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  1. OCR Problems on a mac with 6.0

    I'm trying to OCR a doc with my mac and I can get it to pull up the save but after that it will not do anything. I know it has worked in the past but now nothing. Oh and I have tried the test doc and again nothing.
  2. PDF to ePub files

    I am converting a 8.15x11 300dpi PDF to a epub file and the program is cutting off the bottom of the pages after the conversion. Help.
  3. Hyperlink to Local file

    Dear Admin, I want to to know how to add the hyper link to local file. main file name end with small letter "pdf", hyperlinking file name end with small letter "pdf" also and file direction path also correct. file detail pls find the attachment. thkz
  4. No Optimize

    The Optimize entry does not appear on my PDF Element 6 Pro for Mac. It was there a couple of weeks ago, I got it specifically for that, but now it does not appear. Is there any dependency on file content or something like that? Thanks!
  5. Link to documents

    Hi, When I put a link in a pdf document to another pdf document the added document first page does appear aside with its title in grey. I then close the document reopen it look for the link and click on it but there is no way to open the linked document (repeated message of failure you need to close several times before you can work again on the document). Pichurri.
  6. OCR does not work

    Hi, I just bought PDF Element Pro. When I try to OCR scanned PDF documents it does not work (no protection, I checked). I get a red exclamation mark. However, I can convert the document to Work. Any clue ? Thanks Pichurri
  7. Keys

    Hello, I've been using PDF Element for a while. My laptop was stolen and I'm trying to activate the software on my new laptop. I realize I should have saved the keys in multiple places. I purchased keys for 3 devices. I tried to retrieve the registration via the support center. However, when I enter my email and then click submit, the page doesn't load anything else. I attached a screen shot without my email address to show where on the support center this is referenced. Also, I have two tickets on my login account showing me interacting with customer support when I purchase the software back in 2016. There's evidence that I purchased the software fortunately. Please let me know how to best resolve this issue and obtain access to the purchased software. Thanks in advance!
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  9. Making Interactive Fillable Forms

    Working on MAC Sierra, Version 6.10 I'm having the same problem as others from this community post, how to make the "interactive fillable" forms From PDF element function as regular PDF. I think I'm doing the adding of text, text fields and check boxes and radio buttons but they don't seem to work on PDFs or when exported as PDFS the pages are blank.or optimized to shrink the file size the interactivity doesn't work. Are there better tutorials, manuals or online descriptions of the "PDF form" creation process? Reviewed the existing materials is marginal.
  10. Hi. I have Mac PDFelement 6 Pro. Under FORMS section, when i create a text field is there anyway of setting the exact size (height and length), and location on page of the field box by means of a ruler or specific position field? Also, once I have put a border on the field box (under appearance, how do i remove the border? As default the text field box has no border, but once you give it one it seems impossible to remove it. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Creating Custom Stamp

    Hi, Please share me, how to add a custom Company team to seal the document which is prepared. Regards,
  12. Creating Table of Contents in PDF

    I'm trying to create a Table of Contents in my PDF and the only thing I'm seeing is that I can Link areas of space or text to another page. Is there a more organized way of making a Table of Contents and have it displayed in iBooks and other PDF viewers. I'm using the Mac version of the software, and I've went through the help pages and I don't see anything about creating a Table of Contents. thanks
  13. Watermark preferences / settings

    I would like to use the same watermark for multiple documents. I can save the settings. However, when I then use a new document and select my settings from the pull down menu any text that I type in does not appear on the document. Somehow the saving of preferences does not work and I have to redo my watermarks over and over again
  14. Faan Jooste

    Hi Daphne, I bought PDFelement pro in December last year and downloaded it on my mac running VMware Fusion and Win 8 Pro - it did not fly and you assisted me with a mac version 5 which works great I want to upgrade my mac version 5 to the current 6 special upgrade offer you sent me Cannot find the reg codes for the mac version you gave me - please help! Regards, Faan Jooste
  15. Grouping text

    Guys, i want to ask. I have trouble editing this PDF. If you see the picture below, the page show that some paragraph can be edit at once, but most of the line, must be edit line by line (In Paragraph Mode). Is there a tools that can group line of text become paragraph so it can be edit easly ? Thanks
  17. This is my 3rd Attempt FOR HELP trying to simply get my Registration Code activated. I made the purchase for pdfelement 6 Pro and so far it has not served me. I am unable to get any work done. I have completely exited application file several times and gone back in to register code with my email. Will Not Accept Registration Code. The actual Tool does not provide you a place to LOGIN. I am only able to LOGIN on Wondershare PDFelement Community. I need to get THIS application working ASAP or REFUND ME. Angela Shepherd
  18. User to insert Pictures in report

    I'm creating a field trip report. I need to be able to create a section in the form where the user will insert pictures from the field trip. Sometimes it can be one, sometimes more. Each site is different and it is impossible to know how many pictures will be uploaded. PIctures will be compress when the form is saved. Any idea how to do it?
  19. cannot open after ocr

    hi there, I bought the professional version of pdfelement, and used it for ocr. After convert the scanned version into ocr version, i highlighted some lines and make some notes on it. But half day later, I cannot even open that file. The notes inside are so important for me to write my report and I need them very much. How do you guys solve that problem for me. It is really urgent!!!!!! Looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.
  20. Mail Merge

    My company is looking into this product to help increase speed for medical record/billing record ordering requests. Our current process is as follows: We have a master Excel spreadsheet with three pages: (1) List of Clients, identifying information such as name, date of birth and social security number (2) Providers with the name and address for each provider. (3) Vlookup mail merge spreadsheet that lists the clients who go to providers with all of the mentioned information. The mail merge is then done in Word. Here are the time-draining problems: 1. We would like to be able to insert a jpeg image of the client's signature onto the authorization since copies are submitted for these types of request (and the client signs an original authorization for our file). 2. Split each request into a separate document to be electronically faxed or printed/mailed. Would PDF Element solve the above two problems? Many thanks!
  21. Scan input

    Is there any plans to be able to aquire documents by scanner for the Mac. I see windows version does and a few competitors are able to
  22. Access to new updates v6.1.0 and Beyond

    Hello, Once purchased do we get free upgrades / patches to the software? In this case 6.1.0 and further updates? Thx
  23. Beta Testers Wanted! (Ended)

    We are gonna release a new version 6.1.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional with many exciting features, which has multi-languages versions as well. In this new version 6.1.0, we will support to create PDF/A files, support to connect with scanners to create PDF files directly, support new version of OCR engine, support the feature of "find and replace" and improve the conversion quality and many other features. You have a unique chance to be part of our next PDF innovation with your feedback and suggestions. What you’re expected to do: You’ll examine the beta program (we provide German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch versions) from top to bottom and report any bugs you find. Your bug reports should contain info on how to recreate the error and where you first encountered it. What we’re really eager to hear is your feedback. So on top of bug reporting, we’ll welcome any suggestions on how we can further enhance our design to make PDFelement 6 truly seamless and easy to learn. And we’ll reward you for your participation. What you’ll get: All select beta testers who send us helpful feedback will be awarded 1. Early access to our new version on Windows or Mac. 2. A FREE licensed copy of PDFelement 6 Pro version 6.1.0 after its official release. 3. Recognition on our website, with your name included in our developers’ page in the ‘Special Thanks’ section. Requirements: For you to qualify for the test, however, you first have to clear a few requirements. 1. You must use PDFs on a daily basis. 2. Be available to engage in active testing during this month. 3. Be willing to closely collaborate with our product team -- that includes providing detailed feedback and completing surveys. Recruitment ends on: 14th May. If you’d like to become a Beta Tester, please send the following information to (If you have already joined our Beta Tester Group, you don't have to apply again, our product team will contact you directly regarding your availability. ) -Name: -Email: -Country: -Industry: -Operating System (Windows/Mac): -A little explanation that will help us understand your experience with PDFs:
  24. Another watermark issue

    I was unfortunately duped into buying this software because I made the mistake of saving my original document using their trial version, therefore, leaving the watermark. I have since purchased the software but it now tells me that it cannot detect the watermark. I sit staring at the watermark that the software created yet says that it can not detect. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue.
  25. OCR Doesn't Work

    I am trying to use your expensive version of PDFelement Pro 6.0.5. I try to add Bate Stamp numbers to a set of documents (which is why we paid the extra for the "Pro" version) but the bate stamp never appears on the document. (It does, however, appear on the screen.) Furthermore, let me take this moment to express my frustration at yet another company that appears to care so little for its customers that you have no telephone support. Now what do we do?