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  1. Hi I created a pdf doc in Word for Mac 16.13. I brought the document into PDF Element and added fillable fields. The file size increased from 2.1MB to 7.7MB. It's a 7 page document with 15 fillable fields. Is this normal? It seems like a very big increase for a simple document. Thanks for your help.
  2. Getting the data back

    I created a PDF registration page. It should open up when people click on a button on my webpage. People need to fill in their name and e-mail address and click a button to submit. This page/data should come back to me somehow - how can I do it?
  3. I am a corporate designer and work with the same logo all day long. It is a vector image with a 30% transparency. It is often laid over other graphics. When I try printing documents with our logo, the output of the logo appears on the page at 100%. Help!
  4. I've been working on some pdf files on my ipad but upon uploading, the highlights are not saved. Is there a way to upload the edited PDF with the highlights?
  5. I try to download for free trial but it's not have function to convert HTML.
  6. I have set a calculation for a quantity x amount to populate a hidden field. Then total field that adds each of the hidden fields for a total. The last input field is not being added to the total field although it is calculating in hidden field. How do I fix this?
  7. Not sure if anyone else has run into this. A PDF that I converted to Pages using PDFelement on MacOS, the iWorks Pages document shows Text plus an Image of the Text directly behind the typed text. If I change the opacity to zero all Images go away, both Images that I need to keep, but also the weird ghost image of the text as well. I am not sure if this is a result of OCR the original scanned PDF file using a different product (Scanbot on iOS) then convert this file to Pages using PDFElement. Has anyone else seen this issue? How did create the file to start 1) I created the original PDF from scanning in the original document. 2) I used Scanbot on an iPad to OCR the file making it searchable. [This looks good, and the OCR document is fully searchable] 3) I used PDFElement to add some hyperlinks from the Table Of Contents in the document to specific page in the PDF. [The document still looks good, and the hyperlinks work without a problem]. 4) I used PDFelement to convert the hyperlinked and searchable PDF to iWorks Pages. 5) When I open up the resulting iWorks Pages document, What I have is a document with a full page background image of the original text plus images. The OCR text is like a top layer on top of this background image. [The Pages document is essentially unusable]. 6) Similar to step 4 above, I had a thought that perhaps Keynote would be better, so I used PDFelement to convert the hyperlinked and searchable PDF to Powerpoint. 7) Similar to step 5 above, when I open up the powerpoint in keynote, the same problem, Text in front of a full page background image. What I am trying to do is to create a simpler user instruction manual with additional comments and process steps tailored to how the client is actually using the product. I essentially would like to take that original PDF and create a two column landscape document, one where the original document in on the right hand side, and any new annotations on the left side of the finished document. It still needs to be searchable and have working hyperlinks. The attached image gives you an idea of what I am talking about.
  8. We bought the pdfElements pro v. 6 in the App Store (Apple) at 5th of July 2017 (document no. 164164223957, Order ID MM7QJG2HGZ, 109,99 EUR in total). The version we bought is 6.4.5. Could you tell us how to get the update to 6.5 . Thanks for you swift replay. Kind Regards
  9. I downloaded the trial version for MacOSX today and noticed that both distribute buttons look exactly the same and are unlabeled. A pretty huge problem, especially since there is no tool tip pop up when you hover over them. Needs to definitely be addressed. Also, distribute is not shown/explained in any of your tutorials. I couldn't find a definition for what it is/how it works anywhere. Does it distribute based on top most line and bottom most line? Are there other things that go into deciding how it distributes? A pretty big oversight in my opinion for such a powerful tool. Thanks!
  10. I've made a pdf form fillable by creating and lining up text boxes, but I have since realized that they need to be the same height (I have to realign them all vertically due to words being floated in vertical center, so none of them rest on the lines in the pdf). Is there a feature that does text box matching? Doing it by hand is maddening and I don't want to copy/paste boxes just to make them a uniform height (they're varying widths). I've searched to no avail on the internet and in this forum. I'd upload the file, but it's way too big. Thanks in advance!
  11. Poor Signature Module

    Hello. I am on the road often and the Electronic or Digital Signature portion is important for me to return signed documents while on the road. The Mac app is pretty good but lags behind in one key element for me. The "signature module" of the app for creating or modifying electronic representations of your signature is very cumbersome and hard to use. I tried all the different options to try and get a good representation of my signature to keep on file but I was not able to achieve a credible one. Tried the photo and the file options but it just copies a photo that is very hard to place on a document. Used the mouse/keypad with a special stylus and after about 20 tries I gave up. I reference, I also have the PDFExpert app and although PDF Elements has more features, the "Signature Module" or feature of this app is far superior and I could achieve very good results and document placements for my electronic signature
  12. Print Notes

    Is there a way to print notes? In Preview for OSX you can click in the print dialogue "show notes" and then the sticky style note print on the left side margin of the page. You can also save a pdf with the markup showing. Is there a way to do this?
  13. MAC & Windows licensing

    Hi, i have some doubts about pdfelement's licensing. If I will buy one professional license, that license will work on only one device, or in two devices, MAC & Windows? Best regards.
  14. interested in PDF element 6 pro, but have mac pro. use for creation and editing. when will 6 pro have this feature please? no use buying both apps....
  15. I want to use pre-filled default values in the form. I need several lines. If I use "multiple lines" or "scrolling with long text" I see nothing in the form. I then have to click in each box after the automatic pre-fills to see the text, the multiple lines I can only use if I write at least 1 letter in addition. But I do not want to click through the form, it should be filled immediately with the record. Is this problem known? Single line boxes work. If I use an other product (not Adobe) it works. But as I paid for this program I want to make it work either. Can you help? In this sheet there are 4 forms, in the beginning you only see one. But if I tab all forms and add 1 letter or number, the other 2 (multiple line forms) appear. See the screen shots please. I tried different documents.
  16. Hi community, desperate for some advice, have tried everything I could think off already! I want to make my PDF fillable for my clients, and I want them to be able to write 10 lines or so. I provide them with an exercise, than ask them to reflect below. Simple as that...only it isn't in PFD element, for me at least! Because even if I click 'multiple lines' and make the text form big, all my clients get to fill in is one line. What can I do? Grateful for any tips!
  17. no me instala mi compra

    Buenas tardes, hice la compra para tener la versión completa y nunca se instalo en mi computadora se queda una ventana abierta de instalación sin proceder. En el banco ya se cobraron los 1099 pesos que es el costo de la licencia
  18. Empty text boxes?

    I am having problems deleting empty text boxes. I see they are there bordered by the "bounding box" and I can mark the box but not delete it. Advance thanks, jesjr
  19. Mr

    I have tried the Wondershare Support page and have chosen "I have suggestions to product manager", but the page does not work. You can't submit, so I write here about Scanning: "There is a saying that says: "Once you go Mac you never go back". But every time I have to scan multiple two-sided documents, I have to start my old Windows Laptop and use Adobe Acrobat, where the program itself sorts pages after scanning front and back pages. It would be nice to have this facility in PDFelement Pro".
  20. After I try to install the announced update for PDFelement 6 Pro, I always get Update Error! An error occurred while installing the update. Please try again later. What's going on? Can anyone please help? I am running macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.3 on an iMac
  21. I am running the latest version of PDF elements pro and the latest version of high sierra and i now cannot set or change the tab sequence order on my PDF form What is happening with this paid for software... I urgently need an effective response please?
  22. Extract from scanned PDF

    I am trying to extract data from large number of scanned PDFs, each is a "spreadsheet" but none are identical in layout. Arguably these are not very good scans as they are downloaded "as is" from United Nations archive files but these are the only versions I have access to for these periods of time. I have attempted to use the Data Extraction tool and am selecting individual rows, groups of rows, and even an entire portion of the page. This is an effort to eliminate unneeded data, etc. None of my attempts has been successful. The .csv file presents the data out of order, does not reflect proper spacing (allowing me to use "text to columns" in Excel), and is some cases the grid from the spreadsheet itself is recognized as text and is inserted into the data. I have tried using OCR before Data Extraction and the results are even worse. I've attached an example of one file. The first page has a red box the shows the data I'm trying to extract. I have also attempted to use the Export to Excel feature but this too is not working well - I'm still having to spend as much time moving data to the correct column/row as it would take to retype the entire spreadsheet. Because I have hundreds of pages to go through I was hoping to find a faster solution. Any assistance would be appreciated. feb-1993.pdf
  23. Hi guys, I am new to PDFelement and would like to know if I can start working on my iPad and continue on the Mac. I do not how to have all the files in all the devices. Is it possible? If yes, please let me know what I need to do. Thanks
  24. PDFelement 6 Pro Crash

    Hi Support, I having issue once i try to delete or insert page using PDFelement 6 Pro. Please refer the attached error. Im using MacOS HighSierra 10.13.3
  25. I am using PDFelement Pro 6 for macOS. I have a large scanned book that I would like to make searchable. When I run OCR against it, the result is indeed searchable. But all the pages have been changed to 25.63x33 inches instead of 8.5x11. Is it possible to run OCR to make a file searchable without in any way modifying the scanned images inside it?