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  1. Thank you for reporting the bug. We are incredibly grateful for you as a customer. Though we strive to keep bugs down to a minimum sometimes they sneak through the cracks. Please keep an eye for the next update with the fix.
  2. Mike Norris

    Hi Mike, Thanks for posting on our community forums! To highlight text, you need to use the selection tool (text cursor) holding the mouse left button to select the text you want to highlight. Please let us know if that helps! Cheers
  3. Esign won't open last page of pdf for recipient signature

    Hi Susan, Hope you had a great weekend! Tried to reach you by phone, left a voice mail message for you. Also, please check your inbox with my number and feel free to call me anytime between 9:30AM - 6:30PM (Pacific). Best Regards, Faisal Wondershare Canada
  4. What is a Lifetime License

    Hi David, Thank you for sharing your concerns. We regularly provide software releases to fix problems for all our current products. We provide bug fixes in two ways: product update and product upgrade. Product Update Update is a program release featuring minor software improvements. Updates for the current software version are provided for any registered customers free of charge. Product Upgrade Upgrade is a major program release (new version) featuring principal software improvements and new functionality. We are currently offering special promotional discount to PDFelement 5 users who are interesting in migrating to PDFelement 6. I hope that answers your question!