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  1. OCR modifying resolution of image

    I am using PDFelement Pro 6 for macOS. I have a large scanned book that I would like to make searchable. When I run OCR against it, the result is indeed searchable. But all the pages have been changed to 25.63x33 inches instead of 8.5x11. Is it possible to run OCR to make a file searchable without in any way modifying the scanned images inside it?
  2. OCR modifying resolution of image

    I have attached the before and after OCR files (one page only, but all pages seem to have the same behavior.) I am using PDFelement Pro on macOS 10.13.3. My OCR options are Language English Downsample to 600. (The original was scanned at 600 dpi, and I want no change in resolution. I wish there were an option of Downsample: None.) Searchable Text Image. Thanks p4.pdf p4_OCR.pdf
  3. Preseve Size of Photo

    When I add an image over a certain size, PDFelement seems to reduce it. Is there a way to guarantee that the size will be exactly 100%?
  4. Preserve Aspect Ratio of Phot

    I am evaluating PDFElement as a solution for inserting image files into PDFs. So far I like what I am seeing. However, I am having trouble preserving the aspect ratio of photos when I add them. The documentation says I should hold shift key while adjusting the size, but that does not work for me. Instead, what happens is either: 1. If I depress the shift key *after* clicking on a size-adjustment handle, it is as if my shift key was never pressed. The aspect ration changes freely. 2. If I depress the shift key *before* clicking on a size-adjustment handle, the handles disappear and the image is frozen. (A blue outline appears around the image, but there are no size-adjustment handles, and the image cannot be moved.) I have tried also option and control, but these seem to have no effect. Please advise how I can resize a photo without changing its aspect ratio.
  5. Preseve Size of Photo

    Actually what I mean is this. I had a scan of an 8.5x11 sheet. My intention was to insert the scan over the top of the preexisting 8.5x11 page in the PDF and then crop out the part I wanted. (About half the page.) But when I inserted the scanned page it appeared as about 1/4 the size of the page in the PDF. I realize I could have resized the image with the handles, but there appears to be no precise means of doing that. Only eyeballing by hand. My project requires exact precision.