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      We have released the new version 6.3.0 for both of Windows and Mac version program PDFelement 6 Professional! The Windows version program supports XFA files, PDF attachments and multi-tiled screen,etc. Start your experience now: https://pdf.wondershare.com/

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      We are inviting you to tell us about your experiences working with paper and digital documents. The survey takes less than 2 minutes and your responses are confidential. There's also an opportunity to get an additional copy of PDFelement 6 Professional for free. Start the survey now.



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  1. How To Rotate Text

    Hi Ike, Our program supports to rotate images and graphic-based objects. Please go to the link below to install the latest version 6.3.0 for a try again. Download Link: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe After opening your PDF file in the latest version program, please click the Edit button, then right-click the image or the object, you will get the rotate options. And these options can also be found on the right-side. Here are also more instructions for your reference: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#edit_object Thanks
  2. PDFElement v. 6.3.0 Printing Problem

    Hi, In order to help us figure it out, could you please attach the PDF file you used to print here or send it to our email: pdfelement@wondershare.com for further tests? When you click the File>Print button in our program, whether the print preview window is already blank? You can make a screenshot to show your print preview window as well. Thanks
  3. We are inviting you to tell us about your experiences working with paper and digital documents because you are a valuable member of the PDFelement community. We actively use feedback from customers to improve our product and provide you with the best possible document productivity solution. The survey takes less than 2 minutes to complete and your responses will be kept confidential. Take Survey here! Thanks in advance for your participation!
  4. data extraction problem

    Hi Claudiu, For your information that the extracted data are not in the same cell, they are just in the same line. But different fields are in different cells. The data in the first line are the fields names, the data in the second line are the information filled in the fields. If it is not the same as your extracted data, you can attach your extracted .csv file here to send to me for further check. Thanks
  5. Text Field Alignment

    Hi Linda, Yes, you can align the text fields of your form by our Mac version program. After adding text fields, you can select multiple text fields, then use the Align tool to do. Here are more instructions for you: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#form_alignment Thanks
  6. Submit Button Problem

    Hi Vic, Thanks for your confirmation, we are glad it works now. Yes, you need to set the default email box first. Best, Daphne
  7. Hi Eric, Thanks for your feedback, I have already corrected the user guide, you can refresh the webpage. I am glad you have already found the function. Do you mean to print your PDF file? If so, you can click the File>Print button in our program to print it directly. Thanks
  8. Dynamic Stamps for Mac

    Hi Esther, Yes, we have considered to add this feature in the future version, it is already in our roadmap. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. OCR on a MAC

    Hi Larry, If our PDF file is the scanned file, then the content cannot be copied directly, you need to perform OCR first. So after opening your PDF file in our program, please click the Edit>OCR button, click the Document Language button to choose the correct language of your PDF content to perform OCR. Here are more instructions: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#perform_ocr_for_a_single_scanned_pdf After performing OCR, a newly created PDF file will be opened in our program, and you can click the Edit button to select the text to copy and paste. By the way, the orange notice is for the old version, in the latest version we have changed it to the grey color. Please provide the website link where it still mentions orange, we will correct the information directly. Thanks
  10. Hi Derek, Your attachment cannot be opened since it has an invalid extension .zip.001, if it is a zip file, please make sure the extension is .zip only. Then please attach it here to send to us for check again. Thanks
  11. how to supress blank lines between 2 paragraf

    Hi Christos, For the case, you can click the Edit button on the top-left corner of our program, then blue boxes will appear around the text. You can select the block of text to move this whole paragraph to the blank space to cover on it. Thanks
  12. What's New of eSign+ (2017/9/14)

    eSign+ service supports multi-user account now. 1) After signing up an account, please click the Buy Now button, it will lead you to the website: https://esignplus.wondershare.com/buy, then you can select the correct user amount as you want to purchase directly. 2) After re-login this account, you will get the User tab on the top menu, where you can start to invite other users to be the sub-accounts. The user will receive the invitation email in the email address, so they can follow the invitation email to sign up their own account. After login their account, the account will be valid premium account directly. 3) Click the sub-account user's name, then you can check the status and data of the signature emails have been sent from this sub-account.
  13. Calculation fields are not not correct

    Hi Oskar, I have forwarded your case to our development team for further analysis and keep improving the program. Thanks for your feedback.
  14. How can I translate PDF-document

    Hi A. Käppeler, I am sorry that our program does not support to change the language of the PDF content. For your case, you may need a translation tool to translation the content to another language. Thanks
  15. Time Stamp

    Hi Randy, I am sorry that our program only supports to create the static image files as the stamps, I am sorry we do not support to create the dynamic stamps with the time. But I have forwarded your need to our development team, we will keep improving the program to support more features in the future. Thanks