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  1. How do we add a field which populates today's date every time you open the pdf? Thanks
  2. I just paid for an upgrade and received the registration code. When I enter my email address and they registration code it tells me I don't exist.
  3. This message appeared when I tried to uninstall the program. I`ve installed the prog for all user. now things I`ve done to uninstall/resolve the problem (which didn`t work) : Restarting computer to see if it resolved - FAIL Uninstalling via win registry - can't find the registry in uninstall directory - FAIL trying to remove the access violation error so I can uninstall (via changing DEP(Data Execution Prevention)) - Error still pop-up - FAIL Using Windows FixIt - Can't find the program in uninstall list, BUT haven't tried to uninstall using PRODUCT CODE which I can't find the product code whereabout, if you can mail or reply me the product I'll try to uninstall using Win FixIt again - WAITING FOR REPLY Using uninstaller which come from the program itself - FAIL Using sfc /scannow to see any corrupt files - No corrup files found - FAIL Using CCleaner to uninstall - FAIL That's all, If the admin know other way to uninstall please let me know or help me with no.4 (product key) Regards
  4. Hello, the Software try to download the plugin, but a message is comming up, that the Internet connection should be checked (Geram Language). Other software has no problem . What could be the reason (F-Secure Save is installed) ? Best regards
  5. About PDFElement 6 Pro ... Does it support to customize the area within page to perform OCR ? How can i get avoid OCR process, about equations text fields ? I don't wish OCR on equations text, it doesn't work fine. Thanks.
  6. Bookmark Properties

    I did not see Properties or Settings for Bookmarks, but it possible to add properties to Bookmarks such as Bold Text and Color to distinguish bookmarks from one another? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I saved the document with watermark in trail version and i have been struggling to remove as per the instruction in your website after purchasing the software. Waste of time. I would like to get back my money. Thanks
  8. Blue Form Fields

    Hi all, Got a problem with the blue form fields in that some people are opening the PDF with Reader and filling them in. They then email the PDF to others who think the form is blank as the blue colour is obscuring the text beneath it. Doesn't seem to happen to everyone though...of course! I tried to disable the highlighted form and re-save but the blue returns when you open it again. Can I remove the blue highlight? Thanks, Vic
  9. Hello! I am learning pdfelement because I need to create a fillable registration form, accessible on my website, for registrants to fill out, save the data, and email to me. I am not figuring it out very well -- can I get someone to walk me through it, in a really fundamental, step-by-step way? Thanks - Molly Molly Cameron registration.pdf
  10. I am unable to print directly to PDFelement (v6 Pro). I have used PDFelement on another laptop, same OS (Win 7 Pro) and no problems printing docs direct to PDF, but with this load on this laptop, it is not working. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Updating Licensing Information

    I've contacted the support area and they updated my license to reflect my email but it it still showing the older email after I re-downloaded the program. What can I do for it to reflect the new email that they put in the database for the Wondershare PDFelement that I bought?
  12. Editing Numbers Not working

    I didn't know this software had so many problems. I've been reading to see if my problem was listed, but saw sooo many problems. Mine is not the Font, but the actual typing of the numbers. I type one number, and get another. What's up with that?
  13. No color print

    Hello, i use PDFelement 6 Pro ( and i can not print PDF in Color. The program shows the document in Color but i get only b&w prints. Using Edge or Acrobat, Color print is no Problem. I read here by another user, that he must deinstall PDF 6 pro and use a given link to install instead Version 6.2. I use this solution (link) also, but it will install the Version 6.3.2. System: Windows 10 64bit Printer: Canon Inkjet ip4500 Software: PDFelement 6 Pro ( Best regards Volkmar
  14. I am unable to scan multiple pages from the sheet feeder on any of our multifunction printers. For example our Samsung CLX-3300 series scans a page stops and then ask if you want to scan another or quit. Our Brother MFC-L2740DW scans a page and then aborts the scan pulling the rest of the pages thru without scanning. These printers both work fine with Adobe Acrobat X and DC. Any ideas how to fix this issue? It also appears that the setting for the scanner being used are not being saved or used properly as it seems the scanner is also scanning in a slower color mode.
  15. Windows Test Report

    I am using WIndows10 64-bit PDFelement 6 Pro. See attached file. Combined two pdf files with Sudoku puzzles (to print 2 puzzles per page to save paper). Moved puzzle on page 1 to top of page and puzzle on page 2 to bottom of page. Then marked the puzzle on page 2 with Ctl-A, Ctl-C and then pasted to page 1 with Ctl-V. The result is sown on page 1. The copied Sudoku result as shown in page 1. This does not happen every time. Also tried copying from page 1 to 2 with same results. Possible bug? Combined.pdf
  16. I want to Save As to OneCloud but there is no option to do this. Is it possible to set this up?
  17. i have PDFElement 6 on my Mac, and now I have PDFElement also on two of my Andriod device, and anither iPad Pro, and one more iPhone. Basic membership allow maximum 2 mobile device to link to my username. How can I get access to link all 4 mobile device to my account? How can I make subscription? Is ther any option available to me? Regards Sanchai Bangkok, Thailand
  18. 可否批量添加书签?

    1.源文件有图片版的目录页,识别效果也不错,可否批量添加书签? 2.中国ios版的注册是使用手机号注册,论坛是用邮箱注册,软件当时是用另一个邮箱注册购买的,可否将三个账号绑定在一起? 3.中国专业版授权是限用一台电脑,是指只能安装在一台个人电脑上,还是说可以安装在多台个人电脑上不能安装在商业电脑上呢?
  19. OCR Library wont install

    I have PDFElement pro but when I try to run ocr over a scanned PDF, it downloads 400MB but doesn't seem to install anything. I'm on Windows 10
  20. Background color

    The only reason I bought PDFElement was the background color feature. Now when I try to change the background color of my PDF file, some parts in the whole document remain white. What am I supposed to do with this?
  21. Text edit acting weird

    Hi! I just tried to edit an pdf, and the text edit part started actig really weird, like it's memory leaking, or having seriouse character encoding errors. For example I typed/copy pasted some text , like "133268,01" into the pdf, and it showed up like "1uu268,01", but when I copy-pasted it out it's still the original character. Another times when I tried to change its style to Italic, the number incremented. Also typing in Fontstyle, and pressing enter didn't worked for me, had to scoll down. While typing it also changed its style, font style and size too. I used the Trial version,, on Hun WIN10, with Hun Charactermap. It would be a pleasure if you can fix it, or mention some way, to bypass the problem, as soon as possile, even if I'm not a paying customer (yet). Also hungarian alpabet has a test query: árvíztűrőtükörfúrógép, if you wonder. Best wishes: Csilling Tamás
  22. Outlook Add-ins?

    Is there an Outlook add-in available or in the works? We are currently testing PDFelement and love many of the features. We would love nothing more than to ditch Adobe Acrobat for good. However, my users leverage the Acrobat add-ins in Office, particularly the ability to preview pdf's in email and the one click Save as PDF link in the File tab navigation pane. We've worked around the preview issue by installing Adobe Reader, but that is only stop gap.
  23. OCR for equation based text

    Using the free trial, I was testing out the OCR function on some scanned pages from a book. For regular text it worked great and was easy to use. In addition, the program layout and functionality is great. However I noticed that it did not interpret equations well. (in particular integrals) I would be interested in buying the full version if it could do mathematical script as that would be mostly what I would use it for. If there is an existing add-on or extension that helps with this I would be interested in learning more about using it. Else, it might be something to consider for future updates. I would be even more impressed if I could use a script like Latex to edit and copy the equations. Thanks, Kelsey Wiebe
  24. I have version 6.2.2 which installed with no problem. My Sophos Home Antivirus says version 6.3.2 contains malware. I know how to stop Sophos from blocking this, but why do I need to do it? Thanks
  25. Double clicking checkboxes

    When I make checkboxes in pdfelements 6, I go into edit mode to double check using tabs and then selecting varied checkboxes. With your program I can merely single click with my mouse or hit the enter key after I have tab to a particular checkbox , which makes the checkbox selection for me. Now I send copies of the pdf to my clients to fill out the form. When they use adobe reader dc, they have to double click with the mouse to make a checkbox selection, and if they use the enter key, they have to hit it twice? Can you enlighten me? I have attached a sample file. tmj_questionnaire rev f.pdf