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  1. Forms on Android

    Hi CarlvanBlerk, Thanks for your concerning with our product. Compare to PDFelement for Windows and Mac, Android version is very new and it needs a lot of functions to be developed. At present Android version does not support FORM recoginzation. We will speed up to work out this feature in the coming releases. Thanks, Gary
  2. no upgrade reflected on my account

    Hi Julien, We've set to be premium account, please log in to check it. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks Gary

    Hi there, Sorry for any inconvenience. It is OK now. Please try it.
  4. Hi Chris, Does your issue happed in the page setting signature? If so, please firtly click the button "Send For Signature", then it will transfer to another page. In this page, please click the button "Submit Signature", then will be OK. Thanks, Gary
  5.  Esign won't open the last page of my pdf

    Hi Susan, Sorry for any inconvenience, we've sent an email to you, please check it.
  6. Hi Susan, Sorry for any inconvenience, we've sent an email to you, please check it.
  7. Hi Susan, Sorry for any inconvenience, we've sent an email to you, please check it.
  8. Hi Susan, Sorry for any inconvenience, we've sent an email to you, please check it.
  9. Can't log in to Esign

    Hi Susan, What is your eSign+ account? Is it
  10. Problems signing

    Hi there, We test the issue on Safari and Firefox, it works OK. I suggest you use the latest version of these two browsers and clear the browser cache firstly. Feel free to contact me if you have any issue. Thanks, Gary
  11. eSign+ API

    Hi Adrian, Thanks for concerning eSign+. We are now working on Multi-Users feature, bulk sends feature, and these two features would be a bit time-consuming, I am afraid eSign+ API will be postpone after that. Thanks, Gary
  12. Problems signing

    Hi there, When you say "signed the document the computer didn't recognize", do you mean when you click the blue box it has no action response for you to enter any message? If so, please use Chrome in Windows to do it temporarily, we will fix this issue on Firefox and Safari as soon as possible. Also, if it still pop out saying "hadn't signed yet", it means there are still signature on the document you need to enter, which would be fields like "Signature", "Date","Title","Company", so please check it. We will let you know once we fixed this issue. Thanks, Gary
  13. Integration of esign

    Basically, for integrate function, we will priority consider Salesforce system, then will be some customize API, it depends on user requirment and resource we have. Will you tell us what industry and what scenes you would like to use eSignature?
  14. Integration of esign

    Hi Ravi, I am afraid at present we do not provide such function, while we will consider your demand seriously, will you tell me what exactly dot net application do you want to integrate? Microsoft Office? or Outlook? Thanks, Gary
  15. Status of documents

    Hi there, We've finished delete function today. After we launch the product, it will work. So you can try it later today. The 'delete' function appears on 'My Document' Thanks, Gary

    Hi John, OK, We will check for that today. In order to locate your issue precisely,will you please tell us what browser it happen and what version of the browser? In what operation system of your computer? Windows or Mac? It will be great help for us and we are really appreciate for your information. Thanks Gary

    Hi John, Will you please tell me your eSign+ email and the document name? We will check your issue ASAP once we back to office after weekend. By the way, you can try another document for signing to see whether it recurs such problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks Gary
  18.  Esign won't open the last page of my pdf

    Hi Marcelo, Sorry for any inconvenience. We've been checking your issue since yesterday, all the data of your files are normal and it seems to curious on this phenomenon. Anyway, we'll keep focusing on it and will reply to you once we fix. Thanks, Gary
  19.  Esign won't open the last page of my pdf

    Hi Marcelo, Do all the documents you uploaded have such phenomenon? Or it just happened in some of these? In order to dig out the reason, will you tell us the name of the documents? Thanks Gary
  20. Status of documents

    Hi Terri, We will add 'Delete' operation in Actions Column of My Documents. Please wait for few days. Sorry for any inconvenience. Gary
  21. Status of signed documents

    Hi Jack, How many signers will sign on the document? For example, if there are 3 signers, says A, B, C. These three people need to sign one by one, suppose in the situation A and B have signed their names on the document and C still doesn't sign his name, then in status page, it display that "Waiting for others", here means waiting for C, while in detail it display person signed it, this person means B has signed it. So in this case, it makes sense. If your case is not like this example, please take some screenshots, I will help to find out your reason. Thanks, Gary
  22. eSign+ IOS app?

    Hi Jack, I am sorry eSign+ right now has no iOS app, you can visit on your phone to send contracts. We do have plan to fullfil iOS app in the coming months, since eSign+ new version is launched recently, it takes times to stable it and fix some issues. Once we have iOS app, we will annouce on our website. Thanks for your concerning. Thanks Gary
  23. On Trial, few doubts about the software

    Hi Veronic, Thanks your concerning. From your three comment, acutually it involves three big features eSign+ is going to develop in the coming months. Here I try to clear your confusion one by one. 1. Muliple Users Function. For a company, it could be possible need couple of users of eSign+. We will provide multi-users feature, that means in one admin account, it can create multi-users under this admin account and all of these users can seperately to send document for signing. 2.Bulk Sends. This feature can resolve the issue " but what if you need same document individually signed for different people? " 3. Template. Template can make users more effective to send document for signing, without repeat operation again and again. These three feature is under our schedule, we will fullfil these function in the coming months. Other questions "How is the process regarding the staff that need to sign and send back the documents, they need to create an account too? How easy is to to this? Can you explain further how is the process please? " For singers who was request to sign on document, it is unnecessary to create an account, all they need to do that is open the link in their email and sign their names, a few clikcs, that is all. For the owners of the doucment, he will get email notifcation automally that can make him track the during the whole process, '' Download Insurance Service - 24 months warranty " This is provide by the payment platform, if you don't need this service, just delete it in the shopping cart. No any influence of buy eSign+. By the way, eSign+ new version will launch on 20th July, it has nice UI design and better user experience, just go and try it. Thanks, Gary
  24. How Do We Create Reusable Templates?

    Hi there, We are now upgrading our product to version2.0, it will be launch on 17th July. After that, we will focus on new features multi-users, bulk sends and template. We previous did the template development before, but it didn't work well, so we temporary paused。We will revoke description about template shows on the homepage temporary, sorry for any inconvenience.
  25. Different options for signing

    Hi there, According to the schedule, we will launch a new version on 15th June, then you can add custom boxes on document for e-signing.