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  1. Not sure if anyone else has run into this. A PDF that I converted to Pages using PDFelement on MacOS, the iWorks Pages document shows Text plus an Image of the Text directly behind the typed text. If I change the opacity to zero all Images go away, both Images that I need to keep, but also the weird ghost image of the text as well. I am not sure if this is a result of OCR the original scanned PDF file using a different product (Scanbot on iOS) then convert this file to Pages using PDFElement. Has anyone else seen this issue? How did create the file to start 1) I created the original PDF from scanning in the original document. 2) I used Scanbot on an iPad to OCR the file making it searchable. [This looks good, and the OCR document is fully searchable] 3) I used PDFElement to add some hyperlinks from the Table Of Contents in the document to specific page in the PDF. [The document still looks good, and the hyperlinks work without a problem]. 4) I used PDFelement to convert the hyperlinked and searchable PDF to iWorks Pages. 5) When I open up the resulting iWorks Pages document, What I have is a document with a full page background image of the original text plus images. The OCR text is like a top layer on top of this background image. [The Pages document is essentially unusable]. 6) Similar to step 4 above, I had a thought that perhaps Keynote would be better, so I used PDFelement to convert the hyperlinked and searchable PDF to Powerpoint. 7) Similar to step 5 above, when I open up the powerpoint in keynote, the same problem, Text in front of a full page background image. What I am trying to do is to create a simpler user instruction manual with additional comments and process steps tailored to how the client is actually using the product. I essentially would like to take that original PDF and create a two column landscape document, one where the original document in on the right hand side, and any new annotations on the left side of the finished document. It still needs to be searchable and have working hyperlinks. The attached image gives you an idea of what I am talking about.