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      We are glad to announce that the new better version 6.1.0 has been officially released, which supports PDF/A, create from scanners (windows version only), digital signatures, find&replace and many other improvements. Start to experience now: https://pdf.wondershare.com/



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  1. OCR Component Does not Download

    Hi Mark Foster, Could you provide the screenshot for downloading OCR issue? We will check the issue and try to fix it. Please download the latest OCR component from the link below for it. Download Link: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement6-ocrv11.exe Thanks for your feedback. Jacky
  2. How to scan new document?

    Now you can create PDF files from your scanner directly in the latest PDFelement 6.1.0.
  3. PDFelement 6 versus Adobe acrobat

    Thanks for your support! We will do our best to provide the best PDF solution!
  4. Mail Merge

    Thanks, we will consider your requirement seriously.
  5. Editing a PDF results in Blank document

    Hi One Dha, Could you show more information about your issue such as screenshot, PDF file etc.? Thanks for your feedback. Jacky
  6. problem when editing text

    Hi hayden, I think the issue is related to your PDF file. Could you upload your PDF file here or send it to me (wangyi@wondershare.cn) for further check? Thanks. Jacky
  7. Mail Merge

    Hi Elise Rotatori, Could you send a sample excel file to me (wangyi@wondershare.cn) for further analysis? Maybe we can find a solution for your problems. Thanks Jacky
  8. Select All

    Hi Krunal, We are sorry for your inconvenience. PDFelement doesn't support selecting the multi-page text. I suggest that you can try to save as a Word file or .txt file and then copy all the text into another application. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. Watermark issue - registered version

    Hi Martin, We are very sorry for your inconvenience and it's a bug of watermarks. We will fix it in coming 6.1.0 version. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Hi, Do you run PDFelement in Windows or macOS? Could you show more information about the crash issue such as OS version, screenshot etc.? Did you install some external fonts? You can click File -> Properties to check your PDF file information. But it cannot list what fonts used in the PDF file. Could you explain why you need this feature? We will consider it seriously. Thanks for your feedback!
  11. Remove watermark

    Hi Langus, If you are running the registered Pro version and open your pdf file whose watermarks are added in the trial Pro version, the watermarks will be removed automatically. If you have any question, please upload your PDF file here or send it to me: wangyi@wondershare.cn. We will check it and find the solution for you ASAP. Thanks
  12. refound please

    OK, I am looking forward for you feedback!
  13. Hi Laboratório, Do you run PDFelement and PDF Convertor Pro in Administrator account? If not, you can try switch to Administrator account to run it. We are yet not able to confirm the solution for this issue now. Thanks for your feedback!
  14. NEW Client and still in FREE MODE

    Hi Javier, I'm sorry for your inconvenience. Could you show more information about your issue such as screenshot, product version, email account etc? So that we can check the issue and find the solution for you. Thanks for your support!