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  1. Submitted support tickets but have gotten very vague answer and then nothing for 5 days....great ticket system service. When trying to edit PDF's that were previously made using Acrobat and saved to PDF ver 1.6, PDFelement is painfully slow to open or edit the files. I can open the files with no issue's using Acrobat, PDF architect, PDF X-Change so its not a issue with the files. I can also use Acrobat (well until our subscription expired) to convert the PDF's to ver 1.4 and then PDFelement opens them fine (albeit a little slower than others but not by too much). I tested many functions of PDFelement during the trial period but never even considered this to be a potential problem, in fact once some employees started to complain it took some troubleshooting to discover the common cause. Perhaps for many this is not an issue but we have hundreds of PDF's that are likely in ver 1.6 form, I cannot spend time trying to find and convert to a older format, nor should I have to. I tried uploading files (under the 20mb ticket system limit) to the ticket system but that was a complete failure too. Page just sits there loading but nothing happens, no error message no nothing. Wasted 20min just trying to do that. I have requested a refund (and to expedite the process only on the licenses we have not yet activated) but again no response after 3 days. Please respond to your ticket system!