is you delete the program causing Win10 to change the default. Why can't you check what the default is and make sure it doesn't change during update, or ask what the user wants for default?
  4. Update problem

    Hello, Just to report this behavior: During the last update from 6.6.2 to 6.6.3, I have closed (by mistake) the PDF Element during the file downloading. When I reopen PDF Element, the download continues from where left but, at the end of the file downloading, I got an error message and the update wasn't finished. (See below) Clicking try again is doing the same: display the download window and get the same message back. Not sure if this is a bug but it is hanging up on file download due to closing the main window before finishing the download. However, if I click check for updates it is not updated. Version 6.6.3 it is still available. Clicking update now going in the same loop. Any suggestions?
  5. I use your product open some pdf ,words and background-color not clear .and when I use google chrome open the same ,it looks very clear .so I upload a comparison by drag files.I think your product is very strong and this problem shouldn't appear.How do I deal with this problem?
  6. Hi, is there a way to convert MSG files to PDF including the attachments? I don't mind if the attachments are converted separately or merged with the email PDF but I want to be able to do this in the PDFelement application itself. I am hopeful since other products like the Muhimbi converter are capable of doing this. Thank you, M.T.
  7. Hi, Every time I close Wondershare it changes my default printer. The default printer it chooses depends on which printer I originally have on default. This happens every time I open and close Wondershare, no actions have to be done during my Wondershare session.
  8. Recently we have had issues with printing scanned pages. We get empty blocks on the page where there should be words or numbers. Is there a solution to this issue? Printing to an HP printer works but not to a Xerox printer. After several attempts to fix the Xerox machine, they told us it was a PDF element issue.
  9. New Installation fails to Register with a "The email or registration code you entered is invalid." Then the troubleshooting instructions give you a list of standard troubleshooting resolutions that don't work..... Uninstall and reinstall using the attached download link etc.
  10. License Server

    The sales material mentions using a License Server to manage a multi-user license. My company has 6 users licensed now and i'm about to add 5 more. Can we use PDFElement in a multi-user environment such as MS Azure Remote Desktops? If so can you point me to the documentation on how to accomplish?
  11. In Windows 7 after upgrading to PDF Element 6 Pro (6.6.1) I notice in Programs and Features that both the old build (5.12.1) and PDFelement OCR are still listed. May I safely uninstall both or is either needed for anything since OCR is supposed to be built-in in 6 Pro? See screenshot. Programs and Features screenshot.rtf
  12. Everytime i edit my file and add pages etc at the file and correct the pages that turned automaticly wihout any certain reason, next time i save and reopen the file the files are back in wrong format and i loose a big part of the page that i can not recover. This is really starting to ennoying me as i already put a lolt of time in this file again and again...
  13. I've made a pdf form fillable by creating and lining up text boxes, but I have since realized that they need to be the same height (I have to realign them all vertically due to words being floated in vertical center, so none of them rest on the lines in the pdf). Is there a feature that does text box matching? Doing it by hand is maddening and I don't want to copy/paste boxes just to make them a uniform height (they're varying widths). I've searched to no avail on the internet and in this forum. I'd upload the file, but it's way too big. Thanks in advance!
  14. do you know if you integrate soon the possibility to change the default destination folder of the combined files.
  15. I bought 5 copies for my company. On the windows 10 Pro system I installed the program on, I logged in as the user (standard user) and registered the program. Later on, I logged in as the local computer administrator and PDFelement asked me to register again. So 2 questions. First, isn't the registration for the computer the program it is installed on and not for individual users? Second question, If I had registered the program under the administrator account and then under the end user account, would that have registered as 2 separate installations?
  16. HI on attempting to combine files in Ver 5.12.1 I keep getting the following error message: " File(s) Fails to be loaded" when either Drag and Drop OR "Add" on browse. It used to work before but now it does not. Any ideas?
  17. OCR stopped working for me all of a sudden. It leaves the file in a scanned image format the one it started with.
  18. OCR language Swedish

    I see that there is a Swedish OCR language pack for MAC. When will that be available for Windows? I can make do with searchable text, but would rather be able to make scanned documents editable in Swedish too Sven Westman
  19. Can anyone explain why I cannot save any pdf file that I edited in PDF element?
  20. Hi, I saved the document with watermark in trail version and i have been struggling to remove as per the instruction in your website after purchasing the software. Waste of time. I would like to get back my money. Thanks
  21. Hi together, how can i take an textbox to another Level? Thx for your help
  22. Send/Submit Button

    How do I input multiple emails for the submit button? Is there a tutorial addressing howto implement the button and limitations and options available besides the pop-up menu screen?
  23. Heath

    Hi, I have a few development suggestions It would be good to be able to use English (UK) language dictionary instead of only English (USA) dictionary Would it be possible to have the page number always on view - instead of just when selecting the view tab on the ribbon?
  24. The font-size and the tab-order of form fields changes randomly when I'm saving my PDF document with Form fields. How can I solve this problem?
  25. When you create a text field for others to fill with some special format of numbers, you can use our program PDFelement 6 Professional to set the special format as you want. 1. After clicking the Form>Text Field button to add the text field, please double click it to open the Properties window. 2. In the Format tab, you can chooses a number category as you want. 3. If you choose Special, then you will get more types: Zip Code For a five-digit U.S. postal code. Zip Code + 4 For a nine-digit U.S. postal code. Phone Number For a ten-digit telephone number. Social Security Number For a nine-digit U.S. Social Security Number. Hyphens are inserted automatically after the third and fifth digits. Arbitrary Mask Changes the format category to Custom and makes another text field available, in which you can type a custom format. Use this option to specify which types of characters the user can enter in any given position, and how the data displays in the field. A Accepts only letters (A–Z, a-z). X Accepts spaces and most printable characters, including all characters available on a standard keyboard and ANSI characters in the ranges of 32–126 and 128–255. O The letter “O” accepts alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a-z, and 0–9). 9 Accepts only numeric characters (0–9). For example, a mask setting of AAA--p#999 accepts the input BOE--p#767. A mask setting of OOOOO@XXX accepts the input vad12@3Up.