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  1. Just bought PDFElement 6 Pro. When opening a newly scanned PDF, nothing happens when I click on the button "form field recognition". The program just moves to the top of the page, but does not do anything. This feature was one of the reasons why I bought this software. Help please?
  2. Highlight Text

    Hi, I am using PDFelement Pro for Mac and have multiple non scanned pdf files. I am unable to highlight, underscore, or strikethrough on these files. I select "comment" then "highlight" but am unable to select anything. Thanks, Keving
  3. Hello, I am very new to this application so excuse the apparent simple questions I am having a lot of difficulty in setting up the correct Tab sequence to allow a user to progress logically through a form, can someone point me to the documentaiton that explains how to do this please? At present if i try to change the sequence by selecting a field the changes appear to be random. Thx John
  4. When i edit PDF, the software PDF editor cannot preserve fonts, changing all fonts to other and distorting the document. The result: you cannot preserve initial look of the document after you edited it. I'm sorry to tell that, but i drop the case with this software and go search for another one. I wish to get refund, due to this software costs a lot, and doesn't give promised tools.
  5. Cropping "All Pages"

    When I try to use "Crop" under Edit, I can crop one page, but not "All Pages". When I choose All Pages it still only crops one page.
  6. i have PDFElement 6 on my Mac, and now I have PDFElement also on two of my Andriod device, and anither iPad Pro, and one more iPhone. Basic membership allow maximum 2 mobile device to link to my username. How can I get access to link all 4 mobile device to my account? How can I make subscription? Is ther any option available to me? Regards Sanchai Bangkok, Thailand
  7. What are the steps to convert MAC OS High Sierra Word document (.doc or .docx ) to PDF?
  8. If I add text to a PDF file I would like to select it and drag it somewhere else. Is this possible? It seemed that I had to first move it vertically and separately, move it horizontally. I couldn't--for example--move it diagonally or in some arbitrary direction--without a two step process.
  9. In the menu at the top I see "Select' and it appears to give the same controls as "Comment". Are they the same? Are they related? I include a couple of screen snapshots.
  10. Products (2) Refund

    I purchased pdfelement pro 6 to use in my business. It didn't work - would not convert a pdf file to Word. I sent a request for your support through your website twice - two days in a row. No response. I checked my spam filter to be sure a response from support was not in that folder. It wasn't. I went back to your site and purchased a second product - pdfelement for MAC because I have a MAC. IT CRASHED MY MAC. It took me hours to get my PC working again. I removed both versions of your pdfelement products from my MAC and then created another request in the support center. When will I get resolution on this issue. I have $200 invested and neither product works.
  11. Redact Multiple Items

    I'm running PDFelement 6 Pro 6.3.0 on Mac. I often have to make multiple redactions in documents. Is there a way to turn redaction on and make multiple redactions without clicking on the "Redact" button for each redaction? When I'm using it, I click the "Redact" button, then highlight the area I want to redact and then the redact feature automatically turns off after one selection. Then I have to click the Redact button again before I can redact another area. I often have to make dozens of redactions so having to click Redact in between each adds a lot of clicks and forces me to move my eyes and the cursor from the area that I'm reading through. Is there a way around this? If not, please create one. Redact should stay on by default until I click it off. Thanks!
  12. add link to text in form field

    I have noticed that I cannot do Edit, Link and create a link for text in a form field in a PDF document. Should that surprise me? I had to go back to a MS Word version of the document and add the link there and then use PDF Creator to achieve what I wanted.
  13. Tried inserting a circle

    I tried to insert a circle onto a PDF document & couldn't get it to persist. I was using the menu choices Comment, Shapes. At times the "Properties" box wouldn't show, unless I "clicked" on a location on the PDF file. My OS is MacOS Sierra, 10.12.6. I am using PDF Element Pro, version I instead did what I wanted to do, using the Keynote application on my Mac. I attach the resultant PDF file. In that case I used a star instead of a circle and I drew a line with an arrow, pointing to it. drain.key.pdf
  14. can't change the language

    hi sir I have buy the pdfelement 6 pro for Mac. my Mac system language is Chinese. when I install the pdfelement 6 pro , I can't change the software language. can everyone help me how to change the software language please. thanks a lot.
  15. Cannot read video files

    Hello! I want to send a PDF document built on Keynote that includes a video. For some reason, Acrobat Pro 9 allows me to embed my video to the PDF, but once saved, I cannot read the video. Can PDFelement allow me to do that? My goal is to send a unique file with all my pages and video accessible with just a click. Am I in dreamland?
  16. Registration Failure

    I registered my copy of PDFElement a couple of days ago, and it seemed to be working well. When I opened it today, I received this error dialog box: It reads: "Note: Connection timeout, please try again." I clicked "OK" to dismiss the dialog box, assuming that it was a simple glitch, but when I tried to save some PDF changes, I found that my copy of PDFElement had become unregistered. When I attempted to re-register PDFElement using my licensed email and registration code, the "Registered Successfully" web page was opened; however, in the app itself, the same error dialog was presented again, and the application remained unregistered. My network connection is very fast, and working just fine for all other communications. At this point, I'm completely stuck, and I find this behavior ridiculous and infuriating. The app shouldn't immediately un-register itself when it can't contact a server somewhere, and it shouldn't rely on such a fragile registration mechanism. Please advise how to proceed. Thanks.
  17. I've been using standard pdf element - started with 6.0.5. Now when I open an existing file - under 6.3 and edit the document (clicking a box to change a date for instance) it throws me into something that shows an image "mode" and asks to extract or copy. I can no longer just click the fields I've previously entered and change the value by clicking the edit button at the top banner. What's happening? How do I correct this so I can just go from field to field in my standard form and edit the areas that already have text? Plus there is an orange exclamation point that shows up at some point.
  18. How to place an image into a shape.

    How to paste an image into a shape like a circle using the shape to crop the image? I'm using a template to create a resume and have not been successful trying to replace the template image with my own.
  19. Copying annotations

    I would like to know how to copy annotations I have made in one version of a PDF into a revised version. For instance, if I have to note where a data point comes from, I will annotate it with the source information (e.g., Smith 2015/p3/lines1-5). If the client asks for a small change to be made to an already annotated PDF, is there a way to copy all those annotations into the revised PDF without retyping them?
  20. I downloaded this app from your website, not the app store. Everytime I open any PDF document, it firstly shows duplicated app loading at the dock. Then a pop-up window says this app is loading. However, there is no such problem for app downloaded from the app store. I once uninstalled it and re-obtained it from app store, I found out the problem was solved, yet, the one from app store didn't show the option where I could enter my registered code. Now I know I must use the one downloaded from the website, as I have purchased it there. So why does this error occur? Cheers:)
  21. Written accents in Spanish text

    Good evening, I'm a new user, just bought a license for the PDFElement in mac platform. I'm having a difficulty when writing or adding Spanish text. Seems that I can't write any acute accent or written accent. The program just don't write them. I have been able to solve the problem via copy-paste but there must be other way to do this. I have been searching through the menus and options but I haven't found any solution. I'll be pleased if you help me with it. Thanks a lot! tgpooley
  22. The form feature in program PDFelement 6 Pro can help you set the calculation, so you just need to enter the data/number as you need, it will help you to calculate automatically to save your time. 1) Add the text fields for all the places that you need to enter the numbers by clicking the Form>Text Fields button. 2) Right-click the field that you want to set calculation to choose Properties. 3) In the Calculate tab, please choose the option of "Value is the ... of the following fields", and choose the correct arithmetic that you want. 4) Click the Pick button to choose the fields that you need to calculate, like this. 5) So the text field 3= text field1 x text feild2. When you enter 2 in field1, enter 3 in field2, you will get 6 in field3 automatically.
  23. data extraction problem

    hello, I have created a pdf form. when I export the data into excel, all the data is in the same cell. what should I do to separate all the information? thank you in advance
  24. extraction problème

    Bonjour, J’ai rencontré un problème lors de l’extraction des données du formulaire pdf. Toutes les données s’exportent dans une seule et même cellule. Que dois-je faire pour résoudre ce problème???
  25. I used pdfelement 6 pro under iOS to create a form including optional fields for yes/no answers. In pdfelement everything works correctly as expected. After file saving and opening unter windows the acrobat reader also recognizes the optional fields with the right yes/no alternatives. Under iOS and preview app these optional fields are not working - they were converted to checkboxes only in the shape of optional fields. You can change yes/no to anything (incl. yes and no in parallel or nothing, ...). Do you know how to avoid this?