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  1. HI. I have not heard from anyone in a. few days regarding this issues. Since the software does not do what I need it to, in an efficient and complete manner, i would like to get a refund. I saw when i purchased i can get my money back but cannot see anywhere how to do that. Can you please provide a link to instructions for a refund. Thank you.
  2. Daphne, the value of the program is significantly reduced if i have to do one page at a time. This version has 17 pages and it will continue to grow and i will be needing to do this up to two times a week. Do any of your other products handle this file and task? If not then would like to request a refund. Please advise the process for this. Thank you.
  3. Thank you Daphne. I have sent email
  4. I did not see an email address you want me to send this to?
  5. I have a 17 page pdf and i want all pages in one worksheet. When I select Convert all pages to a single worksheet.xlsx with only retain forms of original file i get blank sheet When I select Convert all pages to a single worksheet.xlsx without only retain forms of original file i get all data in one sheet but with very weird merging with no consistency and it is not useable. How do i get around this? Convert each page to separate worksheet works but merging 17 worksheets after export is not a reasonable solution or workaround.