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  1. Create signature on failed

    Hi there, I am afraid right now eSign+ is not suitable for finger drawing on phone or tablet. We will apply a mobile app at the end of June. So if you want to use your real sigangre, you can write down your signature on paper(black font, white paper is better), then take a photo of your signature. We provide three way to create a new signature, 'Type', 'Upload' and 'Draw'. I suggest you use 'Upload' on your computer. Please see the screenshot
  2. Hi, I used your product and my contact is signed by the partner, then I received a email and I sign my name on the contact. I want to ask do my partner and I have the same document with both sides signatures?
  3. Hi, I put my signature on the document then I sent to the other singers, in my side, my job is done. While how do I know the other side signers operate to the document?