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  1. Draw Signature Function on Phone

    Hi The "draw" signature function does not work on iphone. The pop up box will keep moving and you cannot draw the signature and apply to the document. As I need to send document to client and most of them using iphone or ipad, I would like to know if this "bug" can be fixed otherwise I may need to use other services. Regards,
  2. While moving pages, something in the view does not go right. I'm already able to move pages (like in Edit mode or in Page mode), but changes will only appear after I save and reopen the document. What happens during the move action is this: 1 - I drag a page to a new position. 2 - When I drop the page, it automatically falls back to its former position and stays there. 3 - When I save the document and reopen it, the page that I wanted to move, actually appears to have moved anyway. So, all in all, my move action does succeed but the editing window does not present this in the right way. This to me is not only confusing but it makes it practically impossible to do more than one move action in a row. This is because after my first move action, all pages - moved or not moved - are in a different order and position than they appear. Therefore, during each next move action, I cannot see which page I'm actually moving, or to which position I'm moving it. I assume this is a bug. The solution would be that the bug is fixed so that program updates the view of the page order immediately after each move action.
  3. Hi, I would like to be able to open multiple windows and drag and drop single pages from one file into another. Is that possible with pdfelement?
  4. Paperless Office Setup Basics

    I am about to take on the task of creating a paperless office. It seems to be an overwhelming task and I can't find too much info on where to start. I understand the concept of creating PDFs of all my documents. However, I do have a number of questions I need to have answered before diving into this project. I hope somebody has the answers. How do you structure the files you are about to create? It does not look like this software automatically creates a database of all documents What kind of naming structure is best when creating the PDFs of my documents? It must be wise to use the same naming structure to provide consistency. What are some examples others are using? What is normally done with all hard copies of documents I convert to PDFs. Do I keep them on file for a while or can they be sent out to be shredded? What is the best way of maintaining a paperless office Having answers to those questions will at least get me off to a good start. Many thanks in advance for any replies!!!

    HI HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am bookmarking a large document and creating links from the Index to the Chapter, some pages will not link but jump to the previous pages. While scrolling through the same page it jump these pages as if they were not there. If I use the UP DOWN arrows the page appears but will not bookmark or link correctly. The document seems unstable in PDFelement but if I open it with PREVIEW it will scroll smoothly e.g. scrolling from page 429 it jumps to 431 in PDF element but in PREVIEW it shows page 430. Has anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to make this document stable in PDFelement?
  6. I'm using PDFelement 6.3.5 and want to combine PDFs that contain internal links (i.e. a table of contents, linking to the corresponding pages). While the software successfully combines the PDFs, all internal links point to "Page 1" instead of the correct page. The original PDF works fine. Not impressed. Is this a known bug? I can use Apple's Preview to achieve the same task successfully. (Edit > Insert > Page from file)
  7. Hi, I would like to be able to open multiple windows and drag and drop single pages from one file into another. Is that possible with pdfelement?
  8. ABILITY TO CREATE PDF FROM WORD FILES ON MAC, this would be so helpful as most of us have large files to convert to PDF and is very time consuming
  9. pdf element does not recognize Word document when trying to conver multiple doc from file?? I click Create PDF/select document or file all Word files are greyed out. How do I select files in other formats?
  10. 我的Email是814169036@qq.com,请告诉我查询激活码是否永久的方法。
  11. I have a new computer (MacBook Air (13", 2017)). Using Migration Assistant and a Time Machine backup, I have PDF Element working on the new computer and have uninstalled it from the old computer (MacBook Air 13 mid-2013). Will I receive update notices on the new computer? If the answer is no, please give me instructions on the steps to take to have update notices appear on the new computer.
  12. Hello - I am using PDF Pro on MacBook. I need to sign my documents but I don't see an option for signature under the protect button. As per instructions, I should see that, but I feel I have only limited options. My options are only password and redact. Can you please help? Thanks, IQ
  13. optimize button

    on a Mac i work with your pdf element 6 pro version /2171208) . On the file menu i cannot find the optimize button
  14. word count option for pdf file ?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a word count option for pdf file using pdfelement pro 6 (os x) ? Thanks. Matt.
  15. Using OCR crashes PDFelement

    I have PDFelement 5.7.1 running on a late 2015 iMac Retina 5k, macOS 10.13.1. Every time I perform OCR, it runs then crashes the app and doesn't deliver any result. I've reinstalled both PDFelement and the OCR plugin and it still happens. Please assist.
  16. Is there a way to set preferences or change the default settings for scan operations? E.g., I would prefer black/white and the default is color. Thanks for any help. handlerca
  17. Im sure theres an answer someplace...but I cant find it. Is there a way to remove this ugly feature from my beautiful forms?

    I bought this software a year ago and quickly found that it didn't correctly display the fonts as they should be . I tried to get a refund at the time but didn't get any response and I've barely used it as a result. I feel very hard done by. I've now just come to try it again and have tested how to edit a PDF to see if anything has changed, but I find that when I try to change a font to a very common one the look and feel is awful -- see attached screenshots where the fonts are displaying in bold when they shouldn't be. The highlighted text is how the selected fonts render (see the drop-down at the top of the screenshot to see which font I have selected.) WHY do the fonts not display as they should?. I would really like someone from the PDF Element team to explain what the issue is here. These are fonts that are on my machine already I'm 99% sure. If I can't make this product work for me then I'd like a refund -- yet I never received any reply when I emailed about this a week or so after I first bought the product. For example Garamond and Century look terrible. I look forward to hearing and hope someone will tell me that I'm doing something basic wrong. With many thanks.
  19. Compression

    I cannot see the radio bottom "optimize" in the file menue. I'm using the newest PDFelements (purchased a few days ago) and MacOS 10.13.1 (High Sierra). Any help?
  20. Hi, I want to have my pdfs available for download online - and want to remove the FILE NAME. If I click FILE - PROPERTIES - DESCRIPTION, I can change everything apart from my file name which names me personally. Would really appreciate any help on removing / changing the info there. Thanks! Nina
  21. Window size

    Is there a way to resize the window view on a mac? I have tried dragging the edge and the corners but it doesn't work and the window takes up too much of my screen.
  22. I've just bought the version for MAC and I'm unable to perform OCR. During the download of OCR plugin, it appears the message "insufficient storage space. Impossible to continue". I need help
  23. none of the graphics get converted into the PDFs the problem is likely w my Mac OS X El Capitan v 10.11.6 not your software but I am sure that there must be a work around
  24. Hi there, I was wondering if you could please help me with an issue I am having with PDFelement 6 (standard version) on my Macbook Air. Whenever I attempt to save my work the program freezes and I have to 'force quit'. I have tried updating my computer's software, restarting my computer, uninstalling and re-installing the latest version of PDFelement, etc. Do you have any suggests about how to successfully save my work? Thank you in advance.
  25. Create Bookmarks on Mac

    Our Mac version program PDFelement 6 (Professional) for Mac can help you create bookmarks in PDF files. Here are two methods for your reference: 1) After opening the PDF file in our program, please click the View>Bookmark panel, then control-click the blank area to add bookmarks, you can even add the child bookmarks. 2) After opening the PDF file in the program, please click the Select button, then control-click the blank area of the page to choose Add Bookmark.