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  1. Does PDF Element work with OS X 10.13.3?

    I have PDF Element Pro 6.4.4. I think it's "for Mac" but there seems to be no way to tell if it is or not. What I do know is that I cannot get editable files after using OCR on PDFs. This is the only reason I bought the software and I can't seem to find any help, support, or contact information on the site. Does any know if the 6.4.4 is supposed to work with OS X High Sierra, or how to tell whether the program I was sold is meant for a Mac at all?
  2. I have PDF Element Pro for Mac version 6.4.4 but it doesn't work for OCR, the only thing I need it for. I am running the latest OS X 10.13.3 High Sierra. Are they compatible? Does anybody know?
  3. OCR not editable

    I purchased PDF Element last year, was able to successfully OCR and edit one document, now it's not working well enough to be useable at all. I am running the latest OS High Sierra on a MacBook Pro. Looking at help menus I have tried trashing and reinstalling the program twice, and I now have what I believe is the latest edition of PDF Element Depending which set of directions I follow I either get a complete blank when I perform OCR on a PDF document, or I get a version of the original that is not really editable. The formatting comes out all cockeyed -- the margins, the spacing, the fonts, the formatting just a mess, and trying to fix it by further editing just makes it worse. I am attaching two examples of the results I get when I try to "convert PDFs to editable text" -- one is to Pages format, the other to Text Edit. I have gotten good use out of some Wondershare software I've used in the past, but this program is not working for me. What's the matter?