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  1. Cannot import Word docx file

    Hi Heidi, >> If it fails to work, before we figure out this problem, you can open the Word file in Microsoft Word and click File>Save as to save the Word file as a PDF file. This is the key why I went the PDF editor root (i.e. PDFElement Pro): MS Word stopped working on my computer, about 9 months ago, and Microsoft's help desk was TOTALLY USELESS. Have completely given up on MS Word, and .docx format. Once my existing Word files are converted to .PDFs, will be completely rid of that piece of garbage. Have attached the most recent log file. PDFelement 6 Pro_6.3.5.2806.log
  2. Cannot import Word docx file

    Tried that, as well as downloading & installing the latest version ==> No difference! PDFElement Pro just cannot convert my .DOCX files.
  3. Cannot import Word docx file

    No Rebecca, No virtual machine. It's a large tower w. a 3.4 GHz quad core CPU.
  4. Cannot import Word docx file

    Hi Heidi, It's version, and tried dragging a Word file (every time, have tried a different one), and it just shows the progress meter, but never advances. The wait cursor comes on briefly. Funny thing is that PDFElement is not locking up or showing any signs that it is hung. Have attached the Word file that I just tried. But as mentioned, EVERY Word file does the same thing. Compass installation.docx
  5. Cannot import Word docx file

    Hi Rebecca, Windows 7. And PDFElement reports that it is the latest version.
  6. Have tried to convert some of my MS Word 2010 files to .PDF files, by opening them PDFElement Professional, version 6. PDFElement just sits there for several minutes & does nothing. It's not hung or frozen, because I can easily exit. Smallest file is 15.2K. MS Word 2010 stopped working on my computer last year, which is why I'm trying the .PDF route.