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  1. Required fields

    Hi, For your information that the Required function is used to restrict from exporting the form data, it cannot restrict users to fill in the field before going to the next field. Thanks
  2. Hi Garyg, Whether you have enabled the Edit mode, and whether your image has been selected? And you can also check whether your PDF file is the scanned file or the password-protected file? You can attach your PDF file here to send to me for further check, I will provide further instructions to help. Thanks
  3. Scaling at high DPI setting

    Hi Jarbas, We are sorry that the scaling issue has been postponed, it may be solved in version 6.5 in 2-3 months. Thanks for your understanding and support.
  4. EXCEL to PDF

    Hi V.anuradha, In order to help us figure it out, could you please attach your 8-sheet excel file here to send to us for further tests? Actually, after creating your excel file to multiple PDF files, you can use our program to combine these PDF files into a single PDF file. After opening the program, you can click the Combine PDF box to load the created multiple PDF files to combine as one only. Thanks
  5. There’re only several days left before Christmas. In this magic season, we wish you a life filled with joy and brightness. May everything go well with your career. As a thank you, our professional resume templates are on sale. Only 99 cents for each one! Don’t hesitate to take a look here. Duration: 12/15 – 12/31
  6. Multiple page scanning

    Hi Bruce, For the case, please install the latest version 6.3.5 of the Mac program to try again. Download URL: http://download.wondershare.com/mac-pdfelement6-pro_full2992.dmg In case it still crashes when you scan documents, please provide the crash report file that you get to us for further analysis. Thanks
  7. OCR Process Cancelled due to Unexpected Error

    Hi Kevin, I am sorry that the OCR function does not support well of the virtual machine, it is better you can use it instead of the VM, then it should work successfully. Thanks
  8. Hi Garyg, After opening your PDF file in our program, please click the Edit button on the top-left corner, then click the image and select the Align option in the right side to align horizontally or vertically as you want. Thanks
  9. What's New of eSign+ (2017/12/14)

    We have released the Bulk Send function for Premium account of Wondershare eSign+ now! If you need to send a document to multiple colleagues or clients to sign, this feature will help you a lot! 1. After signing up your Premium account, please click the Bulk Send in the home page. 2. Browse a PDF file to upload for signing. 3. Select whether you want to sign the document, and write the subject and email content for sending to other recipients if you do not want to use the default ones. 4. Enter the group of recipients' emails by clicking the "+" button to add. Then drag the Signature/Initial button or other fields to add for your signature when you need to sign it. After setting your fields, click the "Signers Group", then drag the fields as you want to set for all the recipients. 5. After clicking the Next button, the document will be sent to all the recipients that you set in this group. If you need to sign first, then it will lead you to sign directly.
  10. Remove Bates saved settings

    Hi Sonshine, Like Rebecca suggested when you choose "none specified", you can add the new bates number on your documents. Or when you select your previous setting, you can click the "Delete" button to remove the setting from the program directly. Thanks
  11. Hi Tim, Yes, you can also share the following content in your facebook account, then make a screenshot to show me your posts, I will send the calendar to you. "Get FREE calendar 2018 template https://goo.gl/2pcTqV via @PDFelement - an easy, affordable, robust PDF solution! https://goo.gl/EdQGA9 #PDFelement #christmas #ipdfdocs" Thanks
  12. Christmas is around the corner. As the thanks to you, we have prepared the gifts under the tree, brand-new calendar 2018 template. It’s fully editable, printable and customizable. You can change the texts and images in it and make it into a good gift to your business partner, an album of your family moments and a collection of your traveling experience. Step 1: Visit our event page here. Step 2: Twitter and Get the Calendar for FREE Duration: 8th Dec-15th Dec
  13. PE Points Program

    Thanks for the idea.
  14. PE Points Program

    Our PE Points Program (PEPP) is designed to reward active members who consistently contribute valuable content to the PDFelement Community. After all, our forum would not be the same without you! How do I earn PE points? Every "like" that you receive = 1 increase in Reputation This means that every time someone clicks the "like" button on a comment/post you made, your Reputation increases by 1. Every post that you make = 1 increase in Rank This means that every time you start a new thread, thank someone for their time, or answer other questions, your Rank increases by 1. Please refrain from spamming comments. Points and/or comments will be removed at the moderators' discretion. What are the levels of Reputation? *image of badge appears below rep level 1) Poker-Face [0] 2) Low-key [1-5] 3) Helpful [6-20] 4) Reliable [21-45] 5) Credible [46-80] 6) Perspicuous [81-110] 7) Elite [111-150] What are the Ranks? 1) Lurker [0-10] 2) Acquaintance [11-25] 3) Rookie [26-45] 4) Regular [46-70] 5) Geek [71-100] 6) Addict [101-140] 7) Master [141-190] Rewards and Recognition To show that we appreciate your participation, PDFelement recognizes its community participants through a rewards program. To reach a new tier, you must: Tier 1: eSign+ 2.0 Quarterly Free Access Achieve 7 Reputation | 24 Ranking Like 10 comments you found helpful Tier 2: Free Wondershare Product Achieve 14 Reputation | 45 Ranking Like 15 comments you found helpful Tier 3: Free copy of PDFelement (Mac/PC), or free upgrade (Standard → Pro) Achieve 28 Reputation | 75 Ranking Like 25 comments you found helpful More prizes to be announced... Redeem your Rewards Once you are eligible to redeem your reward, please send an email to PErewards@wondershare.com with the following information: 1. Name (First and Last). 2. Username in Community. 3. The industry that you are working in. 4. One thing you love about PDFelement and one thing that you think could be improved. 5. Which tier you are redeeming. If there is a choice in prize, please state which option you would like. Upon submission, please allow 2-3 business days for your rewards application to be reviewed. Please direct any other questions about the PE Points Program to the same email
  15. modify default scan settings

    Hi Handlerca, After connecting with your scanner, you can choose Black&White option in the Kind list to use. Thanks
  16. Multiple page scanning

    Hi Bruce, After opening our program, please click the Help>About button to check whether you are using the latest version 6.3.3. If not, please go to the link below to install the latest version program to scan for a try again. Download URL: http://download.wondershare.com/cbs_down/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe If it is already the latest version, then please provide the log file of this product for analysis. In order to get the log file, please open any folder on your computer, then copy&paste the following address in the address bar, it will lead you to the destination folder. Then please find the latest version of the .log format file, please attach them in the email to send to us for analysis. %appdata%\Wondershare\PDFelement 6 Pro\Log Thanks
  17. PDF from Powerpoint

    Hi Paul, I am sorry that the Mac version program that you purchased does not support to create PPT files to PDF files. Currently, the Mac version program PDFelement only supports to create the following formats files to PDF files: ---web files (html,htm,webarchive) ---picture files(gif,tiff,jpg,jpeg,bmp,png) ---text files (txt,rtf,rtfd) If you want to create office format files to PDF files, I recommend the program of Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac, you are welcome to download the free trial version from the link below to have a test: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-creator-mac/ Thanks
  18. Hi JohnW2, I am sorry that the download button is only available after share it in your twitter. However, if you have a Facebook account, then please copy and paste the following content in your Facebook account to post it. Then you can make a screenshot to show me your Facebook post, I will apply the Calendar 2018 template to you directly. "Get FREE calendar 2018 template https://goo.gl/2pcTqV via @PDFelement - an easy, affordable, robust PDF solution! https://goo.gl/EdQGA9 #PDFelement #christmas #ipdfdocs" Thanks
  19. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi db18, Do you mean to set the text on top of the background box colour of the field? After opening your PDF form in our program, please click the Form>Edit Form button, then double click the field to open its properties window. In the Appearance tab, you can set the fill in color and text color and other settings. In case the settings cannot meet your needs, could you please specify your requirements? And you can attach your old PDF file that can meet your needs here to send to us for further check. Thanks
  20. Superscript and subscript

    Hi Baran, Our program PDFelement 6 Pro supports to create and edit Superscript and Subscript text, please make sure to install the latest version 6.3.3 for a try again. Download Link: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe And you can refer to the link below to check more instructions about how to create and edit Superscript and Subscript text: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#edit_text In case it still does not work, please make a screenshot to show me the issue you get and also attach your PDF file here to send to us for further tests. Thanks
  21. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi db18, You can use the copy and paste method to transfer all the fields in the new PDF file. So please open both of your PDF files in our program, click the Form>Form Edit button in your previously PDF file, and copy all the fields as you want. Then click the Form>Form Edit button in the new PDF file as well, paste all the fields in it. Hope this method helps. In order to edit your comment, please make sure to click the Select button in the top-left corner, then you can click the comment to edit it. Thanks
  22. Hi Whteverkat, Whether your folder name contains any symbol, such as * # & ? Or whether your folder name is too long? If it contains some symbol, then it may be affected to recognize it. You can let us know your folder name and the location path to check. Thanks
  23. Importation of image in PDF form

    Hi Luc, I am sorry that our program does not support the image field currently, however your suggestion has been forwarded to our development team, we will try to add more features in the future. Thanks
  24. Remove box highlights in fillable forms

    Hi Cori, This is the form editing mode, once you adding the forms as you want, you can click the "Select" button to go out of the form editing mode, then you can click the fields to start to filling out. https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#fill_in_forms Thanks
  25. The OCR function and scanned book pages

    Hi Jeff, Welcome to join us. Actually, OCR function is also available in our trial version. After opening your PDF file in our trial version PDFelement 6 Pro, you can click the Edit>OCR button to download and install the OCR first. After installing, you can click it again to perform OCR for your PDF file to have a test. Here are more instructions about how to perform OCR: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#perform_ocr Thanks