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      Official Release of version 6.3.0   09/19/2017


      We have released the new version 6.3.0 for both of Windows and Mac version program PDFelement 6 Professional! The Windows version program supports XFA files, PDF attachments and multi-tiled screen,etc. Start your experience now: https://pdf.wondershare.com/

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      We are inviting you to tell us about your experiences working with paper and digital documents. The survey takes less than 2 minutes and your responses are confidential. There's also an opportunity to get an additional copy of PDFelement 6 Professional for free. Start the survey now.


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  1. Missing "Edit Object" button?

    I have the MAC version. Put I can not find the "Edit Object" button anywhere. I need to align my rows of text and the only place I see to align is in the "Forms" area.... But I can't select my text boxes in this area My screen does not even have and edit object button in the menu anywhere??? Whats up?
  2. making a font default

    What about if I'm using MAC ? I can't find any way to reset the default?