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  1. Best settings for OCR

    I continue to have the problem described in this link that OCR changes the pages sizes of my PDF. I would like to create a searchable text image. Are there any settings I can use when I scan the document and/or when I OCR the scanned PDF that will leave me with unchanged page sizes? Or alternatively, are there options to change the page size after OCR without losing the searchable text? Right now this potentially very useful feature is useless to me.
  2. OCR modifying resolution of image

    I have attached the before and after OCR files (one page only, but all pages seem to have the same behavior.) I am using PDFelement Pro on macOS 10.13.3. My OCR options are Language English Downsample to 600. (The original was scanned at 600 dpi, and I want no change in resolution. I wish there were an option of Downsample: None.) Searchable Text Image. Thanks p4.pdf p4_OCR.pdf
  3. I am using PDFelement Pro 6 for macOS. I have a large scanned book that I would like to make searchable. When I run OCR against it, the result is indeed searchable. But all the pages have been changed to 25.63x33 inches instead of 8.5x11. Is it possible to run OCR to make a file searchable without in any way modifying the scanned images inside it?
  4. Preseve Size of Photo

    Actually what I mean is this. I had a scan of an 8.5x11 sheet. My intention was to insert the scan over the top of the preexisting 8.5x11 page in the PDF and then crop out the part I wanted. (About half the page.) But when I inserted the scanned page it appeared as about 1/4 the size of the page in the PDF. I realize I could have resized the image with the handles, but there appears to be no precise means of doing that. Only eyeballing by hand. My project requires exact precision.
  5. Preseve Size of Photo

    When I add an image over a certain size, PDFelement seems to reduce it. Is there a way to guarantee that the size will be exactly 100%?
  6. I am evaluating PDFElement as a solution for inserting image files into PDFs. So far I like what I am seeing. However, I am having trouble preserving the aspect ratio of photos when I add them. The documentation says I should hold shift key while adjusting the size, but that does not work for me. Instead, what happens is either: 1. If I depress the shift key *after* clicking on a size-adjustment handle, it is as if my shift key was never pressed. The aspect ration changes freely. 2. If I depress the shift key *before* clicking on a size-adjustment handle, the handles disappear and the image is frozen. (A blue outline appears around the image, but there are no size-adjustment handles, and the image cannot be moved.) I have tried also option and control, but these seem to have no effect. Please advise how I can resize a photo without changing its aspect ratio.