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      Check out our new feature post on what Adobe XI's end-of-support situation will look like. What will you do to maintain your access to a comprehensive PDF editor? Follow the link at the end of our blog post to enter for a chance to win a FREE Microsoft Surface Pro or iPad Mini. 

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      Wanna access our next new version 6.3.0 of PDFelement 6 Professional in advance? It will support XFA files, PDF attachments, searchable OCR mode and open multiple windows for different PDF files and many other improvements. Join our beta testers group, you will have this opportunity!



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  1. Daphne, I don't know what you guys did but it works just fine now. I'll keep the app and no need to refund. But out of curiosity what was that BugsplatReporter? Is it come pre-install with the app to feedback the crash to programmer because I can't find it anywhere in my drive.
  2. Guys the problem is now almost 24 hours since my report here without permanent solution suggested by wondershare. 1. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the apps several time, the OCR just won't work on my Mac. It crashed. Other PDFElement functions are OK. 2. The same sample files uploaded here, the OCR just won't work on the Mac. It does not allow me to edit those files. 3. I noticed there was this BugsplatReporter on my dock every time after the OCR operation crashed. Please advice on the refund as I can't wait any longer. My credit card already charged as per below attached. Wondershare Charged rm453.32.pdf
  3. Daphne, I've been trying many time and the same its crashed (refer to BugsplatReporter.pdf attached earlier, what is that and why crashed) sample2.pdf
  4. The same goes with scanned email printed from Microsoft Outlook. AIA.pdfAIA.pdf BugsplatReporter.pdf
  5. Hi just want to check if anyone facing the same issue. I bought the licence for MacOS Sierra on the 17th Mar'17 and Im trying the OCR function today. PDF Element is latest version 5.7.1 OCR updated Have tried uninstall and reinstall it several times, the same BugsplatReporter keep popping and disappear. I can't find any solution on the web please advice. TQ