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  1. Hi Rebecca, I've already sent you the invoice received from Apple (per email) for checking. In this forum I posted the references to the invoice in addition. However, it is difficult to get a screen shoot from an open menu, because the menu is closing when selecting the screen capture program (grab). May be it is sufficient to describe its appearance: - Help menu is open - the following menu items appear in the listed order (one below the other) - Search - Support center - User guide - Community - You Tube - Product Page - Licence Agreement Kind Regards Peet
  2. Thanks for your swift replay. Unfortunately, the use of the recomanded menu item is not possible, since the menu items "check for updates", "register" and "special offer" that should be visible under "help" do not exist in my version. The version number is Additionally, I don't have a registration number, because the features were released after the payment have been made in the App Store (Apple). Thanks.
  3. We bought the pdfElements pro v. 6 in the App Store (Apple) at 5th of July 2017 (document no. 164164223957, Order ID MM7QJG2HGZ, 109,99 EUR in total). The version we bought is 6.4.5. Could you tell us how to get the update to 6.5 . Thanks for you swift replay. Kind Regards