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  1. Hi, I am currently doing a trial of this and another competitor ( docusign)of yours. My Issue with the other product is the price mostly. Their process seems very smart & time saving. I would like to suggest the following changes to your program. The recipient name as entered when sending the document out for signatures should simply carry over to where they open the link and all they have to do is click the esign fields & that action inputs their signatures based on their name we input as the recipient automatically. I just sent one document out as a test that requires about 17 instances of signatures. Your set up is requiring them to type in their name for each instance. This is arduous. Furthermore, as soon as the link was opened by the recipient, It present him with a large window asking they to hand write, type in or upload their own image. Furthermore, the default color is blue for the signatures. Then it gives them the option to change the color if so desired. but this is un-necessary and extra thing for the recipients to do and we would really have to tell them to change the color to black. This would especially be tough to do for someone with a small tablet or phone to figure out all the options that are presented. My suggestion is that you let the sender pick the color , Furtheremore, simply add a dialog box asking the recipient( as soon as they open the link) to confirm that the name shown is correct and/or maybe just have them type in their name just once to confirm and let the system input their signatures alswson all esign areas by a simple mouse click. You can also add a customization menu for simple or expanded options in custom setup. With the other vendor none of the above issues exist. Its very simple & I'd love to see that here! For the above reason salon, I 'd be unwilling to use this service in my line of work which is mortgage lending. regards, MG