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  1. Editing PDF problem

    I have contacted hosting company. They have said any time after 2pm (UTC) today. The details are: ID 717 928 021 Password 1345
  2. Editing PDF problem

    I have attached the log files. Log.zip
  3. Editing PDF problem

    Thank you.
  4. Editing PDF problem

    Printer is HP Laserjet 400 but there are 3 printers connected to the local machine and it does it with them all. It even does it with the Microsoft XPS Document Writer and other virtual printers. Setup is as follows: from the local machine, an RDP (remote desktop) connection is used to access the hosted server (hosted by the company IRIS). After the connection is established, all my files and programs are there including the Wondershare program (which IRIS installed for me). In order for all my programs to print to my local printers, the IRIS server sets them up automatically as redirected printers which means that the printers/software do not need to be directly installed on the server. The server uses Windows Server 2008 R2 and uses terminal services. My guess is that if I installed the Wondershare program locally on my machine (Win10Pro), it would work so it is related to obtaining the printer properties through the remote connection. If I select one of the printers that are local to the server (eg not redirected ones) the printer properties come up all right; just not on the redirected ones. If I select printer properties from any other application (Word etc) then it comes up without issue.
  5. Editing PDF problem

    I will check with the company that does the hosting. Not sure what you mean about network environment. What should i ask them exactly about the network environment? Many thanks for taking time to try and resolve this for me.
  6. Editing PDF problem

    Thanks for the responses. I suspect Jacky is correct and the PDF's are using the XFA form and because these are already editable, I can just open these with Adobe Reader anyway so it is not an issue. The printer issue is more of an issue though. The software is actually being run on a hosted server rather than locally on my machine and the issue of not being able to get printer properties only occurs when a redirected printer is selected. Printers that are local to the server do not suffer from the issue and printer properties can be opened without issue in those cases. I do not have this issue with any of the other hosted software programs eg office, adobe reader, sage etc. Does this give any clue as to why it might be happening?
  7. Editing PDF problem

    I cannot contact support for the software because it requires my question to be 30 characters or less. Baffled Anyway. I have the following problems and need some assistance. I just purchased PDFelement and have three issues. These are: 1. I am unable to edit certain PDF files. I am even unable to open them. When I open in Adobe Reader they open just fine but if I open them in PDFelement the instead come up with an error: "Please wait... If this message is not eventually replaced by... (see the attached file called "Capture"). 2. When I try to print from PDFelement I get an error when I click "printer properties" from the print screen. The error is SetPrinter()failed (see second attached file named "Capture2") I do not get this from any other program on the PC and it's important for double-sided printing. 3. A bit of a strange on this. It only seems to happen if I print first from the document. After printing, when I close the software, it doesn't fully disappear from the screen. Almost as if the graphics remain behind but the program is not really there and has indeed closed. It can be fixed if I cover the parts of the screen with the graphics remaining (ie switch to another program on the taskbar) and it overwrites the graphics on the screen. Sorry about being vague on this but it is difficult to describe in a message. Any assistance would be appreciated.