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  1. I have checked your message. Yes, we can meet your requirements.
  2. Great, after you get more than 500 followers, and you post our product review according to our requirements, then you can get the free license you need, wish you good luck!
  3. Haven't you received the email? I sent it again.
  4. Hi Quach, thanks for your fast reply, but now we don't have Vietnamese. How many followers do your social account have? You can share our product to win free license.
  5. Hi Quach, thanks for your interesting, which lauguage you are proficient?
  6. Many thanks again, I will reply you via email.
  7. Hi whizkidraj, we have just sent the free license of PDFelement for Windows to your email box, please check it. Also, we will appreciate you if you ask your friends to share more.
  8. Hi tarek, thanks for your sharing, we have sent the free license of PDFelement for Windows to your email box, please check it now.
  9. Hi Antonio, Thanks for your supporting Could you please write a product review directly post to your Facebook account and share with tagging #PDFelement ? I suggest you use unique content or rewrite the content from, but don't copy the same content from Wait for your reply again, thanks a lot.
  10. Great sharing, do you need free license for Windows or Mac?
  11. Hii whizkidraj, thanks for your feedback, I have just dealed with mailbox and received your email. Yes, you can use others's social profile account to share, but with more that 500 followers.
  12. Hi Daniel, Thanks for your interesting, could you please provide your twitter link or your blog link?
  13. Hi Erwin, thankis for your participating, but I can't see your post, could you provide me an access to your post?
  14. PDFelement will be more than honored to sponsor people software to share. This exclusive offer is designed for someone popular at social networks. Write a review for PDFelement and share it on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and etc. Share your exclusive experience with PDFelement with your friends and followers! Enlisting Requirements: • More than 500 followers or subscribers on following platforms: YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Google/Forum • Share with tagging #PDFelement and adding link How to Get PDFelement License For Free • Step 1: Write a review to share your experience with #PDFelement on your social media account. • Step2: Comment with your sharing link below this post. • Step 3: Once your review is confirmed valid, the free registration code will be sent to you via e-mail. If you have any questions, please e-mail to Tips: • Your review should be public for at least 3 months. • Please DO NOT publish any license on your website. If leaked license code was misused, we would block it. Thanks for your understanding. • Welcome to become a freelancer in PDFelement Studio to do tasks like writing reviews or articles, translations, or any other talents you're specialized in. You will be rewarded a free license or other bonus. Just tell us your idea and surprise us!
  15. Text extraction from scanned PDF?

    Hi Aimee, extract scaned PDF text need software which support OCR. Wondershare PDFelement can help you solve the issue. After you import your PDF file in the program, please click the "Perform OCR" button on the top notification bar. Choose an OCR language and click "OK" to make the document editable. And then go to the "Home" tab and click "Select" to get the text you want. Check the step-by-step guide here: