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  1. Yes, I sent you the license including OCR feature.
  2. Hi Akshay, thanks for your interesting, could you please write a natural review post for our PDFelement 6? We want to see a new review post and sincerely reviews from you.
  3. Hi Princess, great sharing, I have sent the free license to your email box, please check it.
  4. I have checked the mail and replied to you, please check it again.
  5. Hi Mary, we have sent license to you, please check your emial box, thanks for you supporting.

    Hi BOB, Can you send your original file to us for a testing? Also, I suggest you have a free trial of our new version of PDFelement--PDFelement 6 (https://pdf.wondershare.com/) Wish you good luck!
  7. Hi Mary, thanks for your participating, we will check your post tomorrow morning, if it's ok, we will send you free license ASAP, please wait for a few hours, thanks for your patience.
  8. I have checked your message. Yes, we can meet your requirements.
  9. Great, after you get more than 500 followers, and you post our product review according to our requirements, then you can get the free license you need, wish you good luck!
  10. Haven't you received the email? I sent it again.
  11. Hi Quach, thanks for your fast reply, but now we don't have Vietnamese. How many followers do your social account have? You can share our product to win free license.
  12. Hi Quach, thanks for your interesting, which lauguage you are proficient?
  13. Many thanks again, I will reply you via email.
  14. Hi whizkidraj, we have just sent the free license of PDFelement for Windows to your email box, please check it. Also, we will appreciate you if you ask your friends to share more.
  15. Hi tarek, thanks for your sharing, we have sent the free license of PDFelement for Windows to your email box, please check it now.