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  1. Refund

    Hello I installed the demo and it seemed to work to find the files but I could not preview the files. I was required to purchase the Recover software before I could verify that the recovery could oud be successful. The files that I was trying to recover were audio wav files which it turns out the rWondeshare recovery app could not restore them. I am not satisfied with the product and I would like to request a refund. I have found a competitors product that seems to do the job. Thank You
  2. I just paid for the product, downloaded and for the life of me it will not accept my email and regististration keys as provided. I have copied and pasted - no spelling errors!
  3. PDF Element 6 Pro, installed and purchased recently no longer runs, but crashes at startup. Ran OK after installation, but no longer runs. PDF Element V5.7.1(2209) stil runs OK Mac OS Sierra v10.12.3 (16D32) Full crash report attached. Process: PDFelementPro6 [871] Path: /Applications/PDFelementPro6.app/Contents/MacOS/PDFelementPro6 Identifier: com.wondershare.PDFelement6.Professional Version: ??? Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: PDFelementPro6 [871] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2017-04-04 14:27:31.642 +0100 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12.3 (16D32) Report Version: 12 Anonymous UUID: 480535E8-D644-7113-1DB7-04DF3BD221C9 Time Awake Since Boot: 430 seconds System Integrity Protection: enabled Crashed Thread: 0 Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: Namespace CODESIGNING, Code 0x1 kernel messages: VM Regions Near 0 (cr2): --> mapped file 000000010992a000-0000000109bcd000 [ 2700K] r-x/rwx SM=COW p,B PDFElementProCrash.txt
  4. I just re-installed the full program with OCR already included hoping that would take care of my problem (I wasn't able to select WORD documents for conversion) but the problem remains. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. interactive form error

    For some reason the field for signature keeps adding a Icon for pdf element 6 : see attached forms and screen shot standard-form-180-2.pdf standform pdfelement6.pdf Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.45.48 AM.pdf
  6. Text Comments

    I can not write text comment in black color any solution.
  7. Compare Documents

    Congratulations in the release of PDF Element 6. I look forward to diving in to all of the new features and updates. I was hoping that this version would have an option to compare two PDF documents. Sadly, i don't see one. Please consider this for a future release. steve taffee
  8. Downloaded the new version 6 and the first time I needed to OCR a document I was invited to download the OCR module for 6. The download started and then at about 3/4 through stopped and said 'calculating' but will not resume. I've tried re-booting, relaunching, re-installing and the result is the same. I then went to support where a link was provided for an OCR included dmg. After downloading nearly half a gb it was version 5! Is there a link to download version 6 with OCR? Thanks
  9. How can I add a digital signature in a PDF file?
  10. Hi, I've noticed that check symbols inside checkboxes are really smaller when printed than on monitor, even if I raise the font size. This happens with all kinds of symbols, dots, cross, etc. I've tried to print with different pc and printers, but the result doesn't change, symbols are almost invisible. How can I solve this problem? Thanks.

    Hi, I would like to put somewhere in my module a reset button, to reset all fields, but I don't want it to appear when I print the module. Is it possibile?
  12. Track Changes

    As I search through PDFElement, I don't see a "Track Changes" capability. Perhaps it wasn't created to have one. As a Proposal Manager Track Changes is a vital element in the writing, sharing, and editing a proposal amongst a team.
  13. Form Templates

    We provide various forms on our website that can be previewed and downloaded individually: Don’t spend hours trying to create and organize your own forms when you can download these for free. https://pdf.wondershare.com/templates/ Currently, we try to enrich our form templates, so please let us know what kind of form that you need, we will expand the resource. Thanks.
  14. Checkboxes and tab order

    Hi, I just bought pdfelement from the app store, so I have the 5.7.0 version. . I got 3 questions: - How can i change the tab order between my text forms? I think that the tab order follows the form entry order, but I cannot change that order, so if I make a mistake and forgot to put a text form, I can only put it at the end and the tab will move the cursor to that field after all others.... Please don't ask me to attach the file, I don't want my documents to be read by everyone. - I put some checkboxes in my document, but If I try to open it with acrobat reader in windows they don't appear.... why? - Why the app store version is not updated to the last version downloaded? I bought the app store version just for my convenience thinking that I could have the app always updated automatically, but it's not!
  15. At Wondershare, we’re committed to creating software that will lead to outstanding user experiences. We’re reaching out because we want your input to perfect our latest masterpiece: PDFelement 6, which supports multi-languages versions. PDFelement 5.x is already reviewer acclaimed as the most affordable and intuitive professional-grade PDF solution on the market, with a user base of 15+ million people and growing. We want PDFelement 6 to be even better. Ideally, it’ll totally transform the way many small businesses and contractors edit, share, combine and convert their PDFs. You have a unique chance to be part of our next PDF innovation with your feedback and suggestions. What you’re expected to do: You’ll examine the beta program (we provide German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch versions) from top to bottom and report any bugs you find. Your bug reports should contain info on how to recreate the error and where you first encountered it. What we’re really eager to hear is your feedback. So on top of bug reporting, we’ll welcome any suggestions on how we can further enhance our design to make PDFelement 6 truly seamless and easy to learn. And we’ll reward you for your participation. What you’ll get: All select beta testers who send us helpful feedback will be awarded 1. Early access to our new version on Windows or Mac. 2. A FREE licensed copy of PDFelement 6 Pro after its official release. 3. Recognition on our website, with your name included in our developers’ page in the ‘Special Thanks’ section. Requirements: For you to qualify for the test, however, you first have to clear a few requirements. 1. You must use PDFs on a daily basis. 2. Be available to engage in active testing during the month of March. 3. Be willing to closely collaborate with our product team -- that includes providing detailed feedback and completing surveys. 4. Finally, you must sign the Wondershare Software End User License Agreement before getting access to the Beta product. If you’d like to become a PDFelement 6 Beta Tester, please send the following information to pdfelement@wondershare.com. Name: Email: Country: Industry: Operating System (Windows/Mac): A little explanation that will help us understand your experience with PDFs: Submission Deadline: March 12, 2017
  16. Mac how to Create Your Digital Signature

    How can I Create Digital Signature on Mac
  17. OCR hangs aT 99%

    HI! I tried the OCR feature for the first time, and the program hung at 99%. I performed this twice, and then let it set overnight the second time. When I came to my computer this morning, PDFelements had crashed. It is now hung for the third time. PDF stalled.tiff
  18. Deskewing

    Please tell me how to deskew scanned documents like this, as I would do with Acrobat. Thanks. Deskewing Problem.pdf
  19. Hi there, I have the latest version of PDFElement (although tried to do this on older ones also), and I can't seem to find out how to make a copy of a text field, so that it shows the same value/input as the original. Aka if I need to have a form that has a persons name shown on it multiple times, I don't want them to have to write it each time, rather write it just the first time and then it pre-populates in the other spots. I am pretty sure you used to be able to do this just by just copying the fields, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. I have tried copying and pasting fields (and yes each field has the same name), duplicating but nothing works. This is really urgent as I need to send this form ASAP, can you please let me know how I do this thanks?
  20. New Images

    I feel like I am missing something simple here but am struggling so will ask the question. I want to import or create a shape / image that I can use regularly to represent a common element when I am in markup in a PDF document. I would be happy to create the image using common shapes within Markup but I dont want to recreate it every time. Is there a way to 'group' shapes into a common image that I can reuse, much like ppowerpoint uses 'group' to old a collection of shapes together. Help me please oh clever ones ..!! thanks

    Hi, i have a large .pdf document of 100+ pages; I want to split it into multiple .pdf documents of ONE page each. It can be done interactively ONE page at a time ; thus requiring 100+ splits; but is there a way to split it automatically ? thank you
  22. Hello, I bought PDFElement for Mac yesterday (I have MacBook Air) and having real issues with creating PDF fillable forms. Specifically with text fields. I open my existing PDF and add text fields next to the questions I want my clients to answer. 1. After adding the text field and choosing options that I want like fill color, limit of characters, multi-line, scroll, font size, etc. I save it and open in Preview to test it out, I see that character limit does not work, multi line and scroll long text do not work. Font and fill color worked, however, once I enter the text in the text field, and save the doc, when I reopen fill color changes to black instead of the one I chose and font changes to the smallest size. See attached. If this is not fixable I want to return the product. It is not worth it if it is not working at all for what I need while the description says it will do all those things.. Revisit form.pdf
  23. Anyone who knows how to make an autoupdated date field? I shall use it for a "daily" reciept
  24. Couple of questions about your pdf element software: 1. Why would it be $269 for 2 Macs when it is $99 for one? Is there a difference between buying the single license (2 of them) versus the multi user license if using on 2 Macs to justify price increase? 2. Does purchase of single (or multi user) license include use of your app on my iPhone and/or iPad? 3. do you offer a multi user license that would be valid on a combination of windows and Mac machines? (2 Macs and a windows laptop for example) Lastly just a general comment: I found it EXTREMELY frustrating to not be able to try the full software without limitations and in the settings it would be actually used in prior to purchase. I was considering leaving adobe DC subscription for your product but could not evaluate it to determine if it could do what I needed since none of the features I need are active during trial. Bets way to test it is actually use it to perform tasks I need it for everyday, but you can't do that, plus any document I open and then change will have the annoying watermark making it unusable to send to anyone (including documents I had previously created in Adobe). I don't understand your thought process on making it this way and quite Frankly this almost makes me not want to even consider doing business with wondershare. Why bother having a "trial" at all?? Its just a teaser, and you never see how well it works. Same goes for the pdf to excel conversion...I have a 5 page document that I convert to excel daily and like to make it ONE table from the five pages...Adobe cannot do it and have the result be formatted as usable for me without a lot of modification afterwards. Can wondershare? Guess I will never know because I can only do 2 pages at a time! Give me a break! Makes me think it probably doesn't work well so you don't want me to try until I buy it.
  25. The printed form has very small fonts. When i am entering data on the PDF the font is large. But when it prints it's incredibly small. how to i fix this. test.pdf