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  1. A new version is available. Would you like to update now? What's new Version 6.3.3: Corrections and improvements on many small details.
  2. Cropping "All Pages"

    I tried on many documents and working perfect You need to select "all pages" If not working, please upload the document here or send to the support team
  3. How do I save to One Cloud

    The program supports Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote (Windows Version)
  4. IRS form W-9

    The file is not corrupted. I can open it using adobe acrobate with NO problems It is a fill form with some restrictions and it crashes with PDFelement Waiting for more analysis from the developer team
  5. Halloween Discount!

    Thanks a lot for this good offer
  6. Save and Close

    The save button become active once you click on edit button and start editing any PDF document The program supports tabbed view. You can open and close many PDF files in many tabs and close (the same as your browser)
  7. Conversion Issues

    I suggest to upload the document here or send to the support team for more help: pdfelement@wondershare.com
  8. Also, the printer settings include header and footer options you can try to set
  9. Printing Defaults

    Open print from file menu then select your printer, you can specify the printer properties under the printer selected Change the settings to print black and white
  10. Can you see the number on the preview page when you try to print? The most easy way to update the program is to download the full version and install on top of the current one: http://download.wondershare.com/cbs_down/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe
  11. In this topic i will add the new features in each new update Currently the changelog of version 6.3.2 is not yet available Here are the changelog of version 6.3 Now support reading and filling XFA-based PDF forms. Now you can add file attachments with comments in any PDF documents. Now you can edit graphic-based objects, like rotating, mirroring, cropping and etc. Support multi-tiled screen display and drag operation. Now you can set the absolute size to the watermark in documents. Now you can select “Searchable Text Image” mode or “Editable Text” mode when performing OCR. Improved the performance of PDF conversion to other file formats. The overall PDF compatibility and stability have been greatly improved. Many other improvements on the UX.
  12. Authorized Computers

    I suggest to completely uninstall and reinstall version 6 If the same problem persist, you need to update your system to meet the requirements
  13. add link to text in form field

    Edit...link...open a file...browse to text file...add...save
  14. add link to text in form field

    I hope i didn't misunderstand what you mean
  15. I suggest to uninstall and reinstall again then check the problem Full installer download: http://download.wondershare.com/cbs_down/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe
  16. Tried inserting a circle

    Very nice tutorial. I suggest to create a forum section for these tutorials, it is useful and many users can access with no need to check all topics in the forum
  17. PDFelement App now is Free!

    Thank you very much for this great app and for FREE. I am using the android version
  18. I have a textbook that failed to open with PDFelement 6 I tried many times and had a creash report at the end The book open with other PDF apps I can send it via email to check
  19. There is an updated version, check the issue after you update
  20. Elements won't open

    Please add some information about your system windows or Mac I suggest to download the current version and reinstall it
  21. Thanks for the support team. The specified book is working in the updated version of the program However i still have a feeling that there is some lag in opening of any PDF file I suggest to open any PDF file directly with no need for the PDFelement starting window
  22. upgrade to 6.3

    Can you please upload any page from the document you mean?
  23. I have a feeling that opening PDF files is slow in general since the last update 6.3. The previous version was faster to open PDF files
  24. File sent to the email address for further assessment