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  1. Hallo Heidi, sorry, nothing works. I have the latest version. I tried all combination in the Properties field, and I attached the screenshots. Nothing works. If it is scrolling, I rarely see that single line correctly, if I tick multiple lines I just see nothing. I tried the professional version as well, that did not help either. Yours Matthias
  2. Just to add an explanation: The picturesshould show 4 forms. The lower picture is the one which I see first with prefilled content. Only 2 forms, max 1 line. The upper puicture shows the 4 forms after I tabed the forms and added 1 letter. Form number 2 und 4 are multiple line forms which can not be seen when not tabbing through the form (like you see in the lower picture)
  3. I want to use pre-filled default values in the form. I need several lines. If I use "multiple lines" or "scrolling with long text" I see nothing in the form. I then have to click in each box after the automatic pre-fills to see the text, the multiple lines I can only use if I write at least 1 letter in addition. But I do not want to click through the form, it should be filled immediately with the record. Is this problem known? Single line boxes work. If I use an other product (not Adobe) it works. But as I paid for this program I want to make it work either. Can you help? In this sheet there are 4 forms, in the beginning you only see one. But if I tab all forms and add 1 letter or number, the other 2 (multiple line forms) appear. See the screen shots please. I tried different documents.