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  1. Hi Susan, You can call this num: 86 755 8666 5000-8916, I will communicate with you
  2. eSign+ API

    Yes, I get it. We will firstly search the example you provided above, and reply you this issues, OK? Thanks.
  3. Hi Susan, Please clear the browser cache firstly (Clear brower cache is simple, which just a few clicks, you can google how to operatate) , then try it again. If the issue still exist, please tell me the document name, I will transfer to our engineers to check it.
  4. Need Refund

    Hi Kim, I've helped you request the refund operation, normally, the money will be back to you in 8~10 working days.
  5. Need Refund

    OK, We will refund. Normally, your money will be back in 5~7 working days.
  6. Need Refund

    OK,I got it. Will you tell me your order number? Then I can help to refund your money
  7. Need Refund

    Hi, I am sorry to hear that. Will you tell me the reason you want to refund? Does the product not meet your requirement? Or is not easy to use? Any advice is appreciated.
  8. I suggest you to use the latest version of Chrome to start a new process, at the same time, our develpers are checking this issue
  9. We will check it right now, Thanks for feedback
  10. eSign+ API

    Hi, Thanks your feedback. From your description, the whole process it is clear. If we provide eSign+ API for your CRM, that means once the accountant login the CRM, he can use eSign+ directly without login to eSign+ again. Then he can use eSign+ in your CRM the same as use in eSign+ Website. I just want to konw do your company has software engineers to handle such issue once we provide eSign+ API? As far as I know, many SMB use CRM which is provided by Salesforce, that will save them cost and time to have a CRM system.Do you ever consider about it?
  11. Hi, I try eSign+ several times, it seems good for me. Easy to use and quick response. I just want to know is eSign+ security enough? Once I send a document with my signature on eSign+, do you have any mechanism to protect my document?