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  1. Creating boxes in forms

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you for coming back to me. I adjust them at the Settings (or Preferences, I have it in German) under Fonts > Default Textbox Font and Fonts > Default fonts.
  2. Creating boxes in forms

    Version This update came in yesterday for me and it came with a bug when placing textboxes or signatureboxes in forms. When I draw a textbox/signaturebox and release the left mouse button, the construction lines still stay attached to the cursor and the box takes about 5-10 seconds until it changes into a box you can really click and edit. Please find a screenshot for this attached. Also, the bug I have filed a several times now (first time half a year ago), still persists: When I set default fonts in the settings for textboxes, they do not have any effect. Every textbox I create still has the very same default Microsoft Sans Serif 12 font. Would appreciate to finally have that fixed. Best regards, Oliver
  3. Report Bug

    Excuse me, if this looks like a bit of a rant, but I see no other way to get the software, that I have paid 100€ for to finally work properly. So here we go: 1. Contact information/Bug report I am a bit confused, how I have to request this feature, but even this forum is just designed to either request features or "discuss" certain topics of the software. Correct me if this is wrong, but there is literally no feature in PDFelement to contact the manufacturer or report bugs. The software is everything but working completely flawless right at the moment. Half a year ago, I looked up a contact mail address of Wondershare (called support@wondershare.com!!) and reported an issue about creating forms with text fields and the formating being a complete mess. Not only has this email remained unanswered, it also have been about 5 updates in the meantime, that did not fix anything. 2. Get form creation and formating to finally work properly This has been my initial request and as a person, who uses the software almost daily, this really annoys me. In my opinion, the form tools are the most innovative feature of the software. I do work with wordfiles that I convert into editable forms. However the formating is not doing what it should. There is a fancy option in the settings part to set something like standard fonts and fontsizes for textfields, however those options dont do anything and they never have... for months! So basically I have to manually select dozens of textfields at once and adjust font, size and alignment. And here comes the second big flaw: this does not even always work properly as well. The settings I set for all fields do simply not apply to all of them. The entire feature is simply bugged as hell. Please get that stuff straight with high priority now!! The software has an amazing set of features and is really good. However I dont care about adding feature after feature, before the basic ones work completely flawless.