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  1. Button to Email (continued)

    "Daphne"... There are two problems with my file: (1) the appearance of the button, and (2) enabling the button send the form back to my email address. The first problem is not very important. The second is very important! I agree, you have sent instructions to me for the Actions tab twice. The second time you included the "Select trigger = mouse up" setting, thank you for adding that information. I have followed your instructions with extreme care, but the button action is still not working. I sent the file as an email attachment to my partner's computer. She entered some information on the form, then clicked on the button. No email was created. Yesterday I sent my file to you. Please...PLEASE...look at ALL the button settings and tell me where I have made an incorrect entry.
  2. Button to Email (continued)

    "Daphne"... Maybe it would be easier if I sent you my file, so you can check the Button Properties settings and discover why it isn't working. There are two problems: (1) Clicking on "SUBMIT" button does not send to my email address, and (2) border color is missing from button appearance. MCI.7f.pdf
  3. (I started this chat with you under another title, but I can't reply to your latest post, so I am creating this new Title.) Please tell me EXACTLY what should be entered in Button Properties to create a button that will send the document to me as an email attachment. Please tell me specific information for each field in Button Properties, as follows: GENERAL: Anything in "Tool tip" box? "Form field" = "visible"? "Read only" = unchecked? OPTIONS: "Layout" = ??? "Behavior" = ??? "State" = ??? "Icon" = ??? ACTIONS: "Select trigger" = ??? "Select action" = "Submit a form"? SUBMIT FORM SELECTIONS: "PDF the complete document"?
  4. Button to Email Address?

    What other settings under the Options tab? Anything for Layout? Anything for Behavior? Also, in the Appearance tab I entered colors for Border Color and Fill Color to look like Example 2 (above), but no border appears when I download the file.
  5. Button to Email Address?

    I'm sorry, Daphne, but I am a new user and cannot create the button following these instructions. It looks like attachment Example 1 , but I want it to look like attachment Example 2. Should I include a button on my original PDF file, or create it only using PDFelement? When you say "double click the field", what is "the field"? Are there any button instructions in the online help?
  6. (New user.) On my fillable form, I'd like to create a button titled "SUBMIT" that would send the filled-in document to my email address. I can see how to create the button, but don't know how to link it to my email address. Help, please?