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  1. In the creation of the modules the date field is not configured to have a key that opens the calendar from which to choose the date, which is then inserted into the form in the correct format. At the moment it seems the only lack in the modules because for those who do not know the chosen date format it becomes difficult to spot the right one to fill in the field without incurring errors. In the future with greater use I will be able to consider other suggestions. My version is last from Mac AppStore with in-app purchase actived. I hope it will be added as soon as possible. Thanks. Greetings Massimiliano
  2. My version is Mac AppStore version with in-app purchases actived. A 19-page document, once converted into word, has become 36 pages because the layout has changed: the page format has changed from A4 to Letter USA, orientation changed from vertical to horizontal: even back in Word with another name does not allow to change page format , margins, orientation. Please resolve. Thank you. Attach document: it's user guide of a program. Malwarebytes-For-Mac-User-Guide.pdf