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  1. Could you upload your PDF file here or send it to pdfelement@wondershare.com?
  2. OCR for Tibetan word

    PDFelement can convert your PDF into word, but the text codes of those Tibetan seem lost.
  3. Scanner Interface for PDFelement 6

    Thanks for your support! We will make PDFelement better and better and look forward for your more feedback!
  4. Scanner Interface for PDFelement 6

    I think we will support direct scanner connection in a few months, not in 6.0, maybe in 6.x.
  5. How to scan new document?

    We will support creating PDF from scanner directly in future. For current version, you may use scanner first and choose Home->From File to create PDF.
  6. 1. You may try our PDFelement to convert your PDF file and you can choose .doc format option. 2. Which version of MS Word do you use? I think that your Word version maybe too old. 3. Could you upload your PDF file here or send it to: pdfelement@wondershare.com for further check? The text's unicode of your PDF maybe lost.
  7. Whether you run PDFelement in Windows or macOS? If you are in Windows version, you can choose .doc format in convert dialog.
  8. Date only shows when I click the field but does not print

    Hi Bruce Johnston, Could you please post your screenshot here and we can get more information about your issue. And you can send your PDF to: pdfelement@wondershare.com for further check. Thanks for your support.
  9. PDFelement keeps crashing

    Hi Alex Cole, Could you please show more information about your issue? You can upload your PDF file here or send it to pdfelement@wondershare.com. You'd better describe your issue step by step to help us solve it. Thanks for your support.
  10. Mark and annotate - Tech details

    Hi Gunnar, You can visit the URL: https://pdf.wondershare.com/tutorial/ and find some online help. I hope it will help you in some cases. Or you can show more detail information about any issue here. Our develop team will give you feedback as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.
  11. Hi Rodolfo Bedoya, PDFelement for Mac doesn't support Digital Signature now. We will add this feature in later version. Thank you for your support!
  12. Beta Testers Wanted (Ended)

    Hi Terence W Appel, Thanks for your interest, but could you please provide the following requested information and send to our email address: pdfelement@wondershare.com? Name: Email: Country: Industry: Operating System (Windows/Mac): A little explanation that will help us understand your experience with PDFs
  13. Hi Rajesh C, PFX is a file format for storing cryptography objects such as private key. So I don't understand what you said for converting image to PFX. Could you please show more information about your issue? Thanks
  14. OCR hangs aT 99%

    Hi Mark Ellis, I guess that your PDF file has too many pages, so PDFelement crashed for out of memory when OCR. I suggest that you can split your PDF first and then OCR them.
  15. Beta Testers Wanted (Ended)

    Hi FayInAZ, Thanks for your information, I have added you in our candidate list. Once we confirm you are the final tester, I will email you to confirm more details around 12th March. Thanks again