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  1. Thanks, Daphne. I'll look forward to the update.
  2. Print on both sides (manually)

    Daphne, I appreciated your answer, but when I went to "printing preferences" and checked, I found it was set for single side printing (which is the setting I use most often). When I want to print on both sides (manually) I check that in Wondershare's print dialog window. But, once I do that, any printing that I initiate will be "both sides, manual" unless I go back into Wondershare's print dialog box and uncheck the "both sides manual" box. And, not only does the "both sides, manual" setting persist until manually changed for Wondershare, but it persists for MS Word, MS Excel, Quicken and any other program I print from. Your principal competitor doesn't do this: printing instruction reverts to the instruction in "printing preferences" automatically when one finishes with the document for which one set the "print both sides manual". I wish Wondershare did this also.
  3. There are many times that I would like to have two or more pdfElement windows open simultaneously so I can refer back and forth between them, but when I open a second window, the first disappears. Is there some way to allow multiple windows in pdfElement to be open simultaneously?
  4. When I go to "print on both sides (manually)" through printer properties, the selection remains "print on both sides for all programs (not only pdf Element but MS Word, Excel, Quicken, etc.) until I manually change it back by unchecking that option. This is annoying and inconvenient, since most printing is only on one side. Is there some way to have this feature automatically revert to printing on one side of the page once pdfElement is closed?
  5. Can bookmarks be formatted so the text inserted in them will word-wrap? I need to be able to visualize longer lines of text in bookmarks.