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  1. Track Changes

    Hi Rex, Do you refer to the current PDFelement for Mac 5.x version or our new PDFelement 6? For the current PDFelement for Mac 5.x version, after opening your PDF file in the program, you can click the Comment panel on the left side, then it will display all the comments in your PDF file, and you can click one, you can see the change date and author information. But I am sorry that it does not support to track other changes. Thanks.
  2. Form Templates

    Hi Bio Bob, Thanks for your feedback, we will consider your suggestion to enrich our templates.
  3. Hi Kirk, Yes, we have PDF Creator for Mac. If you want to create office format files to PDF files, you are welcome to download the free trial version of it from the link below to have a test: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-creator-mac/ Thanks
  4. PDF not emailing with edits on iPad pro

    Hi Robert, Are you using our iOS version app in your iPad to edit and email the PDF file? If so, after editing, please make sure to save your PDF file, then send the PDF file again to check whether it shows the edit. If it still fails to work, please confirm which program do you use to open the emailed PDF file and where do you open it, on a computer or still open in an iPad? If the file shows a figure of a lock, probably your file is a password protected file, then you should not be able to edit it without the password. So in order to help us figure it out, please make a screenshot to show me your situation about the lock and how you edit your file. You can attach the screenshot here to send directly. Thanks.
  5. redaction not working

    Hi Kimo, I am sorry to know this. Please make sure to click the "Mark for Redaction" button to select the text first, then click the "Apply Redaction" button to apply for a try again to check whether it works. If it still fails to work, could you please attach your PDF file here or send it to: pdfelement@wondershare.com for further tests on our side? Please also confirm which program do you use, windows version or the mac version? Thanks.
  6. Traducir al español

    Hi Josep, ¿Significa que desea la versión española del programa? Si te refieres a esto, por favor visite el enlace de abajo para volver a instalar el programa, y usted puede elegir el idioma español como para instalar directamente. URL de descarga: http://download.wondershare.com/cbs_down/pdfelement_full1042.exe Gracias
  7. Hi Bruce, I am afraid our program does not support to add any system-generated serial number or the barcode. But if you do not want others to modify or edit the PDF file, you can set a permission password for the PDF file to prevent from changing of it. Thanks.
  8. Checkboxes and tab order

    Hi Alessio, 1) The default tab order is the order that you create these text fields. And our program also supports to change it. After opening your PDF form in our program, please click the Forms button, then right-click one of the text field to choose "Show Tab Numbers", then the default tab number will appear in each text field. So you can start to click all the text fields one by one as the order you want. After clicking all the text fields, you can click the Forms button again to close the editing mode. 2) Do you mean the check boxes disappear when you open the file in Acrobat Reader? If you mean this, could you please attach this PDF file here to send to us for further check? 3) Actually, the app store version is the same one as our website version, they just have different version numbers but the program is the same. Thanks.
  9. Scanner Interface for PDFelement 6

    Hi John, After we release PDFelement 6, you need to click the Check for Update button in the current program, then it will help you detect the new program to upgrade. Thanks
  10. How to Crop (Is There a User Guide ?)

    Hi Sam, For your reference that if you want to remove text or objects, please use the edit feature. After opening your PDF file in our program, please click the Edit>Edit Text or Edit Object button, then click the text or object that you want to remove to select, and press the Delete key to delete it directly. And when you crop the page, the area that you selected in the box will be remained, the other parts out of the box will be cropped. You can refer to the link below to know how to edit objects: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement/user-guide.html#edit_object If you still fail to remove your diagram, could you please attach your PDF file here to send to us for further tests? Thanks
  11. Hi Pattern, Thanks for your concerning. I am afraid the template function is still not working cause we make our server upgrade to meet large visiting on our website. We will announce on the home page once it is OK. I will set you as a premium account to use this function when it is done. Thanks again
  12. OCR

    Hi Sam, For your reference that you need to open a PDF file in the program PDFelement first, then all the buttons will be enabled. And you can click the OCR button to check what information it asks for. If it asks you to download and install the OCR, then you can click it to download and install first. If you have already downloaded and installed OCR, then it will ask for the registration information when you click the OCR button, so you can copy and paste your OCR registration information to register it. After installing and registering OCR successfully, you can start to use it directly. Thanks.
  13. Thank you, we will check the email box and apply free license for you tomorrow morning.
  14. Hi Mohameed, I am glad the files work for you, so you can keep the program to use. Yes, we use the bugsplat reporter to feedback the crash issue, and it is a platform used in our program, only when the program crashes, the bugsplat reporter will appear. Thanks for your understanding and support.
  15. Convert Outlook 2016 mac to PDF

    Hi Warren, I am sorry that the Mac version program does not support to create emails to PDF files directly, if there is any misleading information online, please provide the website link of the information to me, we will try to correct it immediately. Thanks