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  1. In Windows 7 after upgrading to PDF Element 6 Pro (6.6.1) I notice in Programs and Features that both the old build (5.12.1) and PDFelement OCR are still listed. May I safely uninstall both or is either needed for anything since OCR is supposed to be built-in in 6 Pro? See screenshot. Programs and Features screenshot.rtf
  2. How to scan new document?

    Patrick, Thanks for the help. I used the scanner interface from my Brother Printer/Scanner and set it to scan>image>to PDF. At first nothing appeared in the PDF Element window at all. And nothing to OCR but an artifact or two. So I tried scanning to different formats. Also nothing except for >to bitmap. But that would not OCR. So I went back and reset the scanner interface to scan to PDF again. This time, for some mysterious reason the image appeared in PDF Element, I was able to OCR it as you described and then edit it as necessary. The OCR messed up a just one of the printed words in a masthead logo. But when re-scanning it at 400dpi to "True Grey" instead of 300 it got it correct. Pretty good OCR from what I am used to especially since the scanned doc was an invoice form. It had been so long since I'd used the printer interface for anything I forgot it existed since all other apps I use scan directly from the program with a dedicated button or a menu link. One more step involved for PDF Element, but not a big impediment considering the rest of the app works a bit better than my former PDF handler, Nance PDF Converter Pro, which nags me all the time with notifications even with "notifications>turned off", and then only to try to sell me an upgrade. Got sick of it and switched. Thanks again Patrick ! Keep working on that software Jacky to get that "Scan" > to new/ to existing button" in there. Good work so far! David Bowling
  3. How to scan new document?

    I just purchased PDF Element and can't find a menu item for scanning in a new document from my printer/scanner. I was pretty sure I saw it while looking around with the trial version. Where is it please?