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  1. Hello, I bought PDFElement for Mac yesterday (I have MacBook Air) and having real issues with creating PDF fillable forms. Specifically with text fields. I open my existing PDF and add text fields next to the questions I want my clients to answer. 1. After adding the text field and choosing options that I want like fill color, limit of characters, multi-line, scroll, font size, etc. I save it and open in Preview to test it out, I see that character limit does not work, multi line and scroll long text do not work. Font and fill color worked, however, once I enter the text in the text field, and save the doc, when I reopen fill color changes to black instead of the one I chose and font changes to the smallest size. See attached. If this is not fixable I want to return the product. It is not worth it if it is not working at all for what I need while the description says it will do all those things.. Revisit form.pdf
  2. Anyone who knows how to make an autoupdated date field? I shall use it for a "daily" reciept
  3. Couple of questions about your pdf element software: 1. Why would it be $269 for 2 Macs when it is $99 for one? Is there a difference between buying the single license (2 of them) versus the multi user license if using on 2 Macs to justify price increase? 2. Does purchase of single (or multi user) license include use of your app on my iPhone and/or iPad? 3. do you offer a multi user license that would be valid on a combination of windows and Mac machines? (2 Macs and a windows laptop for example) Lastly just a general comment: I found it EXTREMELY frustrating to not be able to try the full software without limitations and in the settings it would be actually used in prior to purchase. I was considering leaving adobe DC subscription for your product but could not evaluate it to determine if it could do what I needed since none of the features I need are active during trial. Bets way to test it is actually use it to perform tasks I need it for everyday, but you can't do that, plus any document I open and then change will have the annoying watermark making it unusable to send to anyone (including documents I had previously created in Adobe). I don't understand your thought process on making it this way and quite Frankly this almost makes me not want to even consider doing business with wondershare. Why bother having a "trial" at all?? Its just a teaser, and you never see how well it works. Same goes for the pdf to excel conversion...I have a 5 page document that I convert to excel daily and like to make it ONE table from the five pages...Adobe cannot do it and have the result be formatted as usable for me without a lot of modification afterwards. Can wondershare? Guess I will never know because I can only do 2 pages at a time! Give me a break! Makes me think it probably doesn't work well so you don't want me to try until I buy it.
  4. The printed form has very small fonts. When i am entering data on the PDF the font is large. But when it prints it's incredibly small. how to i fix this. test.pdf
  5. Money Back

    Bought the software wanting to use it but it has been useless and keeps rejecting my PDFs, surprisingly when I used the trial version the same pdf I could edit and then it had a watermark for purchasing the product. I clicked the watermark and purchased the product at a very high price of $104.00 which in my currency is my entire salary. All I want is my money back as the software has been redundant and useless. The website does not provide contact details or support only FAQs. Not even a live chat to help us with problems. HOW CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK AND WHO TO EMAIL??? Thanks Nono Mofokeng
  6. OCR - how to skip handwritten signatures

    OCR does convert handwritten word into some useless letters instead of just ignoring handwriting. Is it possible to remove the conversion ?
  7. Wondershare PDF Update fails

    1. I've tried several times, but once the blue bar gets all the way to the right it fails. 2. do you have a program that will convert scanned PDFs? JS
  8. I like the review of your new Filmora, I download the software, then click purchase (Buy) you took the money $59 unlimited, but you sent me the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, which I already own. so now I own the same software twice. (I did dispute charge with paypal) please fix this issue and send me the right rigistration code for Filmora unlimited
  9. Unable to download from youtube

    I am not able to download any of the follow youtube snippets. I need your help. Tatanka--Indian Spirit-youube Choctaw Drums of Thunder The Wings Apache--01Five Spirits Ananau Voices from the Wind Ly o Lay Loya.
  10. email ID change

    I have to change the email ID of the account which I have been using to buy products from Wondershare. When I go to the account / profile section to request for change of the email ID, It says that I should contact support as the email ID is attached to the products. when I try contacting support thru the website, it leads me no where. I am posting in this forum to seek help
  11. How to better edit PDF files?

    Both of our new Windows version PDFelement 5.11.0 and Mac version PDFelement for Mac 5.6.0 provide better editing experience. When you edit the PDF, you can change to use either the "Paragraph Mode" or the "Line Mode" for difference experience. And Line Mode allows you to edit each line individually. Here are more details: Windows version: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#edit_text Mac version: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#edit_text
  12. What about adding the File Name to the Headers & Footers section ?
  13. Text Automatically Converts to Bold

    When editing text in a PDF, the text will sometimes automatically convert to bold. I have made multiple attempts to remove the bold, but none have been successful. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, anybody an exact idea how i can fill up my pdf form with excel date and create like 100 pdf or 1000 pfd's with that ?
  15. PDF Element 5.5.3: 1. A form with dropdown fields is not working properly with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The dropdown elements are not visible in Acrobat (but it works with Apple Preview!). So it is not possible to share my forms with someone else using Adobe :-( Please fix that! 2. While editing a PDF form the font size in that dropdown fields is not displayed correctly in PDFElement. Please fix that too!
  16. Text in the dropdown is unreadable... like the leading is way too small? What's the fix? Image is attached. Thanks!
  17. When I OCR a file the result gets saved in 'My Documents' folder and there does not seem to be any way to change that. Thanks Derm
  18. When I crop an image and print it, it still prints everything I cropped out. How do I print just the cropped portion of the document? Thank you.
  19. When I successfully convert my PDF to HTML, I'd like to change the defaults, where the document is zoomed larger and centered. Is there a way to do this in the code? newface.pdf
  20. Hi, When I edit the pdf I created on Wondershare, what I see on screen is not what is saved. So the lines of the boxes are not aligned to the box itself. you can see it on the pdf attached, but on my screen I do it well but it saved like that. Could you help? Thanks, Peggy Hospi 1 -60 ok.pdf
  21. In my form there are fields which must accept only alphabets, but I don't know to do that. Is there any javascript available?
  22. (New user.) On my fillable form, I'd like to create a button titled "SUBMIT" that would send the filled-in document to my email address. I can see how to create the button, but don't know how to link it to my email address. Help, please?
  23. hi, How could I use PDFelement to covert an existing form in pdf file ( not fillable ) into a fillable PDF form automatically without adding one by one. thank you
  24. When I add new annotation (highlight, sticky note, text box, etc.) PDFelement doesn't remember Author's name even when I check option Make Properties Default. The same behavior is achieved when you select existing annotation with properly set Author property and from context menu you choose Make Current Properties Default. Next created comment will contain user's logon name instead of originally filled Author's name. Steps to reproduce: Open PDF file. Click on Markup icon in the main toolbar. From the submenu, choose for example (result will be same for all tools) Add Sticky Note tool. In the displayed sidebar fill up Author's name and check the option Make Properties Default. Click inside PDF to add new Sticky Note. When you try to repeat Step 2, you'll find out, that Author's name in the sidebar is empty or contains user logon. It seems that Author's name is not persisted in annotation tool settings. The same issue I found today in persisting the Thickness of the Text Box annotation tool. When you use annotation a lot, these issues are really annoying.
  25. Im creating PDF form templates to load into salesforce using a program called Conga Composer and when I enter the text field name, 8 times out 10, Wonderhare overrides what Im entering in defualts back to Text Box 1. This is becomign increasingly frustrating and wasting so much time. How can this bug be fixed?