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  1. Thanks a lot, Daphne. You rock
  2. Thanks for the reply, @Daphne Cannot find any message i.e inbox option in my profile. Where does the message go. You can email me if you want.
  3. @mavis seems to be not there, so @Daphne, I have sent you a message. Please do check pm. Thanks
  4. Sent you a message here on the forum. Do check that. Thank you, dear No need to reply on the email now Keep working hard, girl
  5. Hey @mavis, I had sent you a email. It's been a long time. Please reply to that Also, I had a question. The license that I got is also for PDFelement Professional v6 + OCR support license too, right.
  6. Hey @mavis, check the mail
  7. @mavis, I have sent you a message on this forum. Do check your inbox
  8. Please reply to email
  9. Yes. Received Thank you, you beautiful developer I have replied to ask a question. Please do answer. And yes, I will ask my friends to share and try this software, too.
  10. I have sent you on mavis@wondershare.com
  11. Even created that image specially for this share
  12. @mavis, here's my share and contribution. Cheers!