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  1. Highlight Text

    The update did not work. However, I found a work around by saving the original file with "Save As". All the functions returned. Kevin
  2. Highlight Text

    Hi, I am using PDFelement Pro for Mac and have multiple non scanned pdf files. I am unable to highlight, underscore, or strikethrough on these files. I select "comment" then "highlight" but am unable to select anything. Thanks, Keving
  3. Duplicate Page

    Hi, I have a Pdf file with a page I want to copy and insert into the same file. What is the most efficient way to do this. Do I have to extract this page and then insert from file? Thank, Woody
  4. View 2 documents at same time

    With PDFelement for Mac, If I select the + icon for create new tab, nothing happens.
  5. Straight Line

    Hi, Is there a way on PDFelement for mac to draw a straight horizontal or vertical line?