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  1. Status of documents

    Shouldn't be "My Documents" instead of "My Document"?
  2. eSign+ API

    Hello Chen / Daphne, Any news or timeline for eSign+ API?
  3. Create signature on failed

    A mobile app is not bad but, my opinion, just optimize the website for mobile devices will do the trick. Some CSS queries and js and all it is done. Thanks for the answer.
  4. Create signature on failed

    I tried to create a signature. Open a browser and draw my signature on my computer with the mouse. Not really smooth but it is drawing to the signature. Then delete it and write my name. The writing it is working fine. Now, because I want my real signature, I open the on my phone and try to draw my signature with my finger. It is not useable. The panel of the signature it is moving top bottom and the signature is not recorded. Just some dots and lines. (Also, the is not optimized for phones the signature panel not on 100% of my phone) So, I tried on my tablet with a stylet. Same thing. Some dots and lines but not my signature. The signature panel still moving top and bottom and it looks like not detect the finger or the stylus.
  5. eSign+ API

    OK, no problem. I'm eager to test the first version. Let me know when it will be ready.
  6. eSign+ API

    Sorry, Chen. I didn't realize you answered my topic. Thanks for your concern but marketing wise we'll cold call professionals in our area and a 500 km radius. Besides the cost structure we will have (a lot better than other CRM charging per user) we will offer a modular CRM with 3 components (projects, CRM and documents) which are simpler to use and understand. Other CRMs are either too simple (only CRM) or too complex (like Saleforce) offering a million things. Regarding the API the functionality should be simple: See or The process we will consume your API is by cURL and not by embedding your esign+ website in our app in an iframe. In the above example of accountant the process should be: From our app we will do: 1. API request to authenticate 2. API call to upload document to be signed 3. API call to request signature from recipients 4. API call to set callback to our app when it is signed and/or reminder if it is not signed 5. API call to download signed document 6. API call to delete document
  7. eSign+ API

    We build a CRM for accountants, real-estate agents, and insurance brokers. Basically, they send everyday documents to be signed to their customers by email. Which is not secure and not at all trackable. Our app will match any type of business but the categories above will have our focus. We are in the early stages of designing the interface. What we are searching for is a solution that can integrate with our web app. An example: - the accountant upload a document within our app (Officeconnect) - the accountant request a signature from his client (we create the request on eSign+ which sends the email to the client of the accountant) - the client of the accountant open eSign+ page from his email and sign and click save or send (we send back to Officeconnect the document signed and notify the accountant) - the accountant find on his account the document signed by his client The scenario can be from accountant to client or from client to accountant or from accountant to many recipients (wife, husband, another accountant) Usually, the documents are PDF generated by the accounting software or uploaded PDF on our app We would like to have a payment for this API by signature. Why? Because it is easy to keep tracking of it. Let's say we have 100 accountants and each of them has 100 clients. This means 10.000 users but not all of them will use eSign+ and one client can sign multiple documents in the same period of time (usually a month).
  8. eSign+ API

    So, I'm interested in. Even as beta tester!!!
  9. I already opened a free account. Thanks.
  10. eSign+ API

    I didn't use any as we are in the design stage of our own app but I planned to use PDFfiller because of their pricing model 0.40/signature I've contacted Adobe but it looks like they don't care about small guys like us. Don't even get an answer from Abobe support.If you can get such API ready for the end of the year I will give it a try.
  11. Agree, but if they are 3 signers, for example, the second signer can see if the first signer signed or not? I mean any of 3 signers can see each other signatures or they will see a blank spot?
  12. eSign+ API

    Do you have an API for eSign+ that we can use to integrate with other web applications? Such as Adobe Sign, RightSignature or PDF Filler?